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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I’m tempted to keep responding just to see how many of those Paulie videos there are.


There’s fuck all on the telly so while the wife waits for the Masterchef final I’m watching the Young Musician of the Year on BBC 4. A bunch of young percussionists playing various instruments. What really make it refreshing is the fact that once each performance is finished the judges keep their gobs shut rather than spout off like every other tv show which features a panel of judges.


Before I call the banners and marshal the armies for war I need to know if I’m fighting a madman or not. So what exactly in your mind is a good biscuit?


Decent chocolate is a must. These are the top of my biscuit hierarchy.


Ugh, ginger biscuits.

You want a nice Lu petit ecolier.


Those are some good shit right there.

While a digestive is not all that exciting I do like the chocolate chip digestive some of the supermarkets sell.



Time to become a church warden.


I’ll defend the pink wafer to my dying day.

(Which will probably be soon if I keep eating pink wafers.)


The Pink Wafer is like Pepsi.
Good at first, tires out quickly.


Oooh. A chocolate malted milk is pretty good.

Nice biscuits can get tae fuck. That name is irony in biscuit form.



You’re a fucking animal. If you’d picked a Viscount or maybe a Club we could have founded a peace accord, but if you served me that dark chocolate ginger shite when I was over for tea I’d be forced to burn your house down.

Thus began the biscuit wars. Who’s side are you on??


A Club? What are you? A fucking child or something?

And a Viscount? Pft. I guess that’s cool if you want to experience eating an After Eight and a mouthful of sand.

Peace? Not in my time.


So I just put on episode 1 of Lost in Space, and I’m enjoying it so far, but I have to say that is not how water freezes!


Take it up with 90% of light sci-fi.


It’s Lost in Space and The Day after Tomorrow in that niche


Why are you talking about Lost In Space in the biscuit thread?


It’d be major spoilers to say more.


How do you spoil a biscuit?