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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I think he’d have made a better film, in terms of what I look for. I found the one we got to be too rushed, too concerned with the next scare and not enough with atmosphere or character.

But I was talking to a friend, a big horror fan who does podcasts and is starting to write professionally, and he absolutely loved it…

Clearly that was their budget for the film they made, not the one he wanted to make. That’s the dividing line.


I have read almost no Stephen King, have never seen any of the previous IT production and rarely watch horror films. I really liked it.

That could just be me or reflected in how well it did in the box office which clearly reached outside the usual core audiences.



I am fully aware that my knowledge of it only being “Part 1 of 2” hampered my enjoyment considerably since I felt like as a base/foundation it was lacking in making the necessary set-ups for the second half.


Yeah, I also wouldn’t be surprised if it works better for an audience that hasn’t read the novel and hasn’t seen many other horror movies.

I can understand the success, I think. It had quite a few things going for it, and the basic premise is still great.


I know IT did well but yeah this would have been something special


I’ve watched so much ER recently I think I could set up an IV, and maybe perform some small medical procedures.

I’m up to season five, and it’s really holding up for me. I’m surprised how much of the show I actually remember, considering it’s been over twenty years😱 since i first watched these on channel 4.


ER (and Cardiac Arrest) were effectively the unofficial curriculum when I was a medical student.


I’m pretty sure that’s Mike’s official endorsement for you to perform amateur surgery Ian. :wink:

Official legal notice: DO NOT perform amateur surgery


Unless you really have to, Ian. In that case, go ahead.


But only while doing your best Noah Wylie impression.


I’m reasonably certain it wasn’t intended as comedy, but Saga’s recapping of the events of series 1-3 of the Bridge as the reason for why she is having PTSD attacks and needs therapy, along with her thinking it was good there was lots to work with was darkly hilarious.


Watched the new Jumanji with the kids this morning. Lots of fun - well-written, with good jokes, exciting (and clearly-directed) action scenes, and some inventive use of the videogame mechanics*. I can see why it did so well.

(*It reminded me a bit of Westworld in places with some of its clever realisation of videogame conventions on-screen. And it parodied elements of Uncharted-style game franchises really well: the faceless waves of baddies, the cod-exotic music, the various locales, the mystical-artifact quest. There was even a point where I thought I heard a specific music sting from Uncharted.)


Fully intended to do yard work today, but an unanticipated rainstorm means that I got to watch Sergio Leone’s epic Once Upon A Time In The West.


Unexpected? They’ve been predicting it all week!


Why do you think he didn’t do the yard work yesterday?


Yesterday was 90 degrees and sunny, perfect beach weather.


Jerry, his wife, and the weather reports this weekend:



This post is so good I think we should just shut down the forum. It’s all downhill from here.


Halfway through “Killing Eve” and I completely agree with all the good buzz it’s getting.


Caught some movies.

The Runaway Jury - Really held my attention. Better first act, the set-up. Second act had a lot of plot holes (how did he get there?) and some absurdist wouldn’t-happens. (The lunch treat. Oh, sure.) Pretty tight third act, but the denouement breaks into a feel-good fantasy. Could have been better, but worth a watch.

Barbershop - Not bad. Not bad at all! Good fluff.

Westworld - current episode - I am going to hunt down the person who thinks numerous subtitles in white over a white costume or background can be read and beat them within an inch of their lives. I do not like reading episodes, and when those captions are damned near invisible I take it personally. That’s two, WW people. I think you’ve heard the story of what happens when we get to three.