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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I was willing to go with that film at the start. But then the stakes got cartoonishly out of hand when they started messing around with nuclear bombs.


Oh yes, definitely. It goes from very cheesy to several cheeses in need of something to make that sort of jump work.


Spoiler Free review I did of “The Cloverfield Paradox”.


I enjoyed The Cloverfield Paradox. Similarly to 10 Cloverfield Lane, I thought the A plot on the space station worked well. But the B plot where it actually tries to tie in with Cloverfield, was a bit of a dud.

It’s worse with 10 Cloverfield Lane because it’s the the end of the film that’s ruined. But here it’s not as bad since its spread out through the film… But it’s still weird that the thing that gets these movies attention, is the worst thing about them imo.

It’s going to be interesting to see where this franchise goes from here. If the 4th ones already been filmed, I wonder if that’ll make its way to Netflix too.


I too am getting a little sick of nukes in every damn thing. When the new MI trailer mentioned stolen plutonium, I took a few points off.

What I really want is some really innovative world domination scheme like from MoonRaker.


Yeah, it wouldn’t have been the best thing in the world, but the A-Plot on its own would have been a serviceable riff on Event Horizon. But god the newsfeed at the start where the alarmist basically just ticks off every box this series needs for the foreseeable future. So forced.


‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ is a completely average scifi horror film. I can see why they sold it to Netflix, but the critical kicking is just silly.

It has the misfortune to be too expensive and high profile for it’s SyFy Channel plot and dialogue.

The twisty connecting stuff to the other Cloverfield films is a mistake though. It would definitely be better without those.


Just tell me straight. Is it better or worse than Life?




This is why you don’t dress mutton up as lamb.

Generic, cliched and with a flat script and cheap feel to it. I agree that the context it was presented in makes it look worse - but that’s the decision the producers chose to make with it.


Sometimes an opportunity is too good not to take.


Because they got paid more that way. :wink:


Yup. But they open themselves - justifiably - to a greater critical mauling than if it had aired on SyFy.


They have some of the same problems, but ‘Paradox’ is less clear about it’s pseudo-science so a lot of things just happen because they’re freaky. At least in ‘Life’ the basic rules, once established, are followed.

But thin character introductions and slogging exposition are common to both.

And they don’t need to be. These aren’t character driven films. ‘Alien’ isn’t about the people, neither is ‘The Thing’.

Movies like this are about “people” as a group, in extreme danger from something. They’re meant to be everyman/everywoman archetypes. They need distinguishing traits and good actors to bring them to life, but they’re just collateral damage to forces beyond their control, and events they didn’t plan.


Sure, but that’s not their priority.

They wanted it to be good, sure, and it’s a shame it isn’t, but they’re busy people. Abrams has a Star Wars film to make, a new TV show in development and another ‘Cloverfield’ film in post production. This is water under the bridge by next week.


Not if this film’s reputation hurts future theatrically-released Cloverfield movies, which it probably will.


I genuinely don’t see that happening.

This is film three. The first two did well, the fourth one is (again) very different (set in ‘WW2’).

This is a very average movie and people are giving it crap because they wanted it to be better.

If ‘Cloverfield 4’ is any good it’ll do well and people will say it’s a return to form.


Ah, but i deliberately avoid SyFy movie of the week because i know I generally don’t find them worth my time, so for me this is a decidedly below-average film that I’ve been persuaded into watching by association with the Cloverfield name and a marketing gimmick.

So, credit to them for getting me to watch it, but I’ll think twice about bothering the next time.


These movies rely a lot on word-of-mouth though, rather than traditional trailers and advertising. I suspect the fourth movie, whenever it comes out, will be treated with a lot of skepticism.

It’ll be interesting to see if they can do a Nazi zombie movie that doesn’t feel like DTV crap, and after Paradox I’m not very optimistic.


Honestly, after the slog that was Paradox - and I agree with many of Steve’s points - anything that is at least less sci-fi oriented might be a breath of fresh air. Apparently it’s supernatural horror.

That’s why the nice man in Paradox points out that particle colliders can summon demons. God this movie. Not in any rush to get back to standard sci-fi after this.