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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I would assume my friend supplied the guns.

(He initially met Hama because he made s super violent GI Joe short film)


Careers: through superior firepower!



Just watched the Darkwing Duck episode of DuckTales. Or rather the episode of DuckTales that sort of has Darkwing Duck in it. They ended up Grey-Ghosting him, which is a little disappointing, but makes sense for the show, given the issues it would raise about Launchpad. And simplifying him into Launchpad’s favourite fictional superhero at least keeps some of that hero worship, idol stuff from Darkwing Duck.
In the end, DW is a nice bit of misdirection for the introduction of a different Duck character, who fits in well to the world of the show.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: I thought it was a lot more enjoyable than the previous movie. Not saying much because I thought the previous movie was both boring and aggravating…but this was decently entertaining. It’s also a structural mess, too long, unfocused, and has a lot of scenes that are so shoddily written I can’t believe they were filmed.

But it’s got more verve for the first. Definite “wait for rental” status.


At least they’ve got their DVD cover quote.


I saw the youtube series Impulse… pretty good… it’s like the movie Jumper but A LOT darker… I definetly recommend this to anyone who likes super-powers stuff but who might be sick of the usual Marvel/DC stuff… However, and I can’t stress this enough, it is a lot darker in the subject it handles, and it has a couple of rather shocking/heavy scenes.

The only bad thing about it is that the main girl has the usual “fuckin’ idiot” syndrome… but eh… the rest of it is solid enough to overlook that.


Impulse looks interesting. Do they still have the secret society of Jumper hunters? I just didn’t like that in the movie. It felt like really lazy writing to give the hero a formidable antagonist.

Event Horizon is available on Amazon Prime so I watched some of it. It still has some pretty good visuals (mixed with some goofy set design in parts) and it’s a good premise, but some people tell me that it is the scariest movie they’ve ever seen, and I don’t get it. I saw it in the theater when it came out and it wasn’t that scary then. It’s essentially Hellraiser in space (only better than the actual Hellraiser in Space movie), but I didn’t think it really delivered on the concept as a horror film.


Agreed on both counts.

I watched Kermode’s review of this yesterday and his comments align very closely with yours.

He really nailed why Jurassic Park was effective and why Jurassic World was not (at least for some of us - folk do seem to like it)


That’s awesome then! Haha.
Anyone who frequents the Westworld thread already knows why I think Jurassic Park/that whole basic premise works in general.

And why it’s easy to see that, for some of us indeed, World fumbled the ball. It is encouraging that there is some sort of incline though with this trilogy.


So, over the last few days we watched the rest of Lucifer Season 3, just the two extra eps left now.

And, in the end, it all gets undermined by US network TV being so bloody stupid as to axe a series without warning, combined with writers arrogant enough to think they won’t get axed so they do a damn cliffhanger that’ll never get resolved.

The shame of it is that there was an interesting angle to the story in terms of how people approach guilt psychologically. It was developed carefully, well executed and it concluded quite nicely, then the last few minutes blow it all to hell. (Could I see a fudge resolution? Oh yeah, easily, it’d be crap but very network TV.)

The final fight between the big bad and Lucifer also too weak. Lucifer should have been dismembering the guy and feeding him his balls, instead they go with a load of ‘fair fight’ bollocks.

I can’t say I’m that forgiving of Maze - it was a nice moment between her and Linda sure, but Maze was still a bloody idiot.

As the series went on, the Chloe-Lucifer plot became more and more, well… tired. To be honest I’m not sure there would have been much left in the tank for a fourth series.

It was good enough, it’s a good series but overall? Season 2 was its best by far.


There’s something of the sort, but it’s not explored all that much in S1… The plot revolves mainly around more personal stuff, interpersonal relationships and all that, but yeah, there is a costant background sub-plot involving a shadowy group and one agent in particular, but it’s still a mystery… At any rate, it doesn’t feel “lazy” in this instance because they’re really building it slowly but well. And that particular plot thread doesn’t really come into play with the main plot until the last 2 episodes and is probably something that will be left for S2 and beyond (if the show gets renewed).

In any case, the show was mostly good and with great production, which is very important to me, so yeah check it out, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by that concern at least.


HBO’s "Barry" - Turned into something I did not expect. Picture a half hour Dexter with a hitman instead of a serial killer, and the main character has actual feelings he is willing to explore.


Rewatched the first Incredibles again last night. It’s still a good movie, although I forgot about all the Randian subtext and it’s funny how far animation has come since then.

Elastigirl is the best part, so I’m pretty excited she’s the star of the new one, which I’m hoping to bring my kid to straight after work tonight.


After long time, I watched Judge Dredd on TV. It was that or football/soccer match between Portugal and Spain. I might as well say, I watch it for the first time - after at least 12 years.
I find the flick underrated. True, it’s not memorable, but I think it deserved the more praise than it received. It’s obvious they used a lot of material from comics, even not always in the right way. Production values are top notch, as well as costumes. At least truer than 2012 film. They used character’ s names and everything that we know about Judge Dredd and his world. Unfortunately, most of time, that is not handled well. Stallone makes competent Dredd with few random moments, like teaching rookie judges how to use guns and bikes, or riding on the buke at the end, but most of the time, he acts out of the character and with Rob effin Schneider (omg, I’ll cry here) I felt this is just another buddy cop film. Oh, and helmet removal is legendary (blue eyes?!).
Interestingly enough, movie comtains a segment where Judge Fargo explains to Dredd how they were wrong with judicial system, which is akin to a scene in Origins comic by Wagner/Ezquerra, done decade after. Though I believe it’s just coincidence, Wagner hated the film. I don’t think he’d incorporate some 1995 movie stuff in his stories.


Went to Solo but after the intermission I sneaked into Deadpool. I guess that says enough about what I thought of Solo.


There was an intermission?


Solo is a long movie.


Boring intermission anyway


Not really.