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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Like getting angry when someone mentions gender imbalances?



Not really me looking for the it though is it Lorcan, its there right in front of me.

My options are either to ignore everything I don’t agree with in chats or to respond.



And the gender imbalance on the soundtrack is right there in front of other people too. Their options are to ignore everything they don’t agree with or to respond.



If someone is getting all biscuit arsed over the gender representation of a movie soundtrack it’s the very pinnacle of first world problems. I’m calling it for what it is - embarrassing.



And I think you know that

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You’re getting biscuit arsed about someone expressing their relatively harmless opinion. That’s also a first world problem.

I know you think that way. My point is that complaining about what you perceive as an expression of outrage culture is also outrage culture.

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While I’m on full blown rant mode, let’s address the wider issue.

If there’s a greater ratio of male dominance in certain areas of music, writing, film etc couldn’t it just be possible that it is down to the level of interest of certain sexes in certain genres?

Bar 1, none of the women that I’ve ever been out with have ever shared the same tastes in music, tv, films, comics or books as I have.
The same applies to MOST of the women I know.

If there’s less female representation in metal, hip hop, sci fi, techno, superheroes, could it just be that there’s less women interested in getting into those things because less women have those interests?

Not everything is grand conspiracy or unfairness.

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You are arguing with me for the sake of it, this is the point in the conversation where I drop out.



That and I need to go get my train :joy:

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A couple of years ago, there was a retrospective of the new playwrights the Abbey and Peacock theatres in Dublin had uplifted over the first 100 years of their existence. And it was something like 90% men. When this was pointed out, a number of people argued, as you just did, that maybe it’s just that men are drawn more to writing plays?

So someone else did a deep dive into publishing details and figured out that 60% of Irish plays since the foundation of the Abbey were written by women.

This is the crux of my point - you don’t see the gender imbalance on the Baby Driver soundtrack as important, and have argued against Andrew bringing it up. You think I’m arguing for the sake of it. You’re effectively saying that what you think is important is relevant to talk about while what others want to isn’t, if you disagree with what they’re saying. You might not be thinking along those lines, but that’s the effective result.

And it’s fine to speak out if that’s how you feel, but freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence. Andrew spoke out about the Baby Driver soundtrack, using his freedom of speech to do so. You then used your freedom of speech to criticise him, just as I’ve now used mine to criticise you.



Am I allowed to change the topic? Good.

Last night Liz and I went to Lincoln Center where the NY Philharmonic was performing the score to the 1984 film Amadeus as part of their Art of the Score series. While the movie played on a huge screen, the orchestra, accompanied by a choir and soloists, played live under the screen. Before it began, Artistic Advisor Alec Baldwin (yes, him) gave a short opening speech before introducing special guest Tom Hulce, who provided a few anecdotes about his experiences on the set, with effusive praise for his costar F. Murray Abraham.

It was a pretty amazing experience. If you’ve seen the film, you know how important the music and the opera pieces were to the story; to hear it performed live while we watched just made me fall in love with Amadeus again.



OK, but what was the gender representation like in the orchestra?



The conductor was male, but 1st violin was a female.



Not enough Mustacho’ed chicks I bet…

Which leads me to Legion (that was some pretty good segue-way, by the by)… Some pretty neat developements and a major easter-egg (that won’t go anywhere unfortunately… or will it??? dun dun dun…). I also have some issues with the power-levels of the Shadow King… unless I missed something from the books… =/

But yeah, those gender confused cuckoo’s are creepy AF.

It’s shaping up to be another great season, it seems.

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  • @davidm spends the entire concert transfixed with 1st violin. *


Cos he’s a perv.



@davidm prefers the term “dirty old man”.

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It’s not madness at all. In fact, it’s a fairly obvious problem, and I thank Andrew for pointing it out as I’d never considered it before.

People point out the gender imbalance in casting lead actors all the time. If it’s a problem with actors, why should we turn a blind eye when it’s singers? Because it’s exactly the same problem.

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