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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


So I finally watched Star Wars The Force Awakens the other day…

Yeah… I’m definetly not the target audience. I can’t say it was bad or anything because it’s obviously a very well made movie with stellar production, but it didn’t work for me, on many many levels:

First of all, I’m not a fan of either SW or ST, but even I kept wondering if this was a sequel or a reboot… are they calling it a “requel”? 'cause that’s what it is, borrowing A LOT of beats from the first one… But I guess everyone agrees with that.

Second, the story: Oh boy… all throughout the movie I kept thinking “wow, isn’t that convenient?” and like the first 3 times you’re okay with it, but the conveniences keep coming and coming and they never end… it’s like they just put stuff there 'cause it needs to happen and who cares if it doesn’t make sense… So in that regard I’d say this is very much a movie for kids, you know? the sort of plot that’s just a vehicle for cool action sequences and funny bits. And the characters suffer the same fate, because they always know what to do in whichever situation they’re put in… it’s very contrived. I was rather disapointed in the script, it was very “dumbed down” in a sense.

Third: Some CGI looked weird… some scenes were breath-taking, and then some other things looked pretty bad. Like they tried waaay to hard to do the whole “retro” look and it ended up looking fake… Lot’s of inconsitencies in that regard too, because scenes like Rey’s introduction looked epic and convincing, then some monsters looked like fake animatronics, and then some characters looked like a Dreamworks movie (the orange little lady).

Fourth: Emo Vader… Loved the costume but the actor was not very intimidating. He should’nt have taken his mask off. He looks like a depressed angsty puppy.

But I liked some things, particularly the very first moments of Rey’s introduction, in the ruins of that big ship. All that sequence looked amazing. And I also liked the sabre fight in the forest… that whole forest scene was very pretty and super bad-ass… however there’s a couple of points where they stop to have some stare downs which were ridiculously long, I could’ve done without that =P

Other than that I really didn’t feel much of anything, either good or bad… Just standard SW stuff for me, which is to say entertaining but ultimately forgettable.

I have to say though, I much much MUCH prefer JJ’s Star-Trek requels, specially the first one… That movie is soooo above SW7 in every sense it’s not even funny. I know SW & ST are very different, but since JJA did both, I think it’s a fair comparaison.

End of my SW7 rant… like ages too late, so none cares, but whatever :smile:

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This is what I have been saying to my friends and they all disagree.
If JJ hadn’t set the bar so high with those then I wouldn’t have been so disappointed by The Force Awakens.


Totally… although to be fair, I mostly blame the script/plot of the movie. I think he did a fine job directing it, considering what he had to work with =P


Filmed in my home country on the border with England in the forest of Dean.

No CGI, it actually looks like that.


Shenanigans! I totally see a Hobbit in there!!!


I always feel sorry for Ean Connery, he never could step out of the shadow of the iconic role of single 0 7.


Fucking Louis CK…I think the man shits brilliance. Like normal people produce shit, he just makes brilliant shows.

Horace and Pete is a kind of torture, but it’s so good.


@arjandirkse, have you seen Baskets yet? It stars Zach Galifianakis, who also executive produces with Louis CK. It’s funny, incredibly bleak and does touch the heart at times.

It just finished up its 10-episode first season last week. I think you may like it.


Great, I’ll check that out.


That’s a great forest… did they film those scenes in winter or add all the snow with CGI? I suppose it would be “easier” in winter, but who knows these days =P


It’s almost certainly added because due to the gulf stream heat you send over it really doesn’t snow very much in the southern part of the UK. You could be waiting all year and it could never arrive.

Unlikely to be CGI though, they usually use these people for films:

If any of you has seen scenes with snow in the movies, chances are that the snow was produced by the British company Snowbusiness. As the world’s largest artificial snow producer, Snowbusiness, has produced snow scenes for some of the most famous and well known movies.

The firm has even sold snow to places like Serbia (where there is certainly no shortage of real snow). “Even though we come up against real snow, sometimes ours is better – if you lie down in real snow its cold and wet – we supply film stars with comfy snow – sometimes on top of real snow.”,

Especially for Abrams who of course uses plenty of CGI in that film but prefers to use practical effects wherever he can.


Getting caught up on this season of Girls and Togetherness (sadly in it’s last season).
-The Japan episode was a nice change of pace for Girls - looking forward to getting to the most recent one with __________ returning.


Yep, there were ‘spy’ photos at the time of production that showed fake snow around the edges of the filming area.


Well, sure, it’s the Forest of Dean.


They did use Snow Business;


I really enjoy Girls, the show - the Japan episode was great, and last week’s was solid too even though Marnie is clearly the worst of the titular girls.

Just watched Stardust for the first time as it was on one of the movie channels while I had dinner. That was… really enjoyable. I only meant to have it on while I ate but ended up sticking to the end. Great cast, perfect tone, Bobby D in an interesting role (as in, I’ve never seen him do anything like that before or since) and a fantastic love theme at the end.

No offence to Mark, but it’s immediately my favourite of the Vaughn films I’ve seen (which includes this, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman).


So, watched the fist two eps of Flash, season 1.

Truly excellent.

What really set it apart is that, in just about every sense, it’s the anti-thesis to the current superhero tendencies. Those tendencies being built around the idea that dark = serious, serious = credibility. It’s not that the series doesn’t have its serious side, Barry’s mum being killed is serious all-right but it’s got this lightness to how it handles it all. It also actually has someone getting and then enjoying superpowers, which puts it in a league of its own.

Could have easily been utter crap, but instead it’s this surprising and quite delightfully joyous series.


It’s great to know you are enjoying it Ben.

Lots of cool stuff to look forward to.


Watching Starman because I’m a bit cross that it’s getting remade.


Youre so cute when you’re mad.