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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I found it a bit obtrusive because, well, it puts him beyond the pale and with their memories back you’d think the villagers would still be angry.


Yeah, but the memory spell, or something.

To be honest I’d expect the staff to be more pissed off than anyone. Years of slaving away working for someone who at least gets the fun of taking part in orgies and living off taxing the poor, and you get rewarded by being turned into a candlestick for the best years of your life? I’d be fuming.


Beauty and the Beast works bizarrely well if you view it as a prequel to the Legion TV series.


Or his audition tape for Orion.



Should have deployed the winky smiley.


It’s indispensable. :wink:


Other variants of that joke include Cogsworth being wound up about the whole thing, and Chip flying off the handle.


So I was combing through some old posts and finally remembered where I had heard of Duncan Jones’ Mute before. At one point, it was supposed to be a comic with art by Glenn Fabry as mentioned in the below Kickstarter. Anyone know what ever happened with the comic?



Ooops. Fixed. :wink:

This is who I would have thought of for Doug Jones though.




Yes, that’s why I picked a different one.


What does Paul Atreides in a green suit have to do with Doug Jones though? :wink:

Has he given up his role as the Kwisatz Haderach?


The Sleeper has Awakened


2018 :frowning:


You mean this 2018?


Watched Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Sherlocks…Aka King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. I liked that it fully embraced the magical elements, and didn’t try to be realistic or anything. But story wise the whole thing is so weighed down by Ritchie’s style, that it takes a lot of the fun out of the film.


Yeah, the film really delivers on the premise and keeps moving compared to more moody and psychological horror films like IT COMES AT NIGHT or THE WITCH which are both somewhat similar. Honestly, I feared that the film would be slower and more oblique in regard to the horror, but A QUIET PLACE is actually closer to horror films like ALIENS and POLTERGEIST in the way it keeps ramping up the tension - or like the horror films of the 80’s in general in that way.

Also, compared to a lot of horror movies today, it is not a mystery story. There are reveals in the story, but they don’t try to keep what is threatening the protagonists a mystery or enigma. You’re very clear, very early on, as to the players, stakes and rules of the story.



Even by the standards of dumb comedies, this is pretty bad. It occasionally tries to make Efron’s character the idiot, but frequently seems to forget and instead relies on just pointing out the absurdity of its own story, which isn’t enough to make the dumb story that interesting. Alexandra Daddario is under-used and I don’t get why they would spoil the cameos of Hasselhoff and Anderson by listing them in the opening credits.