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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I thought Garfield himself was ok, but the way his character is set up in those movies he’s just a bit too cool to be Peter. Like Gar said earlier, it stops him feeling like the underdog in the way Spidey should.



Garfield was just a misfire all the way around. He was terrible, and his jokes were just bad while Tobey’s were just silly/ridiculous.

I like both Holland and Tobey though.
I’m glad they both hapened.



I find it kind of hard to think that after seeing Molly’s Game.



Ha, yeah there is something strange and weird about him. He and his buddy Leo screwed half the women in LA in the early 2000s and then he got heavily involved in high-stakes poker as you mention. He’s barely been in anything lately. The last movie I saw with him (not counting Boss Baby) was that one where he played Bobby Fisher, and he was quite good in it.



Yeah, I haven’t seen him in anything since The Great Gatsby, which was five years ago now.



The Bobby Fischer one was a little more recent. I just looked it up. It was called “Pawn Sacrifice”. He plays Fischer and Liev Sschreiber plays Boris Spassky. It was pretty good. Edward Zwick directed it.



I like the 2018 Peter Parker. I’m glad he’s not the 60’s nerd, or the 90’s weirdo/school shooter. I’m glad he had a girlfriend and can conduct himself normally in public. My favorite Parker is the 80’s one living with MJ and that’s not who 60’s nerd Parker was going to become. Holland plays him like a proper Millennial which is what he should be. That said I’m looking forward to an early 20’s man Parker, but I think genetically Holland will look like he’s 12 until he hits 45 so that’s not going to happen with some major testosterone doses.



Just like poor, poor, Freddie Highmore



The only area where the Garfield version is better than the others is the Peter and Gwen relationship. Those bits are excellent, I think a large part being Webb came from a romantic movie background and maybe the fact that he and Stone got on so well they got it on offscreen.



Yep, their chemistry was great.

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Emma Stone was and her chemistry with Garfield was by far the best thing about those movies. That said, I’m not down on them the way everyone else is.



If people are wondering how bad Amazon Prime’s movie selection is here in Ireland, this is their “Top Movies” display:

They do actually have some better movies than that, but not a lot.



What are you talking about?

NUTS! was nuts.

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That one actually does have a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. :slight_smile:



City of Ghost was good. Just looked it up and it has 99% on RT.

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Well, The Only Living Boy in New York is one I would want to watch.

But yeah, that’s pretty sad. Even the German selection is better.

Looking at the amazon site, I notice they have this now:

Bit torn. I like the idea, but it doesn’t exactly look well-made. I may give it a shot.



As a result of this thread I’m rewatching Spider-Man 3. :slight_smile:

I’d forgotten so many little bits that I like - Rosemary Harris is great as May, and across all three movies it’s probably her who sells the loss of Ben’s death best of all. And I’m just up to the Bruce Campbell ‘French’ waiter bit, which is a great bit of comic silliness.

The interweaving of all the villain plot threads is worse than I remembered though. It’s like three different movies arbitrarily edited together.



It was an okay flick.



Watching this:

If they remade it today, I could see Colin Firth as Quatermass.



Millarworld, you have a choice - the trade deals keep flowing, you get to enjoy material or I shoot you all. Choose - Silver or lead.

Yep, started watching series 1 of Narcos and it’s quite something.

What makes it work is they get the balance right in showing what a total shitbag Escobar was, but also how he was able to do what he did, without humanising him too much. This is a very hard trick to pull off successfully but they do it.

Watched 3 eps and I’m becoming, ahem, hooked.