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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Skip to 12 minutes for Hunchback II fun


I’d rather watch watch Hunchback again :wink:


Do she’s just devoting her time to becoming a better shitlord?


Her work is clearly not shitlordery.


Next you know, you will be dissing MST3K

Time for Pumaman

Pumaman , he flies like a moron :musical_note:


One of the great tragedies of the world is that Netflix removed Pumaman from their selection of classic MST3K episodes.


At least you have some options, local Netflix doesn’t have any of them, not even the new season (had to watch it by other means, grrr…)


The second great tragedy is the removal of King of the Hill.

When will FOX get their streaming service up and running already?


Wait, what? What?

I don’t think we had that here in the time I had netflox

(but I never cared much for King of the Hill anyway)


Clearly, Eduardo wants to punish you. Hunchback II is so freaking bad.


I remember that “movie” with Donald Pleasance…

Horrible. :smile:


Yep, sometihing to do with the rights to the movies commented I guess.

And in a related matter, I have been hearing the 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back podcast, where Mike Nelson & Conor Lastowka read and comment both the Ready Player One and Armada books…


I’ve really been enjoying this series of The Good Fight. Maya’s felt less useful since they (wisely) ties up all the stuff with her family, but that’s not a huge problem. Marissa is consistently great, Delroy Lindo is brilliant as Adrian but the real star is Christine Baranski as Diane slowly losing her marbles. Her “fuck it” attitude has been glorious this season and an interesting direction for a character that could easily have fallen into the same narrative patterns as before.


That was Red Letter Media, and they made many valid points in those videos, but they also used the notoriety the Star Wars videos created to expand their repertoire into a whole variety of different video series.


Ugh I tried watching a couple of videos from that channel, but could never get past the massive cringe.


Yeah Red Letter Media do very indepth critique, thst don’t shit on stuff for the sake of it, they explain the dynamics of whether something works or it doesn’t, much of the time from clearly what seems to be formal film making education.


I like Wisecrack. They look at pop culture from a philosophical perspective and seek out deeper meanings.


The Florida Project - I was intrigued by this film as a slice of life type film. It did fulfill that role as it felt very real. However, it meandered without much of a plot or structure and I’m not sure if it ever really said what it meant to say. It wasn’t my favorite film and would only recommend it to those who are almost antagonistic to plot and structure.


Danny Boyle’s A Life Less Ordinary: What a weird movie. I knew nothing about it going in, and if someone had told me the plot, I don’t know if I would have believed them. I mostly liked it though, even if it’s definitely one of Boyle’s weaker movies.

Fantastic cast though. It’s a shame Diaz seems to have retired from acting (nothing since 2014), because she could be very good at times. The supporting cast are excellent too: Delroy Lindo doesn’t seem to have aged in 20 years, and there’s an odd Big Night reunion with Ian Holm, Stanley Tucci, and Tony Shaloub. There’s also a super-young-looking Timothy Olyphant. And Dan Hedaya as the angel Gabriel!


A Life Less Ordinary was kind of Boyle’s big US debut after Trainspotting was a bit indie hit over here. I remember being super excited about that he and McGregor were reteaming. I don’t remember a whole lot about the actual film though.