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What are you watching? 2019 edition


So that’s 39 Reasons Why?


I was interested what Jay Asher, the author of the novel, thought of this and the first thing that came up was this:

Apart from the allegations of sexual miconduct thing, this is also pretty clear:

A Netflix spokesperson has since confirmed that all ties with Asher have been cut, saying the writer has not been involved whatsoever with the show’s second season.

“Jay Asher was not involved in the second season of 13 Reasons Why,” they told The Wrap. “The upcoming season will not be impacted in any way.”


I’ve been group-watching Gridman and I have to say…this show has brought me so much joy in life. It’s amazingly fun.


Watched three eps of Netflix’s “The toys that made us” - Transformers, Barbie, and Star Wars. Very interesting little shows.


I binged the second season over the weekend - Lego, Star Trek and Transformers so far. All fascinating. This show is really hitting their stride now, I imagine they’ll expand to cover many more toy lines in the future. It’s very well done, they do a great job of telling a story.


If they do more episodes it’ll make a mockery of their opening credits though!


I need to start watching this. I already wanted to see the MotU one, but now that Lego and Transformers are on there too I’ve really got no excuse.


The opening credits and some of the cut scenes carefully feature possible future lines. For sure we’re getting Batman, TMNT and My Little Pony.


I meant the song saying “it’s an eight-part documentary series”

(I mean, it’s an easy fix, but I was only joking)


They changed the lyrics to the theme song for the season. It went from “4 part series” to “8 part series.”


Twelve will still scan, but they’re fucked when they hit sixteen.


I’m 99% sure it said 8-part series for series 1 as well, the 8 episodes that have shown so far were all announced back at the start of the show, but split into two series bu Netflix for reasons.


Watched the trailer for it over the weekend. Will watch the new episodes soon. It was interesting to see Jim Shooter involved.


The Transformers and GI Joe episodes are really good for that side of things because they go into a fair bit of detail about how the story elements for the toys, all Marvel Bullpen work, were a major part of the respective toy lines’ success


Was Shooter in the GI Joe one? It’s been a couple months since I watched it. I’m sure as always he’s humble about his contributions. :wink:


Larry Hama was the main Marvel bod in the GI Joe one, while the Transformers one has Shooter and Bob Budiansky.


When they announced the subjects, I thought Star Trek was a really odd choice, but that episode was quite fascinating for being about a property that so often missed rather than hit.

I’d like it if they did episodes about toylines that were interesting failures, like Dino Riders. Probably harder to get an hour out of those though.


I remember Hama. Stories about/from him are always entertaining.

My favorite so far are probably the two guys who invented He-Man especially the one that the kept replaying the clip where he just said, “BONG!” :wink:


A friend of mine works with Hama a lot these days.


Has he ever carried a submachine gun in a briefcase into a meeting with your friend?