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What are you watching? 2019 edition


That’s it exactly!

No, the weird connection is that stand-up and actor Justin Edwards plays pretty much the same bumbling police officer cameo in both films.


I wouldn’t rule it out, it may have had a bad release date in the US as they seemed to like the first one but outside it did just well. Over $225m and the budget I can Google is $40m. That’s well beyond the 3 times rule that usually marks a success financially.

King’s availability may be more of an issue.


The scene selection for the Thor Ragnarok blu-ray has a name for each chapter. I like that the one for Dr Strange’s cameo is called “A Worthy Inclusion”, which seems a pointed retort to everyone (including me) that argued otherwise when the film came out.


It unfortunately got a weird release date in the US, in January. Had it hit a school vacation it would have done better, even if you risk competing with Last Jedi, Thor, and Coco.


My wife is making me watch “Designated Survivor”. Has anyone seen it and is it any good as 10 minutes in I’m biting my tongue.


It got canceled today if that is any consolation.


The first season is…completely terrible. It runs solely on the characters being morons.
From Season 2 onward it gets less dumb but also more boring.


It’s alright… nothing too awesome, but not horrible either. It’s sappy and silly, but it passes time I guess :smile:


I watched the early episodes. Honestly, if they’d backed off questioning whether or not the guy was legitimately the president, even a little, or found him some strong allies, it would’ve been more appealing. But he was constantly under siege! This is not the formula for a popular TV show.


My wife watched the first series in the space of a couple of weeks on Netflix and quite enjoyed it as a bit of mindless rubbish.

From what little I saw of it, it seemed like it applied the 24 formula of constantly ramping up threats and escalating tension to the point of absurdity, at which point it becomes like water-skiing - you have to keep moving forward at breakneck pace just to keep going, or the whole thing falls apart.

And I can understand why that would work, as I enjoyed 24 even after the point where it had clearly become a ridiculously convoluted load of old toss. (ie. around three episodes into the first season).


By which time Kim had been captured, escaped and re-captured 5-7 times?


That was when the cougar attacked.


I liked suffering from complete amnesia and recovering within 2 hours while also being kidnapped and escaping. :smile:


That’s fairly mundane by the standard of later series. If it had been series 8 she would also have turned out to be The Mole, died and somehow come back, and then have ultimately been sworn in as president by the end while a nuclear attack plays out in the background.


Blimey, Cannon and Ball are on Harry Hill tonight. I had no idea they were still going.


Or alive.


I only know Cannon and Ball from various parodies of them.


My main point of awareness of them was the comic strip based on them in Look-in when I was a kid.


That’s probably my favourite Ash song, I esprcially loved the video.

A large part of my memory of the film was the 2000AD adaption in the weekly progs. I think it may have been the only time 2000AD have adapted a movie that wasn’t a 2000AD entity to begin with.


I don’t think I’ve ever read a sentence that resonates with me more…