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That lady is far beyond a critic. Critics build things up as often as they tear things down. She’s devote a big chunk of her life just to shit on The Hobbit. Hundreds and hundreds of hours. And all for a smug self satisfying circle jerk. She’s a parasite, worse than any corporate suit who influenced the production.


That’s a fair distinction.


Plenty of her videos are positive:


I have to agree with Jim on the larger point.

A lot of these internet critics came up by, and still do, review stuff by mainly summarizing every single point of a film rather than most else. I haven’t seen Ellis’ hobbit videos but I remember when she was first coming up along with the rest of her generation of YouTubers and their videos were so…pointless.

Also, Disney’s Hunchback is awful @PaulF


It reminded me a bit of the guy who did the ones for the prequels that were longer than the movies themselves.

These people always seem to pick on pretty easy targets.


The difference between Ellis and many of her counterparts is she’s made an active effort to improve her work


I’ll have to take your word for it, but that’s why I said “larger point” in that, yeah, armchair internet critics as a real source of critique is a very low bar.

This reminds me of the discussion over cinema sins last year. But the difference there is that Cinema Sins outright says they are not reviewers. No matter what that guy who directed Skull Island might think.,


Cinema Sins are a complex issue though, they claim not to be reviewers, but their fans treat them like they are, and frequently comment that they skip movies based on their portrayal on the Cinema Cins channel.

And then there are times where they do call themselves critics, or don’t object when other people do so.


There are lots of Youtubers that don’t understand the difference between a review and a summary (usually also the ones that cry about “fair use” erroneously). But to suggest that doing a long form exploration of a film’s flaws is not a valid critical approach is a worse take than saying Hunchback of Notre Dame is good.


Never said that, I was clear about what I was denigrating in order to allay those sorts of rebuttals.


Cinema Sins are sometimes really awful, even making up errors when there aren’t enough for a video.


There is a long road traveled from being the Nostalgia Chic to what she is currently doing.

Speaking of which, the Channel Awesome meltdown this past month has been a nostalgic tour of internet drama, awful revelations and criminal behaviour.


Yeah, again - I wasn’t calling out Ellis specifically but only pointing out to why I agree with Jim on the Armchair Critic thing through the lens of her time/place. And like I said - many of her contemporaries still do the same shtick. Which was my point about why it’s still a lower bar.

Not about Ellis specifically or even her long form Hobbit review. Never called those out individually.

Except for Hunchback. That movie is crap :wink:


I mainly watch some of them to expand my database of terrible movies I should watch someday :stuck_out_tongue:

Go watch Hunchback II then.




To learn, to love, to hate, to known…


Wasn’t she voiced by Jennifer Love Hewitt?

What a time…what a time.


And Frank Welker was the goat…


The GOAT was the Goat?
Disney you’ve done it again.