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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Taboo 1.5: I have to say, Zilpha’s husband just doesn’t know when to fold. He’d rather double down on a bad hand. It will be fun to see him get his. I can’t wait to see how Delany is pulls his plan together. The really sad thing about the show is there are only three episodes left! :cry:

Hat and Coat Report: Still badass as hell.


But the egg bit - that was amazing, right?


Yes, it was!


Have you both been trying to emulate Hardy? I’d like to know if it can be replicated.


I did strip stark naked, paint myself blue and try to speak in three different accents at once.

I think I got close.


That’s where I’ve been going wrong. I was blaming the fact that I don’t own creepy gloves?


I think next episode will reveal an entire wardrobe full of different pairs of threatening gloves.


And each type doubles up as various cooking utensils or cutlery. Regency Swiss Army Man.


I was initially going to say Glover Delaney would be handy if you lost the corkscrew. Didn’t sound right for some reason.


I love how everyone refers to him as “The Devil James Delaney”.

Is “The Devil” a title of British nobility that isn’t used anymore or has it been used to the point of meaninglessness?


It is a title of British nobility that is reserved exclusively for Tom Hardy.


I watched “A Separation”, an Iranian movie (and winner of the 2012 foreign movie Oscar) yesterday. Man, that was a movie chock-full of soul-crushing sadness. Very, very good though. A little tragedy that unfolds with absolute inevitability, even though none of the characters are actually bad people or want to hurt anybody else. But everybody does end up getting hurt by each other, a lot.

It’s a great movie. It was on Netflix here, if it is in the UK too and you guys haven’t seen it yet, do catch it.


I loved A Separation. Farhadi’s movie The Past is great too, and About Elly is good. I really want to see The Salesman (which is up for Best Foreign Language Movie at the Oscars this year).


I’m watching Beauty and the Beast for the first time since I was a kid.

As soon as LeFou turned up I said “Josh Gad has to be playing him in the live-action version, right?” Sure enough, he is.


Jumping on the “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” bandwagon. Much different than I expected - the songs are terrific.


Legion 1.1: Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson and David Lynch had a child named Noah Hawley in an alternate universe and he crossed over to ours on a mission to make the greatest comic book TV series ever.

Mission accomplished.

That was the most ball tripping, original take on the super hero genre I have ever seen. That was phenomenal. I truly cannot wait for the next episode.



Just finished The Late Shift, the docudrama about how Leno and Letterman each ended up with their respective shows. I remember seeing bits and pieces of it when I was in high school back in the 90’s and being really interested in it back then, so was glad to see that HBO NOW has it.

Cool little movie that is interesting in hindsight. I thought Letterman was conistently the funnier show for my tastes, while Leno was something my parents liked. What’s more interesting was that in that day and age how much of a dominant force NBC was compared to the other networks.


I’ve always wondered about the politics of that.

My mental image of Leno is that he’s a bit of a dick - but that mostly comes from the Conan O’Brien stuff.


I reccomend giving it a watch - it’s a breezy 90 minutes and has the wonderful Kathy Bates in it, too. Both Jay and Dave come across like the nice guys in this - with the film being a little more symapthetic towards Dave.