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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I’m thinking we’ll rent it soon (or grab the DVD if it’s cheap). I’m interested to know whether the film works for youngsters - it seems pretty broad from the trailers, and my two enjoyed the original movie a lot.



Now that Ash vs. Evil Dead has been cancelled I decided to binge the entire franchise. Saving the remake for last, of course.

And revisiting the show - it’s still a mixed bag for me. I dropped it in the middle of the second season because I was struggling very hard to get into it. I felt that it was probably too goofy, too silly, and not enough really horrific stuff. Felt “tv-ized” which was a shame when bringing this kind of series to television. And I still feel the same way about the first season. They could have hit harder with it and rewatching it felt like a slog.

But finally reached the second half of the second season and I think that it’s finally picked up there. It’s still way too goofy, but it’s got some effective scenes that they really could have used more of earlier. I’m actually enjoying it and hope this uptick in quality continues to the end of the season and into the third.



We watched it as a family and it’s a fun bit of nonsense that’s very enjoyable. We all liked it and it has plenty of laughs and thrills. There are a couple of jokes on the sexual innuendo side around the cheerleader/Jack Black character but they went right over my kids’ heads.

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Cool, that’s good to know, thanks.

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Just finished watching Spider-Man 2 for the umpteenth time. Still bloody great.

Everything just works. This time I found myself really appreciating the little character moments, the dinner with Otto and his wife, the moment with May insisting Peter take his birthday money, the scene with May moving house and giving Peter veiled advice, stuff like that. All fairly small scenes but all really important in making you care about it all.

Plus, it’s probably the funniest of the three Raimi films. And maybe has the best Bruce Campbell scene.



Narcos Season 2 had some of the most satisfying character deaths, along with generally screwing 'em over in the process, that I’ve seen in years. It was also quite fitting that the same traits that enabled Escobar to succeed also destroyed him.

In contrast Season 3 is a slower, more methodical tale - watched the first three eps. The immediate conclusions are the ‘gentlemen of Cali’ were nothing of the kind and it’s amusing watching them all lie to themselves, saying they’ll retire in six months. As if they really want to believe that anyone ever exits the cocaine business, it just doesn’t work that way - once you’re in, you’re in.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Yep, it’s definitely an Anderson film - it has all his pawprints - quirky, unique look, bit off-kilter but strangely engaging. We had a fun time watching this.



La La Land Didn’t expect to like this as much as I did. Loved it, and probably rose to my top 3 movies of the past few years. The final musical number equals tears…



Silicon Valley s5, so far better and better.

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i’ve been enjoying this year a lot, they’ve done a better job of balancing out the challenges the guys face, and resolving stuff in one or two episodes that would have been a full series plotline, while seeding a decent story in there with small bits each week.

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Finally finished Ash vs. Evil Dead, and I have to say the show was really able to pull itself together in that latter half. Season Two stuck its landing, more or less, but Season Three really hit the mark of figuring out how to balance the adventure with the supernatural elements. The capable way it handled the two aspects was good enough that it wasn’t so glaring that horror was missing anymore. It was just enjoyable.

There were still a few things I had issues with, but the dynamics of the third season and the general plot energy of it all was a great note to end on. I know people want another season, and I’d have more hope for it being good after seeing the third, but it ended well. You can’t re-do nice little bookends such as Linda’s necklace showing up on Ash’s daughter again. That’s a “finale” detail if there ever was one.



It seems like firing the producer from the first two seasons was probably the right movie.



I remember reading an interview he did after he got fired when the second season was over with him saying that he thought that the Colon Demon poop fight was Peak Evil Dead in his eyes.

And I remember thinking “Wow, that explains a lot about why I dislike this show”.



Christel and I watched Vida on Starz this past weekend. We enjoyed it. An interesting thing is that when characters speak Spanish, there are no subtitles. My wife gasped once or twice because she knew what they were saying.

@Tom_Punk , have you seen it yet?



I have to say that it has not been on my radar, I’ll check it out though.

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Yeah I pretty much felt the same. Definitely the weakest episode of that season.

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We watched the behind the scenes shorts and they are definitely trying to keep it as authentic as possible.

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Rewatched the first Thor film for the first time in a while. It mostly holds up - some of the armour looks a little plasticy and Hawkeye feels a bit pointless (both of which I thought first time around).
Hiddleston looks really young in some of the early scenes but Hemsworth looks kinda odd, around the eyes and eyebrows. Doesn’t in the interviews though. I think they dyed his eyebrows blonder (and haven’t since) which changes the topography of his face subtly but enough to be distracting.

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Yup. Feige apologized for it recently:




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Yeah that looks REALLY bad, that haircut isn’t too hot either… they should release a version with CGI brows =P