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What are you watching? 2019 edition


A lot of those 80s movies are swearing than you’d think. Ghostbusters and Goonies are much the same.


And Flight of the Navigator is just filthy.


It has a U rating!


U for unmentionable.


It was actually a rare FU rating.


Three billboards outside ebbing missouri.

Amazing. It deserves every price in… like, ever.


Ditto for the original Ghostbusters.


Speaking of Ghostbusters, there’s a TV station in the UK and Ireland that’s quite happy to chop swearing and mature content out of movies - or just cut out what they saw as unnecessary scenes if they could get more ad space into 2 hours (or at least they were before I had enough TV options to ignore them, and then got rid of my TV). And they had an infamous cut to Ghostbusters in the scene where they argue with Peck in front of the Mayor.

Observe as the following:

Stantz: "Everything was working fine until dickless here cut the power!"
Mayor: "Is this true?"
Venkman: “Yes it is. This man has no dick”


Stantz: "Everything was working fine -"
Mayor: "Is this true?"
Venkman: “Yes it is. -”


My favorite is the network television dub edits. The best one I think comes from Mallrats when Jay has just dealt with the original contestants to get his friends on the dating show. What he actually says is, “All it took was one fat chronic blunt.” In the dub edit he says, “All it took was one fast erotic punch.” I’ve kinda wanted “fast erotic punch” to become a thing ever since then. :wink:


I saw Mallrats on HBO in India when I was working there. They don’t allow any sex or nudity so they cut out the topless psychic scene completely and as it includes a key plot point the rest of the film didn’t entirely make sense.

I only realised when it came on British TV one night later there was a reason.


Couldn’t they have just edited in another nipple or something? :wink:


The same station would frequently dub over the word fuck or other harsh swearing, and use like two or three actors for everyone, making it incredibly intrusive when, say Sigourney Weaver’s voice suddenly gets much higher in the middle of a scene in Aliens

The DVD bonus features on Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz take the piss out of this:


A classic



Also, it was attempted rape…



Starting tonight in the US, Another Period is back!

Uncork your cocaine wine and celebrate!



Finally watched Bright.

As bad, if not worse, than the worst Transformers movie. Jesus, what a train wreck.


Retro night at the Prince Charles cinema, showing ‘Barbarella’!

The staff dressed up (as 1960’s usherettes) there were souvenir programmes, sweets and old school crisps (I resisted) a Pathe newsreel on “Swinging London”. a bunch of old adverts and a Yogi Bear cartoon that had the audiences in stitches!

I haven’t seen ‘Barbarella’ in years and I’d forgotten how silly it is (it makes ‘Flash Gordon’ look like ‘2001’) but, again, we all laughed with it as much as at it and it was a great cinema experience.


That’s what I liked about CQ. It really captured that style of Science Fiction filmmaking.