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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Heh. Can’t help it since I’m always cute.

Might watch The Thing after. It’s a classic too. I do like Joel Edgerton :wink:


Banshee is back and for an opening episode is was good to tell you what happened between last season and this this season, and sets up for what to look forward to.

I am also watching Girls, Togetherness, and Shameless. Later for those shows…


Banshee season 4 looks awesome. It’d be good to see the show come back, and go out with a bang.

(Like they ever went anywhere without one!)


Person of Interest is awesome and Bear is the best character.

Season 3 now.


Very much so. Can’t wait for season 5 to start in May.


Didn’t they cancel Person of Interest? I could’ve sworn I read it somewhere recently =(


No - theres a fifth season of 13 episodes coming to finish the story.


Ah that’s cool… at least they’ll give 'em a chance to finish it…

Weird though, PoI was one of the best network series… I guess the ratings were abyssmal =/


It must do well in DVD sales because there was enough fans out there to warrant a final season - which is pretty cool.


Nah it’s probably a syndication thing, now that I think about it… a 13 episode final season should put them over the 100 episode bar…


Not sure how thats relevant but youre right – currently 90 episodes have been aired - a fifth season means 103 will


I agree with a sentiment expressed here - I think by Todd? That it’s about time to close it down. From where they are at the end of season 4, they either have to start ending the show or become repetitive. I’d rather see a really strong last season.


Off-network syndication involves the licensing of a program that was originally run on network television or in some cases first-run syndication: a rerun; these are usually found on stations affiliated with smaller networks like Fox or The CW, especially since these networks broadcast one less hour of prime time network programming than the Big Three television networks. This usually occurs when a show has built up about four seasons worth or a minimum of 88-100 episodes. Successful shows in syndication can cover production costs and make a profit, even if the first run of the show was not profitable. [/quote]

From what I’ve read in the past, it’s usually a 100 episodes that they go for (some international markets might ask for a 100, for exemple)… which is why they always try to complete a 100 episode run for some series and why many close-to-canceled series get a final shorter one.


Oh for sure, it wasn’t gonna last forever, but I was puzzled by its disappearance this year… But I’m glad they’re at least gonna end it… and they way it was going, it was indeed close to the end anyways.


That might be a factor in global networks purchasing seasons, but its unlikley the key reason for greenlighting a final season.

Community had less than 100 before it was bought by Yahoo - Arrested Development is similar. Breaking Bad had 62 episodes, Mad Men has 92 etc etc … Networks will buy shows they see value in; the number of episodes is more or less arbitrary.


I’m not an expert, so I don’t know, but I’ve read in the past that it has been a deciding factor, for some reason, in a lot of series getting or not a final half-season… like Fringe, for exemple. If a series tanks on the 2nd or 3rd season, they don’t bother, but if it’s closer to the 100 episodes they do because they can license them afterwards and get some more profit from them… I suppose it comes down, as always, to money… If the licensing deals can help, they’ll fork the money to finish them, if they’re not enough, they don’t throw the cash down the drain…


It could be - I just kind of doubt it it was determinative in this case.


Couple of quick searches if you’re interested =)

There can be A LOT of money to be made off syndicated shows… Seinfeld being the classic exemple, but an outlier because of its gigantic success.

Edit: Also, the international market for syndicated shows must be even juicier… although not every series has the same level of demand I suppose. But shows like Friend or the Nanny have made a killing all over the world.


I know Jon - but, keep in mind while in the case of both Fringe and Person of Interest you’re talking a difference of between 90 and 100 episodes.


Ah yeah, I know, but I think some countries buy a 100 at least… the 88-100 is for the US probably…

But hey, I might be wrong, I don’t know. At any rate, networks are assholes… if they’re losing money, they don’t greenlight shit. So either it’s for syndication purposes, or it’s because they know the DVDs will sell enough to justify the expenses.

Also, logically, it’s always better to sell a finished product… =P

Edit: I sort of remember as well, although again, I might be off-base because this is stuff I read ages ago… That the reason final half-seasons are 13 episodes, instead of… say 5 to reach the minimum for syndication, is because of the rules imposed by guilds, associations, or unions or something like that… I think they have to contractually greenlight a minimum of 13 or so episodes (if a pilot is picked up). Which is also why series that tank usually get only 13 initial episodes… Probably got to do something with getting the minimum required to get the whole production machine up and running… or something =P