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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Well, based on Logan Lucky, Adam Driver needs to get the hell from away from Star Wars, because he was great in this.

It’s another quirky but fun movie from Soderbergh with a great cast.

The whole pageant thing came close to horror because there’s something about that whole concept that really creeps me out.

The heist concept, how they executed it, laid low was excellent.


Over the past week I’ve gone back and watched the original Blade Runner (for the first time since seeing the sequel) and then rewatched Blade Runner 2049 again for the first time.

What a pair of movies. Both hold up brilliantly, and as a pair they actually work even better, with the various interactions between the two movies landing a lot better when the first is so fresh in your mind.

I think 2049 is the best belated sequel (now a sub-genre in its own right?) that I’ve ever seen, and that’s partly because it largely seeks to explore the themes and ideas of the original over directly apeing specific moments or scenes from the first movie.

In fact, I was surprised by how different the two films felt in a lot of ways. The original is much lighter on incident and heavier on mood than I remember, while the plot of 2049 is fairly complex in comparison. There’s also a much broader visual variety in the sequel, which works because the various locations still feel like they fit with what we saw in the original.

Most of all though, 2049 still has the same heart and soul that came through in the original movie, and it’s one of the few follow-ups that I think actively enhances the first movie and makes you look at it in compelling new ways, while also telling a story that is very much its own. I like it even better on a second viewing than I did the first time around.


I think a lot of that is down to knowing right away that Ryan Gosling is a replicant, so that knocks out any chances of wondering about that during the movie, so it’s free to just explore in greater depth the same questions as the first one, and as such becomes the tragedy the first one ends as, with Roy being so poetic. And even that is answered right away in the sequel, with Batista telling Gosling that he behaves the way he does because he’s never seen a miracle.

But the heart of both is that they’re atypically subtle storytelling, and really quite lovely, and realize that visually it really helps to be atmospheric for this sort of thing.


I actually did that when I saw 2049 first. I hadn’t seen the original Blade Runner in a very long time so refreshed myself the night before. I think they are both great and yes it is the best ‘delayed’ sequel. (I’m not sure there’s that much competition with Independence Day 2, Blues Brothers 2000 and Tron Legacy but maybe someone can remind us of a challenger). :smile:


You already mentioned Tron: Legacy though.


For me and @njerry and other HBO type, 2049 premieres next week.


Oh dear god, that endless bit on the floating platform that has me looking at my watch (the worst sign in any film). I quite enjoyed it but no more than that.

Loved the Daft Punk soundtrack though and the over the top performance by my homeboy Michael Sheen.


Cheers for that


I mean, I love the original Tron but the two movies are the EXACT SAME quality.

So that makes it a great delayed sequel in my estimation.


To be fair Chris it’s established in the first 5 minutes. Any mysteries in the film are not around that (there are others) so it’s a super minor spoiler.


Didn’t really consider that a spoiler. Sorry.


Ah right, a non issue then

Because I missed it in cinema I’ve been holding off watching it until I rewatch BR, and I’m paranoid about spoiling it


I was thinking of more high-profile stuff like The Force Awakens, Indiana Jones and Jurassic World, but the point is similar. :slight_smile:


PATRICK MELROSE is a good series so far. It’s not at all sequential so the first three episodes don’t tell a truly continuous story. I haven’t read the novels, so it might be easier to follow the whole story if you have.


I also love Tron, but even I can see that as damning with faint praise


Again, we’re talking about them as delayed sequels.

It’s a perfectly fine sequel and one that continues the quality.
Unlike some of the others listed, which are all rather a downturn.


Again, damning with faint praise


The recent ‘Tomb Raider’ film is on download (iTunes, Amazon etc.).

I wish I liked it. I like action movies, I like mystical adventures, I like Vikander, but it’s really dull and by the numbers and two hours is too long for something like this.

It’s on in the background and I’m typing this. And making some chilli for tomorrow (always cook and reheat chilli).

The chilli smells good. :yum:


T2: Trainspotting, perhaps?

Granted, I’d take either Blade Runner over either Trainspotting film. In fact, I went to Secret Cinema Blade Runner (it was the Final Cut) over the weekend and it gave me a new appreciation for the original. It really shines on a big screen.


Arrested Development Season 5 sits nicely between the original series and Season 4 in terms of quality.

It’s not episodic, it very much takes the “season long arc” format of Netflix shows, but does try to do away with the “way too many separate strands of plots in time” that plagued Season 4. There’s some of it, but 80% of it keeps the characters together in a good amount of clumps and the momentum up.

Some flaws do seep into it, a fair amount of the plot threads of the previous season are done away with or loosely hung onto this one - but funnier and more energetic.