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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Just watched the first two episodes of Legion Season 2. Ep 1 was extremely weird and nonlinear; Ep 2 was more constrained and easier to follow. I think I preferred Ep 1. :blush:



No way! that’s scary!!



As long as Jon Hamm keeps bringing the goods, I’m cool with it.



Dr Smith is intrinsical to Lost In Space though. They remade the original pilot of the original making Smith the key to them being lost and being a full spanner in the works. Without Smith it’s not Lost in Space anymore.



And Smith being a mustache twirling villain comes in varying degrees. The show/Posey pulled it off very well, I thought. With the various challenges the family facing necessitating all hands on deck and meaning that reprimands/justice having to wait until after every subsequent crisis.



Yeah as a Smith fan I think she is sort of in the middle of the movie version and the TV version. I think they seem to be framing it as a redemption story too which I like. I’m only 3 eps in mind you.



When I saw your post, I was like, “didn’t series 3 of Father Ted come out around the time I finished college?”

And then I felt old.



Limmys homemade show on BBC iplayer at the mo is great.



I watched the last few episodes of Feud tonight. It’s a belting series. Really terrific on all fronts. The one thing that sticks with me is the way Jessica Lange, as Joan Crawford, says “Pepsi Cola”. There’s just something succinctly disingenuous about it. I very much found myself on Davies’ side throughout the series. The only downside is that I could have sworn I recorded Whatever Happened To Baby Jane when it was broadcast alongside the series, but it turns out I didn’t.

I look forward to the next series, which is about Charles and Diana. Not a subject I particularly care about, but could prove fascinating.

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Brawl In Cell Block 99 is a very good movie. I had no idea what to expect when I first saw, it, only watching it based on the cast and the title. I like how the fight scenes are very…economical in the way that they’re shot. No jarring cuts or quick edits. It’s like the camera just holds still a litle too long at times to see the punch being thrown.

-The Andre The Giant documenary on HBO is, pun intended, tremendous. Very well done, entertaining and heartbreaking at the same time. Every time they cut to Ric Flair is unintentional comedy gold.

-FX’s Trust. A (multiple?) series long take on the Getty kidnapping with Donald Southerland and a resurged Brendan Fraser. The first two episodes are incredibly watchable and smartly written (and Danny Boyle directed!).

-I’m finishing up on Showtime’s “Billions”, which just gets more and more detailed and smart with each episode.

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HOSTILES is another film that turned out very different than what I expected. The only problem I had with it was that I would think one person died, but it turned out that was a different character who had died.

However… a lot of people die in that movie that you do not expect to.



I read that Boyle’s plan is that each season of the series would cover a different era of the Getty family. Assuming it gets a renewal, he said he would like Season 2 to cover how Getty made his fortune back in the 1930s.

I have been enjoying the series and Sutherland just nails Getty. He even looks like him!



Wow, anachronistic.

I’d like a season about Balthazar Getty meeting David Lynch

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But they could’ve written her better, and gotten someone else and done something more compelling with the role… I mean, I feel the character was both miscast and badly written, it’s not so much the inclusion of the character in the show… I get that Dr. Smith is important for the show’s lore, but she definetly didn’t fit in with the rest of the show… it felt like watching two shows at the same time…



I caught this on BBC 2 Scotland last week - am I right in saying there was only 1 episode or was there more on iPlayer ?

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The VFX articles have started to appear for ‘Ready Player One’ and it’s reminded me of how non-UK residents see the geography of this country;

The live action section of the movie was filmed on the stages at Leavesden – with a huge set of the IOI headquarters – and of course, various locations for the exterior live action. A lot of which was filmed in Birmingham, north of London.




Well that’s true I suppose.



I think they’ve actually got it right. The Dr. Smith character is pure pantomime. You are supposed to hate them and boo everytime they come on stage/screen. They think they are a good liar but overact trying to sell it. Watching the airlock scene I think Posey acts fantastically, fighting the villain she believes she needs to be (and losing). Her whole character is a horrible person with terrible acting skills that the people around her are mostly too nice too not give her the benefit of the doubt except for Don. Even Oscar winner Gary Oldman over acted in the role because the role is over acting. The actor of the original Dr. Smith rewote his lines and overacted on purpose and that became the character.

I can see why you feel it’s two different shows, but I personally feel Lost in Space would be crap without Smith plotting behind everyone’s back all the time. They have a robot that can protect them against anything and they all are geniuses, the peril factor drops significantly and would get old quickly without a character throwing the spanner in the works. “Oh look, the enviroment and/or an alian creature is trying to kill the Robinsons again, however will they survi… Oh, the robot saved them. Cool.”



Yeah, just the one. The original series was only aired in Scotland but did well on Netflix so I think the beeb may be trying to find out if a new Limmy show will be as popular.



Yeah, I agree.

I think Parker Posey is even one of the strongest performances on the show as Dr. Smith. A few of the characters are rather inconsistent and make a lot of bonehead moves, which comes off as clunky, but Posey’s Smith straddles that line of always putting themselves first in any situation. It really helps to ratchet up the stakes in a indelible way since she is a continuous spanner in the works. Which underscores the fact that the over-arching situation is of unending peril so far.