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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Well, Arrival was as good as everyone said it was…


I haven’t talked about Arrival because someone here spoiled the third act and I’ve not forgiven them.


I haven’t even seen it yet, I had no idea I was going to spoil it!


Well - I was spoiled on Split, too, but I didn’t mind because it seems like a bit of a campy romp; but I was pissed about Arrival because it’s legitimately a good thing.

So I won’t tell you that [spoiler] Amy Adams turns out to be a dimension-hopping Alien queen bent on destruction [/sopiler]


Not again. She played that in Doubt. And Enchanted.

Is she getting typecast?


She’s pretty much playing the exact role she played in American Hustle, to be honest.

Except with more mouths.


I don’t know exactly. I wanted to like it.

There were a lot of elements I did like - it looks fantastic – all those theatrical sets; the juxtaposition of the ashen background and the pastel colours. The kids were pretty good, some of their delivery felt a bit stilted and flat at times - Sunny got the best lines. I liked the cherry blossom trees and that moment of transition with the bluebird flying towards Olaf’s creepy house. The way Snicket would just dander on screen was a clever way to incorporate the narrator but Warburton’s dead-pan, monotone delivery left me so lethargic I was in danger of dozing off. Overall I found the pacing ponderous. Joan Cusack is always a delight; Harris didn’t really work for me – too pantomime. Although I do realise his character is supposed to be a bad actor. The dinner scene, and especially that song, felt interminably long. Instead of being darkly Grimm that moment involving Klaus felt unnecessarily nasty. I thought it would be better with Sonnenfeld’s involvement. I simply didn’t enjoy it enough to watch more.


Saw The Lure, the carnivorous Mermaid musical, tonight. It was pretty and some of the songs were nice but it wasn’t nearly as weird as I was expecting. It ended up following the basic beats of the original Little Mermaid. The horror elements were pretty minor too. Ultimately the trailer was for a more interesting movie than this actually was. Which is not to say it bad, just not what I was hoping for.



I felt similarly… :smirk:


The new Taboo featured so many outrageous hats that I’m thinking they know it’s a thing.

Also, Tom Hardy legitimately impressed me this episode by peeling the shell off a boiled egg while wearing leather gloves. I mean, how do you do that?


Well, Captain Fantastic was a wonderful, brilliant and heartfelt romp.

I love Viggo. I can’t believe he was cast as friggin Aragorn. And as wel all know, he nailed it.



I think I like John Cusack more than you. :smirk:

I’m sorry you had Arrival spoiled. Will you talk about it now?


It’s ok, I’ll get Amy Adams to remember what Tim is going to tell us in the future, so that she can repeat it to us today.


In watching Nocturnal Animals and drinking Glenmorangie 10yo.

Amy Adams, once again, plays a space-captain-murderer-slash-unidentified-entity. :rolling_eyes:


I don’t have a problem with it. She was born to play that role.

Her alien queen-murderer-space-captain-with 5 mouths and 7 tentacles-slash-mercenary in The Fighter was quite exceptional I thought.


I haven’t seen the movie but I enjoy Glenmorangie immensely.


I haven’t seen Nocturnal Animals or had the opportunity to know if I would enjoy Glenmorangie Immensely.


It’s just always the same.

I mean even in Batmangry v Supermangry she plays a weirdo who has sex with aliens!


But you enjoy drinking, right?


I suppose it must get tedious for her too. She didn’t get a decent bubble bath in The Muppets either.