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What are you watching? 2019 edition


They did one in 2005, starring Jason Flemyng. Gatiss and Tennant were in it too, pre-Who.



Flemying is an… odd choice.



Don’t go out of your way to find it. It’s an excellent soporific.

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Flemyng is terrific, but not as Quatermass unfortunately. Not for my money anyway.

Firth would be great, but my choice would be Jared Harris.



Are you watching The Expanse? Harris has been amazing as one of the revolutionary leaders of the asteroid belt.



He’s very good, although the accent distracts me (I get the reason for it, but it’s distracting anyway).

He was in the modern horror film, ‘The Quiet Ones’ where he played a tweed wearing professor who was driven and quite unsympathetic when it came to his research.

Quatermass doesn’t have to be like that, but it’s one way to present him.

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Watch the others (assuming you haven’t already?).

Kneale was a very good writer. I think the first two are the best screenplays but my favourite (as it is for most people) is ‘Quatermass and the Pit’. It’s in colour, has a bit more money, and Andrew Kier leads an excellent cast, his Quatermass is my preferred version.

Cramming the TV serial into a movie does lead to some problems but I find them all totally forgiveable,

The 1980’s TV miniseries with John Mills is also worth watching, but it’s production was delayed for so long that some of Kneale’s ideas were a litle out of date by the time they reached the screen.

And Mills lacks the intensity that Kier (and Donlevy, who gets constant criticism but I quite like) brought to the role.



I was about to say that The Green Fairy looks great, then I found out it was a documentary about absinthe :frowning:



Watched the series finale to Ash vs Evil Dead… It was fun and a great way to end the series. Had it been renewed, next season would have been interesting and a good way to reset but I’m not sure it would be enough for a 10-episode season. it would probably work better as a movie, though. I think it was the right call to end it.



I think they must have known their time was up while filming, and decided to use the EU fake blood mountain to go out in style.

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Miss Sherlock Episode 1 - it’s good, fun, depressing, and fun.



True Horror episode 2…so effective. The entire concept of this show is actually quite brilliant.the interviews add to the tension which makes the scares even better.

Absolutely fuckin shitting myself for the whole episode, really well done.

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A BBC documentary last night about early black and middle-eastern settlers in Britain. Didn’t tell me anything new (I live 5 minutes from a Roman fort called “the place of the Arabs”, so the knowledge literally comes with the territory) but it was well presented and an interesting watch.

And you can maybe see my house in one of the panoramic shots. Here on iPlayer if you want to see :wink:

It did throw up some very nice talking points. Like, when they are talking to a man and woman of Yemeni origin and a man of African origin who have perfect local accents – if you close you eyes, they actually sound more like they “belong” in this region than I do. It makes a mockery of most of the anti-immigrant arguments. (Sadly, the people who need to hear that probably won’t watch this programme.)



At least it’s on BBC1 not just BBC4.

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The new John Mulaney special, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, is on Netflix. Still great.



Man, I was shocked with how much I love his specials after how dire his sitcom came off in ads.

Thanks for the heads up.



Watched Psychokinesis, the new film from Yeon Sang-ho, who made Train to Busan. Similar to that film this is a father daughter story, set against a genre backdrop. This time superheros instead of zombies.

And it’s quite a bit of fun. It’s about a deadbeat dad that suddenly gains the ability to control objects with his mind, and uses his powers to help his daughter fight off a security company trying to kick her out of her business.

It’s definitely more of a grounded take on the superhero movie, but it’s effects are pretty solid, it never takes itself too seriously and I though it had a lot of charm to it.



The new Cobra Kai series starts today:

I’m not watching, as I’ve never seen the movie, but it’s interesting that even though Youtube Red isn’t available as a subscription service outside the US, they still offer the series for purchase.

€2.49 an episode, with the first two free, so €20 for the season. I’m not sure how good the show would have to be for me to pay that.



Tully: Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis are great, but it didn’t entirely work for me. I’m liking it more the more I think back on it though.

I wish I hadn’t been spoiled on there being a twist ending, even though I didn’t guess what it was. I think it probably works better on a thematic level than on a literal plot level.



Going to see this tomorrow with Susanne.
We have a couple of friends taking the kids for the day and we’ve decided a trip to the cinema would be nice, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to go together. Hungergames: Mockingbird, I think

I got to see black panther & IW last week, so suggested my wife should pick and she picked Tully - I like the director and cast so I’m up for it- I’m actually looking forward to going to see something that’s not effects laden for a change.