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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Thor 2’s score is what I would deem the best in the MCU films except for maybe Black Panther’s.


It was nothing compared to the No. 73 comic strip in Look-In. A masterclass in creating something out of less than nothing.


Narcos: Season 3 - the end…

And another superbly paced and brutal series comes to close, while setting up the next one - Mexico.

For all that we talk of Netflix padding, this is one series where they really can’t be accused of it. If anything they probably could have spun it out more than they did without adverse effect.

Like the previous season, there are some very satisfying outcomes, including deaths of complete scumbags none more so than that of David, Miguel’s psychopathic little bastardo that really work. There’s a few others too, but that was top one for me.

Utterly excellent, roll on Season 4.


Not bad, basically a simplified round-up of the state of current research (Horizon, another BBC2 science program, has been more detailed on the subject).

The CGI is pretty good, but it’s only a fraction of the show.


I’m currently watching Teachers and wondering why Feldman’s doing subtle 9th Doctor cosplay.

You might argue it’s just a leather jacket, but come on.


The new Ali Wong Netflix special, Hard Knock Wife, is not bad. I enjoyed the first one, Baby Cobra, and this to some extent feels like more of the same, but she’s likeable enough to make it work. This one leans heavily on experiences of early motherhood, which is fairly well-trodden ground but her distinctive persona and colourful crudeness keep it ticking along.

I will say though that I’m always slightly disappointed with long stand-up sets that don’t have any real structure or progression of ideas. This one feels like lots of bits strung together in a fairly arbitrary order, and ends at a point that doesn’t have any feeling of being a climax or culmination at all.


Cobra Kai is yet another reason why we are living in the greatest era man has ever known.



Just started Halt and Catch Fire. Almost done Season 1. Loving it. Ronan is a good Patrick Bateman.


Watched the first 2 episodes of Cobra Kai and it was pretty fun.


Still my favourite is Michael Sheard (Mr Bronson in Grange Hill, Star Wars) appeared in Doctor Who and the Pyramids of Mars when he was 37. How can you look this old at 37? Most of us are past that now.


Watched Safe on Netflix. It feels like a bad BBC drama most of the time. The writings a bit subpar, and even though it’s got a good cast, the performances aren’t great either.

Michael C. Hall feels oddly miscast too. He’s doing an pretty bad English accent, and he just feels completely out of place.


It’s great.

The characters really evolve throughout but in a convincing way.

Well directed and acted,

Has one of the best series ends ever i.e. no loose ends.


Just ‘BBC drama’ would have been enough to ensure a body swerve,


So I binged Cobra Kai. And I really enjoyed it. It would be an 8-9/10 for me, except for the show trying to get me to root for Johnny’s kid who, despite Miguel’s many mistakes, is just so much more uninteresting and it’s just a really bland and cliche direction to take despite the earlier episodes being rather resoundingly complex about this kind of stuff. Hinting at a love triangle and a more standard Karate Kid plot next season just sapped all energy out of those last two episodes.

So…I guess a 6/10. Still enjoyable though.


I was happy enough that they went so hard on the setups, for me seeing Johnny start to realize Cobra Kai might need a lot more honour is kind of what I signed up for so everything played hard towards that to mirror the first film. Mentioning Terry Silver makes me think they have long term plans and I’m down with that.


That is a good list.
Using the UK release dates, mine so far is:

  1. Isle of Dogs
  2. The Shape of Water
  3. Mary and the Witch’s Flower
  4. The Post
  5. Thoroughbreds
  6. Revenge
  7. You Were Never Really Here
  8. Avengers: Infinity War
  9. All the Money in the World
  10. Game Night


I initially thought you were talking about this…


I’m become hooked on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Don’t really go for US comedy, but this is pretty damn good. As you can tell from the visual summary of my viewing experience, it’s brilliant.

Ok, enough riffing. Before this who knew Andre Braugher, best known for Homicide’s Pemberton, was so good at comedy? And then there’s Terry Crews…

They’ve been smart with this, they keep the show to a snappy 20mins - which means no padding, no laugh track, no wasted space. It’s damn good.


Braugher is without a doubt the best part of the show.