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What are you watching? 2019 edition


They did ask dog owners to exercise common sense and not bring their dogs along if they’re belligerent.



If they weren’t belligerent before my dog got there, they would be afterward. :wink:



I got to Mute today. It’s been a good day. 2 films in 1 day (well 1 and a half really, I had already watched 30 odd mins of the cloverfield paradox) is unheard of since we had the kids, in fact I’m lucky if I manage 1 per week normally.

I really really loved it.
It’s far from perfect and it’s disjointed in places s it could do with being tightened up a little and also losing about 15 minutes run time.

That said, I found it’s utterly engaging and the world completely immersive. I never once felt tempted to look at my phone or any distraction, which I normally have to fight these days now that technology has given me attention deficit.

I found the storyline and the characters totally engrossing and it held my interest throughout.

I’ve not watched an awful lot this year, but I’d say this is my favourite movie of the year by far and the best thing I’ve watched for quite a while.

I get the sense that it will polarise audiences, it’s probably not for everyone - particularly mainstream audiences or those who do not have much exposure to sci fi.

Some great performances, a brilliantly dark near future world and great sound design. This will stay with me for a while.



Have you watched Altered Carbon, Chris? How does it compare with that?



It’s on the list - have not got to it yet but plan to very soon



Robert got me on Halt an Catch Fire. I’d heard good things but never really gave it a second thought, but started watching the first season last week.

The show is amazing. It feels like this slow burning melodrama with characters and personalities that are bigger than life. The pacing is just exceptional and Lee Pace is putting in the best American Psycho performance I’ve ever seen. It reminds me of Breaking Bad - you get the feeling that all these small actions are ultimately going to be a disaster. Certainly right there in quality alongside Better Call Saul, I’d strongly recommend folks give it a try.



I watched the first series and haven’t gotten around to the rest of it yet, but I also really enjoyed it. I remember the AV Club slating the show at the start and loving it by the end, so that suggests if you like it now, it’s going to get even better.



Just watched the Favreau live-action Jungle Book and thought it was very good, much better than I expected. A really good voice cast and some great setpieces (I particularly enjoyed the Walken-Louie boss-fight).

I was wrong about these live-action Disney films - I thought they would end up as pointless empty rehashes, but both have managed to find a slightly new angle on the material (often with slightly more complex characterisation and subtext) with added subtleties and nuances, without losing the flavour of the animated movie.

The Jungle Book is slightly more of a departure than Beauty and the Beast, but both are more or less following the same model. It’s good storytelling but also clever positioning for Disney, as they’re pitched slightly older than the animated films but a bit younger than the likes of the Marvel and Star Wars movies. They fill a gap. And they’re done well.

Between this and Iron Man, Favreau has laid the foundations for a lot of Disney’s big successes recently.

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I really liked A Quiet Place.

Very well done, with great performances, especially from the two kids.

The movie’s only 90 minutes, and there’s very little down time: once the scares start, maybe 15-20 minutes in, they never really let up. I don’t know the last time I saw a movie that made me feel so consistently anxious about what was going to happen.

There’s maybe one too many scenes where the monsters almost attack but are distracted at the last second, but it never lost its effectiveness for me.



Great show. And it gets better with each season.



Great to hear. I have to see this. Very much in the mood for a quality horror flick in theatres.



So, we’ve kind of overdosed on Death in Paradise on Netflix.

It is the definition of light entertainment, but there’s something about the characters that really makes it work.

Just finished ep 3.3



Watched 5 eps of Gomorrah season 3 over the course of the last couple of days.

Still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen - and still criminally under the radar outside of Europe.



I completely forgot that Branagh had done Cinderella before Favreau’s Jungle Book. Which probably shows you how forgettable that movie was (although I remember quite enjoying it at the time).

Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast were much better.

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Have to say hell to the no.

Cinderella was far better than Beauty and the Beast.

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I’d have to watch it again to compare, but I remember my daughter finding Cinderella quite boring in places.



I thought it was just alright, but Beauty and the Beast is just overall less sound as a story with what they add in to fluff it out.



I didn’t think the Beauty and the Beast additions were just fluff. I thought it was great the way that they added in Belle’s recognition of her own outsider status and the details of the prince’s childhood as elements to make their relationship feel more natural. I also thought the details of Belle’s mother and Gaston’s military background added to the story and characters in small but meaningful ways.

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I meant more stuff like how the Prince was taxing everybody to pay for his parties, or the magical teleportation book, and little bits like that just don’t really help things out at all.

Just make it…less compact.



I don’t mind those little details as they’re fairly unobtrusive. And it helps to paint the prince as a bit more of a dick in general, so that his punishment seems a bit more deserved.