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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Quick check of the classical violinists in my CD collection… seems to be 50/50 male/female. Phew :sweat_smile:

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You’re off the hook for now



That sounds incredible Jerry! Consider me jealous.



Yeah, it was an okay movie. More fun to watch than I expected it to be.

I watche the first season of the show and it was actually quite fascinating, and far more enjoyable than you would think. They went all-out apocalyptic with it, with a focus on the power struggle of the factions that survived the war against the Angels, and the scenario works very well.

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Did anyone else ever mistake him for Robert Downey Jr. in that era?

Also, what does “biscuit arsed” mean?



It means you’ve gotten a really strange Jammie Dodger



I had to look up Jammie Dodger. :wink:

Not seeing a good consensus on what biscuit arsed is. I assume it’s angry over nothing by the context though.

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I spent a good minute mulling which biscuit to use that I was sure wasn’t available in the US and had a sufficiently funny name



I think we can safely assume it’s nothing good.



I dunno. There’s invariably some misanthrope who is in to being biscuit arsed. :wink:

I’m going try to bring an American version into normal lingo, cookie assed. :wink:



Didn’t Humpty Hump say to just grab them in the biscuits?



Oooo. I love some Digital Underground especially Humpty Dance.

Edit: I’ve never heard them take Burger King out of the lyrics.



I’m not wanting to dredge up the argument, this is just food for thought… The GOTG soundtrack has pretty much the same gender/vocal ratio would you afford it the same complaint?

Unfortunately the music industry has historically had more male fronted songs that are deemed to be more than just throwaway pop music - mostly because women had songs written for them simply as commercial artists and nothing more more as opposed to male writers who had a monopoly on song writing and performing said songs.

On both soundtracks we find music from eras were this was the case. The unbalance comes from the past. Does it mean the film makers are being gender biased assholes or does it mean they aren’t even thinking about that and just picking the songs that work for the scenes?

B-A-B-Y and Nowhere to Run are both enduring songs with female vocals that are two of the best tracks on that OST. Nowhere to Run is prob the only track off it that would make my top 100 favourite songs of all time.



It’s quite amazing really if you look back at the history of popular music. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush in 1978 is the first time ever a UK number 1 single was self-penned by a woman, coming after hundreds by male singer-songwriters.

So if you use mostly material that dates back before then, which is true for both GotG and Baby Driver, it will have the bias of the times.



I have purchased Jammie Dodgers at the grocery store close to my house. They’re very tasty.



I think it can be difficult sometimes for people to realize that because the same isn’t as much of the case today. Unfortunately, there is no way to retroactively fix the gender bias in music so I can see Chris’ point here - But at the same time it’s good that the disparity of the past gets brought up now and again so we can make sure the same mistakes in terms of bias aren’t made again.

Like you say, any soundtrack like this will have that past bias and I think we just have to accept that. It’s shitty that’s the case but it is what it is.

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Having watched the first three seasons of Hap and Leonard, I think Netflix’ Marvel shows could stand to learn a lot from them. They are based on novels, I know, but they cover about as much ground plot wise as any of the Netflix series in just 6 forty-odd minute episodes in each season. It would be a smart move to bring on the people behind it as showrunners, the story telling style would suit far more than their current model.

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That’s a Netflix problem, not a Marvel problem. Almost all their dramas do the same thing.



I dunno, ASoUE and Dark have a good handle on episode-to-plot lengths



Yeah Netflix House of Cards took about 15 hours to get to the same plot point

(the murder of the young journalist)

as the BBC version did in 3 and a half.