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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I like Theron, and since she’s doing the publicity tour saw the clips several times. Looks at the least tolerable, could be a pleasant surprise. Did you see Joy, with Jennifer Lawrence playing a mom who marketed a mop. Sounds awful, was actually quite okay.



I liked Tully quite a lot, although I also found it stressful to watch.

Infinity War does not need to worry about this film eating into its box office.

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I didn’t see Joy but I have it recorded. We planned to watch it but like most stuff these days never got round to it.

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I watched the first two episodes of Cobra Kai. It is fantastic. It’s everything I wanted it to be and more. It’s incredibly clever, the script is spot on, and the people behind it clearly know how to frame this for the Gen X who grew up on Daniel San. I’ve been grinning like a chump watching it.

I’m signing up for YouTube Red just to see the rest. Well done YouTube. Your plan worked.



Watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 last night.

I wasn’t blown away by the first film, and this was probably just a little bit weaker. It felt way longer than it was, and some of the FX early on were particularly bad - Drax coming out of that space monster’s belly stands out.

There were a few laughs along the way, but some moments tried really hard and fell short.

I appreciate that it was another film where the climax isn’t just fighting a CGI monster in the usual sense, like the first GotG and Spidey: Homecoming.

It’s a shame DC’s people didn’t get the hint so they still closed WW and BvS with a tired action sequence. It’s been boring since Iron Man 2.

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Wasn’t it, though? I thought it was a weaker climax than the first… much weaker… I mean, sure it’s ego and he’s a planet, but in the end, it was still a pretty flat CGI monster… oh and also, the “blob” thing on earth is probably one of the shittiest ideas and FX jobs in the whole MCU :smile:

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It was more of a fighting against a force of nature so seemed greater in scope than a punching/shooting at a humanoid form fight.



Yeah, I loved the visual inventiveness of that fight.

Generally, that’s one thing that stood out for me while rewatching Guardians 2 recently: how great it was as a movie to watch. Forget about some CGI dodginess, but the space battles were beautiful, like comics splash pages. Incredible use of colour, too. And stuff like Ego’s gallery… there was a lot that stood out visually.

I still think it is weaker than the first one, due to the small scale of its plot. But as a space movie, it’s aesthetics are fantastic.



I’d planned on watching it but ended up getting invited to a grade school rendition of Mary Poppins. Still looking forward to watching it.

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Say… @Jim… How was Banshee? You were binging on it for a while.



Watching the Peter Jackson King Kong. It’s well made, but so, so, long. I’m still less than half way through it.



I have the extended edition.
I might need to take a day out to watch it - but I enjoy every second.

Except for the “let’s say SKULL slowly, letter by letter” bit. That was excessive.

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I got halfway thru season 3 and stopped. The second season wasn’t as good as the first, and the third didn’t reel me in. With TV I think you need to expand things each season and Banshee feels like more of the same. It was still good but I jumped to Halt and Catch Fire.

Speaking of, I just finished it and watched the final episode. The first season was amazing, the rest not so much. Season2 was still ok but stared to become too much about the melodrama, season 3 slightly better but season 4 for me just abandoned tech history entirely and just upper the drama to Dallas levels. At the end it was terribly full of itself and it felt unearned. AMC has a habit of stagnating their shows and I think that’s what happened here.



Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

This is a real mixed bag of a movie. It’s Besson, so it’s going look great - and it does, but in terms of being an adaptation? Very, very mixed.

The biggest problem is not only that DeHaan and Delvigne can’t act, but they’re not Valerian and Laureline. No stretching of the fact that changes have to be made in adapting a story from one medium into another can excuse the wholescale changes made. They may have the same names, but they are not the same characters.

Then the film goes all the way to the other pole with a host of quite neat nods to the same source material, like using the Shingouz, the converter animal, the idea of a massive space station with numerous environments for billions of alien species. This, it realises brilliantly. Similarly, the idea of war being a messy, undesirable state of affairs which is never clean, which the film’s opening sequence is all about.

Taken as a standalone film, it’s actually OK - great visuals, which just about makes up for a pair of wooden leads, with Clive Owen making a good enough villain and watched on Netflix, as I did, it works well enough. It just doesn’t work well enough as a Laureline and Valerian film.



Something about this hit me. As a wee kid, there was Dragnet, Highway Patrol and later Adam-12. (btw, watching all the seasons of Adam-12 reveals a rather nicely-done subplot that follows the lives of the officers - bit by bit.) Then, a soon after I graduated Hill Street Blues came along. At that time I was starting to be floated to the ER (now ED) from time to time, and getting used to interacting with the real police and sheriffs and some distinctive members of the criminal community. By the time The Wire came along - and I think I caught it around Thanksgiving or so, it was no longer ground-breaking. I knew how the real deal operate, and simply enjoyed the performances and writing. I guess what I’m saying is it did not have that element of teaching me something new (which including examining something known from a new angle). So, as you describe your experience, I’m hearing that the shows rather ran out of creative juice right about the time you ran out of patience.



Season 1 of Narcos is a mad, mad ride.

I loved the killing of Gacha and his rapist bastard son, rarely has it been so satisfying to see a pair of scum get offed. Then there was Gustavo’s end - again, if anyone ever had it coming… Not to mention Poison.And then it climaxed with Colombian Special Force laying a lethal smackdown on Pablo’s “soldiers” by showing them how the pros do it. What also makes it work is the fact that the narcos kept pushing, so eventually, the state had to push back.

The other major success of it is in its balance. It doesn’t flinch from showing the brutal reality but neither, in the name of that, does it make the mistake of rendering it too brutally. Similarly the narcos themselves - they couldn’t have done what they did without some ability, skills and personality, but each was still a psycho;pathic scumbag at heart. This type of series can easily fall into the audience rooting for the gangsters, but Narcos evades that trap too.

Onto Season 2!

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See my comments above, Ben. Except with Narcos I not only knew far, far too much of the inside stuff but this is so well done that there are new details and such revealed. Good stuff!

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Funny enough I read some of those books but when I was a kid, so I don’t really remember anything… So I watched it as its own movie and liked it a lot. Not perfect, but it was a lot better than people said, and than a lot of movies that came out last year, tbh.

Actually, last year had some solid sci-fi flicks with GitS and Blade Runner as well…



Yeah, as a standalone film on its own, its pretty good - still lumbered with its leads but the rest of it works well. The opening sequence with the space station development felt very Besson.



Rented Jumanji from Amazon this morning.

We’ve managed to watch the first hour before the kids inevitabley got up and started running about the house instead.

They are still really young, so it’s expected, but trying to get them to sit still and watch something when the two of them are together is doomed to failure.

The film has been surprisingly good so far. Probably one of the better family blockbusters I’ve seen in quite a while.
For a reboot, its better structured than a lot of the modern day crap that is soulessly churned out and the cast is brilliant.

Obviously I’ll reserve full judgement until we’ve watched the second half.