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What are you watching? 2019 edition


They tried but the eyebrows came out looking like Henry Cavill’s moustache.


They should use supermans moustache from JL as his eyebrows.

Edit: ha! @Todd


Michael Shannon was showing off his new 'stache on Fallon last night.

I think that caused the nightmare. Zod versus Superman: The Moustache War.


Yeah, I thought that too, although there’s a shot of him near the end, standing with Odin and they’ve got matching hair, so I guess they were focusing on that. Does look like a wig at times.


Yeah he looks bad… it obviously didn’t bother me that much when it came out… but once I rewatched it after the Dark World, it always takes me out of the movie… He doesn’t look that great in Avengers 1 either, but at least they didn’t bleach his brows =/


Marvel movies must be pretty great if one of the nitpicks is the color of Thor’s eyebrows. Warner Brothers would kill to have people complaining about Bruce Waynes eyebrows.


Watched the first episode of Happy! and enjoyed it. Despite having read and enjoyed the comic, the episode didn’t really fully click for me until about halfway through, but once it did I thought it was great fun. Lots of laughs, and it moves nice and fast.


They were his mustache. (It explains everything.)

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It gets even better as the story progresses. It’s an acting marvel from Christopher Meloni.


I save that for Gotham.

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Moved on to Thor: The Dark World today in my Thor trilogy rewatch (prompted by finally getting them on Blu-Ray). I can see why people say it’s the worst of the MCU films - I’d disagree (I think it’s better than Dr Strange, on the whole) - but it has problems. The Dark Elves are pretty dull; the designs just aren’t interesting and giving them their own language just makes it hard to care what they’re talking about, rather than giving them any weight. Casting a charismatic, talented actor like Eccleston and then not really giving him much to do is ridiculous - Malekith is written for a second-rate wrestler trying to get into movies, rather than a proper thesp.

The Dark Elf invasion of Asgard and the subsequent death of Frigga is perhaps one of the most disappointing parts. There’s next to no dialogue in the battle scenes, which makes it hard to get involved in (even with cool weapons like the implosion grenades) as it’s a group of faceless guards vs a group of literally faceless Elves, lead by Kurse, who also has a pretty uninteresting design. We get something to grasp onto with Frigga’s actions and dialogue (vs some pretty bland lines from Malekith) but as soon as Thor comes on the scene, we’re distanced from it. We barely see Frigga’s corpse. We don’t see any of Thor and Odin’s grief. Instead, the (very nice) score sweeps us up and carries us to a visually impressive but nonetheless quite cold viking funeral, where we’re again not allowed to really feel anything. It feels like Taylor hasn’t quite stepped out of the mindset of Games Of Thrones, where the implications of actions often have more weight than the emotional aspect of them.

On the plus side, the final battle is still one of the best in the MCU, with the space-bending wormholes making for some fun and imaginative fight elements. Thor getting the underground is one of the best comedy moments in the series. It’s a shame that it all comes back to Svartalfheim though, which looks like it exists in the Snyderverse. It’s a really uninteresting environment, even for a supposedly dead(ish) realm. The location (in Iceland) looks genuinely amazing in the behind the scenes footage.

And before any smartarse asks, yes, Hemsworth’s eyebrows look much less weird and distracting here.


Yeah, also watched the first episode yesterday. Good fun.

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I’ve had consistently low expectations of the Paddington films, and they’ve both sailed over them. Even after the first one proved to be great, I thought for sure the second would be a phoned in cash grab job. But no, it’s as charming and silly as the first with a great cast and a tightly constructed plot. They even managed to smoothly gloss over the kids (mainly Jonathan) looking almost unrecognisable thanks to the wonders of puberty. The only worry is how they’re ever going to find more beloved British actors to cast a third.

Oh, and there was an odd connection with the film I watched yesterday, Thor: The Dark World. Any guesses what it is?


The second one didn’t do very well in the US, so I don’t know if there’s any plans for a third one, annoyingly. King has been reported as directing updates of both Willy Wonka and Pinocchio.

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Hmm, that’s disappointing.


Everybody was secretly a bear?


Ding ding ding!

That’s not you being a winner, that’s my bear alarm. There are bears all around me.


They dyed Paddington’s eyebrows?


It’s probably not your reason but I had an awesome dream once that started out with Loki fighting with Paddington, and then they started dancing and morphed into Tom Hiddleston and Ben Whishaw and, well …


It also has the best mid/post credits scene ever.

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