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What are you watching? 2019 edition


It really was fun. @Jim and I actually talked a bit about it last weekend. I love the He-Man episode especially. “BONG!”

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Like BONE TOMAHAWK, BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 starts out as one pretty good movie and then halfway through turns into a completely different but still pretty good movie. Vince Vaughn is quite good, but so are all the rest of the cast as well.

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Yeah, I enjoyed those two, but I’m a bit wary of his next one, where Vaughn and Mel Gibson play cops who get suspended for police brutality and go rogue.



Or his other next one Puppet Masters: The Tiny Reich?



I’d see that if it was a comedy. Recently, I saw a bad cops movie called WAR ON EVERYONE that was scabrously funny if a bit nonsense.

BRAWL, though, made me think that Vince Vaughn could be today’s Lon Chaney Jr. Like a great B-movie actor from monsters to lowlife thugs.

I’m surprised they haven’t made that. It’d be a great way to reboot the series. The ruling powers of the Third Reich escaped justice by transporting their souls into puppets! However, when a New York real estate executive purchases them at an art auction, they see their chance to return to power by transferring their souls into the bodies of the tycoon and his family and friends. Now, trapped in Hitler’s puppet body, the billionaire needs to find a way to stop these reanimated Nazi spirits before they get into the White House!



Finished Lost In Space.

I liked it overall. I think a lot of things were groaners or could have been executed better. But the core of the show was airtight. The final scenes could have been handled with more finesse, but I hope the second season smooths those wrinkles out.

I’m glad that it has shades of the 90’s movie. It reminded me a lot of it in many ways, especially in the first few episodes and the finale. So…it’s neat.



I wasn’t joking. They are making it.

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No way!

I’ll be there!

Watching a documentary about a Christian group who fanatically believed the world would end May 21 2011. I’m just waiting for it to get to May 22 to see how they react,

The most interesting character is a teenager who doesn’t believe any of it and has to basically be the only sane man in the group.

What’s ironic is that these people live in nice houses, wear nice clothes and are surrounded by suburban bliss in Florida, but they think the world is just too corrupt to last much longer.

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I actually think more people have seen the movie than have watched the original show. I’m surprised how many people remember it very positively.



Oh my god, who decided that copying the opening credits to Enterprise was a good way to go?? They are awful.

Neat wee show though so far, two episodes in and everyone is likable in the right sort of way so far that match the dynamics of the original TV show. They’ve cherry picked some nice atmosphere from the movie too. In fact there’s a movie like feel to it you don’t usually see in TV shows as they kind of move from set piece to set piece. It feels like a really great family show and I like that kind of tone for Lost In Space, especially as I grew up loving it during my Sunday lunchtimes eating cheese on toast. As it’s essentially Swiss Family Robinson, I’m glad they are keeping it high in adventure rather than sexing it up or adding violence. There’s a few mature themes bubbling, but handled well for the tone and not too dark.

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What kind of age range is Lost In Space aimed at? I’m wondering whether it’s pitched too old to watch with the kids.

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I think it’s going straight for a family show audience. I haven’t finished the series yet (and I’m in no rush) but I haven’t seen anything extreme. Kids in peril, yes, but it’s adventure peril for the most part.

My problems with the show are more to do with it’s competence and consistency, but I can’t see it being a problem for kids? :slight_smile:



That sounds perfect. Thanks.

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Netflix’s rating for it is 12s. There’s mild swearing, a couple of deaths, some blood, but not much.



If kids can deal with Doctor Who, they can watch this.



Yeah, that’s a good baseline.

Finished series 1 this morning and my opinion remains the same. Utterly predictable, very well-made technically, fun enough but not essential SF like, say The Expanse. It reminded me of The Martian a fair few times in that the characters use engineering solutions to get out of the spots they find themselves in.



I finished it and honestly I would’ve enjoyed it a lot lot lot better without Parker Posey in it… Her acting was utterly horrible, her story line and character were by far the worst part of the show and that’s where all the bad writting ended up in.

Otherwise the show could’ve been an enjoyable, if completely unoriginal, sci-fi show… but they had to include a moustache twirling villain :roll_eyes: I swear she was just there to create some fake-ass tension and unnecessary drama, it was painful to watch.

I kept wanting to stop watching it everytime she was on screen 'cause she got on my nerves so bad (both the character and the actress). Other than that, the rest of the actors were good, and there were some nice surprises along the way and some nice twists towards the end too.

Anyways, I wish I could say I’m looking forward to S2, but ugh, I don’t know if I can sit through 10 more episodes with Dr Smith… :face_vomiting:

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Watched the final episode of the series of Still Game and they’ve capped it off brilliantly.

Easily the funniest Sitcom of the last 2 decades barring Father Ted.

That they’ve managed to keep the quality up this long, especially after the long haitus, is a testament to the writing of Ford & Hempill, the characters and the cast.

They’ve managed to introduce a brilliant new character since the return in Methadone Mick and having Scottish stand up legend Bruce Morton and Craig Ferguson as guest stars this series have helped keep things fresh.

This show is crying out for Raymond Mearns, one of my favourite comedians, I hope he gets a shout soon.
Limmy would be nice but he’s perhaps too big a personality to fit in to a show like this without the viewers thinking ‘look, there’s Limmy’.

Anyway, the wait to the next series is going to be a long one.



Father Ted only counts as “the last two decades” for another fortnight. :slight_smile: