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What are you watching? 2019 edition


And STAGED attempted rape, too (with Marty and Lorraine)…sounds like a great plan.


I finally got a blu-ray player and so, of course, got the latest release of Transformers The Movie for it (the 30th Anniversary release from Shout Factory/Manga UK). I mainly just wanted it for the special features - which include animated story boards, a really good retrospective talking heads documentary, and a nice little featurette about the restoration of the film. But the new 4k transfer of the film is really impressive. I thought that the last DVD release would be the best you could achieve from the film, but there are noticeable improvements, from linework to the visual effects. And there’s none of the messed up sound effects from some of the other releases.

This release also includes all the features from the Sony region 1 DVD release of about 10 years ago and boy are they shown up by the new Shout Factory ones. There’s a Q&A with various people (most of whom are on the newer features too) and you can see that they’re baffled by how bad some of the questions they’re asked are.


Does it keep the dubbed episode of Headmasters that was a special feature on the original Region 2 DVD? Because that was one of the best things about that particular release.


Ha, no, but you can get all of those in the region 2 release of Headmasters. The novelty wears off after about an episode and a half.


That’s why one episode on the movie DVD was just about perfect. TFWiki used to call it the crackhead Malay dub


Finished Banshee season 1. It’s better than I expected. Everyone talks about the action or the sex, but that undersells the actual story. It’s a good cast of unknowns, mixed with some great villains. The lead is a little weak, and I think they could have benefited from a known name (like Spartacus did with John Hannah and Lucy Lawless), but the showrunners really did a superb job. I think the big issue is the name - it’s a terrible name for a TV show and really off-putting. It’s got nothing at all to do with the story and is maybe one of the worst show names of all time. If they’d called is something different I think it’d have been a much bigger hit. It reminds me of Justified, in fact it makes Justified look like a kids show in comparison.


Tell that to fans of “Terriers”…


Yeah, everything about the show was really good. The action is what people keep talking about because it really set new standards for a TV show in that area, but all of the actors were excellent. Personally, I loved Antony Starr as the lead; I thought he was absolutely right for this role in every way. But as is often the case, the villains stole the show. And to be fair, Ulrich Thomsen is probably as big a name as John Hannah or Lucy Lawless, or he would be if people could remember his name :slight_smile:

I don’t know how big a problem the name was; apparently, it was as big a hit as Cinemax had had at the time:

Season one of Banshee drew Cinemax’s highest ever ratings for an original series, averaging 433,000 viewers per episode and 727,000 in the 7 days after each episode was released. The season finale drew 455,000 viewers during its initial screening and 655,000 during its repeat, the largest audience ever, at the time, for a Cinemax original series, and the third-highest ratings achieved by Banshee at that point.[39]

The second season exceeded the first’s successes. The season’s fifth episode, “The Truth about Unicorns”, set a series record with 591,000 viewers during its original airing. The season finale also set a new record, with 733,000 viewers, and a total of 968,000 for the evening including repeat showings.[40]

Obviously, these are still very low numbers compared to other shows of similar quality, but I don’t know whether a bigger viewership is realistic for Cinemax. They’re a pay TV channel, right?


Yeah me too, took a few episodes to get used to him but when I did I really loved him in that role.


Jesus, the latest Inside No 9 was bleak. In more ways than one.

And unfortunately timely given a certain recent news story.


I saw ‘The Post’, it’s ok.

By that I mean that it’s intelligent and well made, with good performances and a touch of style, but it was never anything more than that.

I couldn’t really feel the tension that the real people must’ve experienced. We’re told that it’s about the future of the paper, and the press in general, and the legacy of the family that own the paper, but it never comes alive.

And the fact is, this IS a very important story and it does matter to history and the future, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great film.

Very competent, that’s the best I can say, I was hoping for more.


Occasionally I channel surf and watch for a few minutes the Kardashian show and the Love & Hip Hop. Guilty Pleasure kind of thing.

With KUWTK, that family is so self absorbed and into their brand and luxury, it is a face palm. A lot of the girls look good and go with black men but the catch is the men have money like Kanye West, or are basketball players. Fwiw, it is Jennifer Lawrence’s favorite show.

The Love and Hip Hop shows no matter which city with a hip hop scene is also a face palm but also exploitive as sometimes you see black people make a scene fighting in a posh restaurant or club. There is a class factor as the viewer just shakes his head and laughs at the cast.


If I die without ever having watched a Kardashian show, it will have been a life well-spent.


It’s a low tier pay channel. But so was Starz and they’ve turned that ship around. I’m just not a fan of the name at all. And while I can see liking the lead I wouldn’t peg him as a future star. Black Sails for example benefitted from Toby Stephens.

The shows over now anyway and seems to have been good for Cinemax so it’s a bit of a moot conversation.


They’ve done well, though.

I’ve seen bits and pieces, mainly from back when The Soup was on.

Oh, that reminds me -

  • as mentioned in the TV news thread.


Yeah, I just thought it was interesting to place such an emphasis on the name at all. Personally, I don’t think the names of shows matter to me at all in my viewing choices, but it’s obviously quite possible that it makes a big difference to many potential viewers. Would shows like The OA have been well advised to go for a more resounding or self-explanatory name?


Heh, actually, the name picked my interest… =P

But, I’m a big fat nerd, so of course it would… Then after watching the show I thought it was fitting because it was all so over the top that it indeed felt like a “banshee scream” of a show :smile:

But yeah even though we rave about the fights, in truth the stories were good and the villains were mostly amazing.


It certainly does - see “Scrotal Recall”.

We just watched Logan tonight. I expected it to be good - but it was really good! I’ve not been moved by a film in that way in a long time. Good action, a lot of plot packed in, and a fair bit of heart.

Looking at director James Mangold’s filmography, it’s a weird mix. Copland and Girl, Interrupted - so far, so gritty (I love Copland). But then there’s Kate and Leopold and Knight and Day before he gets to two Wolverine films.


To be fair, I did watch that despite the name.
The non-linear storytelling is what put me off the bat as well as the blurb explaining more of the plot than the first season ever did.


Plus there’s loads of shagging in it