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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Another Summer 2018 blockbuster, another disappointment, even with low expectations.

I didn’t hate Jurassic World, and I’ve liked Bayona’s other movies, so I had some hope for this.

The direction definitely feels like an improvement over the last movie, but the script is awful. I don’t know if I was more annoyed by how stupid the twists were, or how predictable they were.

A lot of the plot revolves around Pratt’s special connection with a Velociraptor called Blue. Admittedly I haven’t seen JW since it was in the cinema, but I have no recollection of this, and didn’t care about it at all, or get why everyone cared so much about Blue.

I didn’t dislike the new characters, but they’re all one-note, and it’s a note that doesn’t make much sense. Justice Smith plays the web guy for an advocacy group, who also happens to be a master hacker who is able to crack every system necessary for the plot. Daniella Pineda is a dinosaur vet who’s never seen a dinosaur. Neither of them get any character development.

The entire plotline with Rafe Spall, James Cromwell, and Toby Jones is incredibly predictable and stupid. It didn’t work for me at all.

The island/volcano scenes are pretty well done, but it’s a lot of “characters in mortal terror” scenes, and because there’s over an hour left in the movie, there never feels like any actual danger to anyone.

Other spoilery thoughts:

  • I’m not sure why the cold open was in the movie, other than to get some early dino kills?

  • The twist with the granddaughter was obvious from her first scene, and I was kind of offended they felt the need to spell it out twice.

  • At least there was less fanservice in this one, outside of the awful Ian Malcolm cameo.

  • I don’t care about Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt’s romance at all, and especially don’t care about them raising Clone Girl if that’s what happens.

  • Speaking of, did the girl’s nanny die off-screen and nobody mentioned it? Was there a death scene cut?

  • B.D. Wong survived again, and will presumably be back with an even more insane scheme in the next movie.


I’ve not even seen Jurassic World and I know about Blue.


He’s mentioned a bunch in the trailers for the new one, but otherwise I’d have had no idea.


Admittedly I also haven’t seen Jurassic World since it was in theaters but I also don’t remember there being a specific Raptor he was bonded with out of the group. It was just a bunch of raptors he was raising/training.


To be fair, one of my friends is a total Jurassic Berk and will quote the films (including something about Blue) all the time. But seeing the trailers for the latest one, the relationship between it and Pratt seemed valid from that sketchy knowledge.


Yeah Blue was the main dino-pet… God, that was a stupid movie, wasn’t it? u_u


I saw it tonight, I liked it. With reservations.

It’s MUCH better that ‘Jurassic World’, the level of plot and character stupidity has dropped by a country mille.

Unfortunately this does mean that the few bits of remaining dumbness stand out quite severely.

Paul is also totally correct that there is zero character development. No-one changes, everyone is an archetype and everyone comes in, signposting what their archetype is, fulfils their roles and exits according to the conventions of their type of character.

More than anything it’s another conveyor belt of set-pieces. The film never ends an action scene when it can drag it into the next room, and the room after that, and it barely pauses for more than a breath at time.

It’s a transitional movie, designed to open up the world and show us other things that might be appearing in future instalments.

But despite that, I enjoyed it.

I do like Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt, I like the supporting cast too (whether they’re given much to work with to not (often not)), I like some of the jokes and I like a lot of the action.

Bayona isn’t Spielberg, and that is an issue. He fumbles (slightly) some scenes that Spielberg would’ve delivered much better, but it’s a brisk two hours and the dinosaurs look great.

I would love to see films like this spend a bit more time giving their characters some development. The emotional response is muted, relying entirely on the performer’s charm and the visceral “OMG they could get eaten!” reaction that’s beyond out conscious control.

But it works, and works well. I expect word of mouth to be (mostly) positive and Spielberg etc. to make enough money to buy an island and start cloning dinosaurs for real. :wink:


What makes you think they haven’t already?


Yeah, I mean they said there were a lot of practical effects.


Do we get any follow up on the parents from Jurassic World?. I just need too know if they reconciled or got divorced. :yum:


Unfortunately, their plan to use Jurassic World to make the custody issue irrelevant completely failed. Personally, I think losing those kids would’ve made the marriage stronger.


Cloak and Dagger S01e01e02. So far, so very good.


I’m watching now (on Amazon Prime, for UK/Ireland people), and really enjoying it. Not a superhero show yet though.


Just put on the Sense8 finale. I expect to be a crying mess within 2 hours.


2 hours?!?..You’ll only be on the 20th montage by then.


I saw Hereditary today. It’s pretty good in how it played with red herrings and actual clues. I liked it a lot. One of the better horror movies I’ve seen in a while.


So, the Sense8 finale. There’s a lot of problems here. The action scenes felt oddly muted, slow and less-well choreographed compared to the regular show. It’s packed to the gills, even at two and a half hours, and a huge amount of this is the mythos and finishing the explanations of the plot, and concluding the BPO arc. And this comes frequently at the cost of characterisation, screen time for the senseates in favour of other characters (I think Dani and Hernando got more lines and more prominent roles than Lito, for example), and the fantastic moments of joy that were the best parts of the show.

But there’s a lot to love here as well. The characters shine through even when they racing from setpiece to setpiece. A lot of people who liked the show were quite down on the BPO plot but I always liked it at worse and enjoyed it at best, and the twists and turns in here would have been amazing spread out over 20 episodes or so. And quite impressively, the reveals and such work in terms of the plot.

And there are some amazing character moments in the show as well. There’s a bit where Sun, while driving Nomi’s body beats the shit out of a cop, and Amanita yells “NOW THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR” after the fight, which made me laugh for a full minute; there’s a bit where everyone hums, sings, dances or otherwise gets into I Feel You by Depeche Mode, and while the senseates are all hearing it through Riley’s ears, they share headphones, put it on MP3 players or otherwise share the song with their companions. And at the end of the story, there’s Nomi and Amanita’s wedding, which is a beautiful, emotional capstone to a beautiful, emotional story. I wish I could have seen it 11 years ago, so I could steal Nomi’s wedding vows for my own.

And well, that’s it. Sense8 was always a weird show that wore its emotions on its sleeve, and it remained defiantly so up until the last moments. I will miss it dearly, while understanding why it didn’t do better. I’m glad Netflix took a shot at making this, it’s meant so much to me and to so many people around the world. So fitting it dropped in Pride month.


13 Reasons Why Season 2 - Now a season 2 always seemed like a bad idea, but I was curious if they would manage to create content to justify its existence. The short answer is no, not even a little bit.

The longer answer is that season 2 is essentially a rehash of season 1 but with a far more clunky and less compelling narrative device. And as far as all the (very valid) criticisms from season 1 go, well if the writers heard those, they clearly didn’t pay attention because season 2 basically doubles down on all of them. The kids act even more absurdly reckless and the adults remain even more absurdly clueless all for the sake of building drama. It ends up leading to a remarkably classless final episode. It was just bad. But I guess Netflix is all in on this show so oh well.


Just finished watching it too. I’m thrilled they got to wrap it up, but I share many of those concerns. It tried, but didn’t really recapture the magic. Too many characters, with many of my favourites getting little screen time. The story and script suffered from trying to achieve too much in too little time - it was rather perfunctory, and lacked JMS’ charm (I wonder why he didn’t come back for this?). I’ll miss the show. It was bold, loud, daring, and its message of love conquers all is so needed in today’s world.


Well, it’s getting a Season 3: