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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Dark definitely had the problem, and ASoUE is pretty closely based on a book series with two episodes to a book (and I’d count it as a comedy, not a drama).

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Dark? Nah.
It might have been easy to see things coming that maybe made it feel a bit padded, but the whole three timeline things felt much better balanced in time allotment.



Turning up the self righteous dial to 11

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I went to see Ready Player One tonight.

I enjoyed it enough, but overall it was a bit too busy for me.
The effects were great and it was extremely polished, but watching CGI fighting and set pieces over and over is not my idea of a good time at the cinema. I don’t know if this an age thing, I’m not that big on action unless it is brutal or inventive.

There were a lot of changes from the book, some for the better some not. Overall I preferred the storyline and structure of the book more. The Easter eggs in the book were far more interesting as well.

Some of the acting was good and some not so good: Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelson, TJ Miller and Tye Sheridan were all great.
Lena Waithe, the boy who played Sho and Simon Pegg all made me cringe.

I wonder if this came out when I was twelve I would think it was the best thing ever? It’s hard to asses these things at 40. It didn’t hold my attention the whole way, but it had its moments.



I kinda figure like most Scottish insults it means whatever you want to to mean in any given situation.



Haha yes that is pretty much spot on.

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I think that it is, at least, a competent action/adventure fluff movie. Which was IMO a better move than the book.



It wasn’t my complaint but my wife’s (she wasn’t fond of GoTG either, and I thought it was only OK, but that had nothing to do with the music). I think in both instances it can be excused because the music is diegetic - it’s the characters’ choice of music so can almost be batted away.

The thing is there’s no reason either of these films would need to avoid throwaway pop music. For what it’s worth I didn’t recognise most of the songs in Baby Driver so they may as well be throwaway pop music to me.



And like most Scottish insults it can also be a positive term too. If I see a girl and say she’s got an ass like a biscuit that could be a good thing (if it’s a nice biscuit like a custard creme or a Breakaway, less so if it’s like one of them vanilla wafers). It’s really all in the delivery.

Scottish defies the laws of dictionaries @RonnieM.



I still have no idea what Jammie Dodgers are. But I am now even more alarmed…

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I realize it was your wife’s complaint which is why I said about how you see the complaint in your discourse with her, I was just making the point that as there is other movies with similar soundtracks with gender discrepancy and would be hard to find any that don’t.

I think you have understood me wrong here. There are pop songs on both records, B-A-B-Y for instance is a straight up pop record- what I’m saying is that there will be many more songs with male vocals that transend their pop roots. Are you saying here that directors should specifically try to find a track with female vocal to use even if it isn’t as good or suit the scene as well, simply in order to balance gender bias of the past?

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Watching The Toxic Avenger: The Musical on that BroadwayHD streaming service.
Only using the trial, but it’s worth it for seeing a musical that hasn’t been produced here in years.

But for some strange reason has had a consistent string of productions overseas.

Post-Watch: Entertaining as all hell. Not as fun as the original movie, but way better than any of the sequels or most things Troma has done in the past decade.



Binging Lost in Space the Netflix version while baking.
Three episodes in and, as expected, Parker Posey is fantastic as Dr. Smith.

Robot’s design is still pretty bad, but his dynamic with Will is very nice.



I’m looking forward to watching it when I have the chance. Have they used the theme tune?



Yeah, it’s more identifiable in the end credits but I think has a rejiggered grandiose version at the start.
The opening credits are just so bland it’s hard to tell but yeah the end credits has a version.

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It’s very rare for me to argue anything passionately but this is just outright wrong.



I don’t mind the robot design. I was surprised to see that it’s a practical suit with touches of CG, and not a full blown CGI character.

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Custard creams are great!

Ok, they’re no bourbon, but what is?

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I just don’t like how humanoid it is while having garish accentations.
Robot has another form in the show that looks much better with the whole ribbed look but is seen too briefly.



A dry dusty filling sandwiched between two cheap crumbly biscuits…?