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What are you watching? 2019 edition


It was and he wasn’t very keen on the process. He’s said a few times the experiences he’s liked least are that and The Beach, where he took a long time to make up with Ewan McGregor for dumping him for the studio recommended bigger star in Leo D.

In a direct reaction the The Beach, which he felt had a ‘colonial’ attitude of westerners taking over a corner of Thailand, he used only local crew for Slumdog which worked out well for him.

Since then he’s seemed much happier in lower budget/pressure films. So I had just a little surprise when he signed on for the next Bond but I think they allow a certain amount of latitude compared to many, it’s a franchise that reinvents itself to fit a lot to different visions.


I love A Life Less Ordinary. Saw it in theaters and owned it on VHS.


My memory of the film wasn’t the film but this:


ARMSTRONG (aka IRON ARM) is a low budget science fiction thriller about a night shift ambulance crew that responds to an explosion in LA and end up picking up an injured cyborg soldier with a cyborg super-arm. He’s in the middle of a battle with a military death cult that plans to set off a superquake in the San Andreas fault.

The actors playing the EMT’s are pretty good, but the actor playing the cyborg doesn’t have a very well written role. It’s still worth a watch. It’s sold as a kind of low budget superhero story, but it’s really much more like The Terminator.


Mine too.


I’m finally watching Spider-Man 3, and I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. The Venom stuff is pretty awful, and a lot of the green screening looks pretty bad, but it’s a lot of fun throughout.


I hear that the Editor’s Cut/3.1 was pretty good as well.


I like Spider-Man 3 better than most. It’s overstuffed, but I think the Venom stuff works pretty well on its own, and that ‘birth of Sandman’ sequence is one of the most beautiful in superhero movies.


It think it gets a bad rap, and even if it is silly at times - Raimi knows how to do silly and so even if it is out of place at points - it is pretty enjoyable and funny all the same.

I still need to see 3.1 one of these days, Amazon still has it.


There are some big flaws with Spidey 3, mostly stacked at the end, and the Gwen Stacy stuff doesn’t work in the context of everything Peter did to win MJ over in the first two films, but I kind of love that movie. Some really nice music and sequences.

The Venom stuff works best for me as a nod to 50s sci fi horror like the Blob.


The Sandcastle sequence is one of the best deleted scenes, and apparently more of the “eerie” score was put in during the more creepy black suit stuff. So, yeah, the Editor made some good choices with the new cut.

I like the Venom stuff because it does have that feel, and because Topher Grace plays Eddie as a perfect weaselly douche.


Grace was really well cast. He plays off Maguire nicely.


Now I really want to rewatch SpiderMan 3.


I’ve actually rented 3.1/Editor’s Cut off Amazon Video. Going to watch it tonight.


The opening Hobgoblin fight in Spidey 3 is amazing. They’re really wonderfully directed and it’s a shame this team didn’t continue.


I think it’s one of those where it was a disappointment after the first two but that’s been exaggerated into it being terrible. I agree it is overstuffed but has some really good things in it (that Sandman scene particularly).


case in point… the entire film CRIMEWAVE.


They are, and also I think they balance the melodrama with the comedy better than most superhero movies that came after (because Raimi has good instincts for that stuff).

I know his Spidey movies get stick for not having Spider-Man be funny, but they’re still genuinely funny movies - they have this retro screwball-comedy aspect to them that I find really likeable and charming. Especially the Daily Bugle scenes.


You can add me to the Spidey 3 camp as well.

The Riami movies were fantastic. I’ve watched them, the first x-men movie and burton’s Batman, more than any other superhero movie.

I think I’ve said it a few times but there’s oft criticised stuff in Spidey 3, like the corny dance that everyone hates, that didnt bother me at all.

Perhaps Spidermsn 2, which is still my favourite superhero movie, set the bar too high.


Just watched the Editor’s Cut last night.
The restored score and a few focus changes in a couple of scenes does make a stark difference in terms of feel and atmosphere. The story is the same and stuff like the dance montage are intact, but the general theme of the movie is more prevalent and impacting.