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What are you watching? 2019 edition


You post actually made me order Ghost Dog. And I’m really in the mood to watch The Killer before I see a screening of Face/Off in the cinema next week.
Will the gritty, revenge stories end? Do I have time to watch Drive again?


You lucky fuck

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I’m just bringing the Vox Lux chat to here, because even DC movies aren’t this dark.

I liked it on a scene-to-scene basis and agree that the overall picture that it creates doesn’t appear to amount to anything much greater. But it’s stuck with me since I’ve seen it, almost involuntarily. I suppose that’s what you get when a movie opens with a school shooting.

The music is really good, and the little narrative bomb that they drop at the end recontextualizes everything nicely.

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It’s part of a Nic Cage “season”. This is probably the only that I’ll manage to catch, but I feel like it’s the best one to see on the big screen. Like the Hardboiled trailer said, John Woo is god.

Now I just want to watch Hardboiled!

The other Cage films being screened are: The Rock, Adaptation, Con Air, Wild At Heart, Raising Arizona.


Just finished the new Catch-22 adaptation on Hulu.
It’s…almost okay.
Like it’s heavily streamlined and changes a lot about the characters and their roles at times.
But more often than not it does a great job capturing the tone, atmosphere, and spirit of the novel - even when it’s doing something original. It might miss here and there - but it goes for it.

The finale though, it just falls apart. Right in the final minutes. It sorta loses itself in some really uncharacteristic, for the show and the story, ponderous mess - and it just feels so limp. The original ending, even with how they changed things, would have been perfect. But the final scenes of this really sour it because it kinda feels off-tone. Like it wants to be more thought-provoking and serious - despite already being thoughtful and serious anyway.
It doesn’t work and it’s a shame.

Still, 7/10.


FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY is the sports movie of the decade!


What was the “narrative bomb” again? My memories of the first half of the movie are stronger, probably because I felt it worked better.

I really liked the music, too. Haunting stuff. Scott Walker RIP

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I was never into Ghost Dog much. I just don’t like Jarmusch’s style. Way too much dialogue.

Hehe, my father dispatched the film. I gotta admit, even though with numerous flaws, the film is probably one of the best action films I’ve seen. I even think Woo saved HK cinema!

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This is pretty uncalled for.

He’s got 3 or 4 of you arguing with him, he’s not having the argument with himself.

And whether he’s wrong or not, you’ve all taken a really snide and snotty attitude with him. Disappointing and borderline bullying behaviour.

4 people don’t need to make the same point.


After careful consideration I disagree.

The nature of forum is a group conversation, sometimes it’s everyone in agreement but its more usually disagreement and, in this case, the historical facts are very clear, very well documented and posted in the thread.

I’ve reviewed what I posted and what others posted and I don’t see anything out of line there.

If you disagree you should flag the offending posts and refer them to a mod.

Regarding the fact that more than one person was making the same point, that’s inevitable.

There’s no mechanism for nominating a spokesperson and I don’t think people would want it if it existed? People will get involved as and when they are motivated to do so.


I wouldn’t stoop to that level, we’re all big boys and girls, no need to go tattling to teacher - although I know there is a precedent for that sort of behaviour on here as well, from some individuals.

I’m calling out what I see as shitty behaviour, it doesn’t need to be offensive to be unpleasant - the tone and wording of the posts to me said it all.

Your final comment, which I quoted previously, being the worst of them. Totally uncalled for.

Im sure others will disagree and I’ll possibly face the wrath after mentioning it.


Wrath is in short supply around here. I suspect the Kraken will remain leashed. But she’ll see,


I see it more like having a referee.

Group conversations are a difficult animal. I don’t think the conversation has been particularly snide-y, but off-hand comments can be tricky on an internet forum where you don’t have the context of voice and facial expressions. I think it’s perfectly alright to voice your concerns.

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Almost finished with the first season of Runaways now. It’s pretty good. Some of the dynamics between the kids are very clunky, but on the other hand the show fleshed out the adults quite nicely, I thought. The cast is doing a good job, and the whole thing just works well enough to keep you interested.


I think if someone has a problem they should pick it up with the person and explain why they have such an issue that they want a post to be removed, that way the ‘offender’ can look at what they posted and try and understand from another persons point of view why it was inappropriate.

I think going direct to the mods is a cowardly act.

The reason I’ve pointed out the comments directed at Millstar is because I’m not a big fan of watching folk belittling or mocking others when they get something wrong.

We in the uk have the benefit of certain, or more common knowledge on subjects (like the IRA, for example) due to our proximity to it and higher levels of exposure and interest.

I feel there was a tone of mocking and not in a “we’re all laughing together” way, I don’t think we should put others down in order to make ourselves seem more superior, when a few others chime in, I class that as bullying.

Gar made an effort to word his response carefully, so I’m assuming he recognised the situation.

Anyway, I don’t want to make a bigger deal of this that it should be, I just felt some of it was unnecessary.


Hey Milstar ‘liked’ my reply. I was trying to educate not win a point. :smile:


Those four people, including myself, seem to completely agree with Milstar that the movie is shite, but the issue here was more about someone believing something seemed silly when similar things happened in real life and the movie itself was probably based on those. When you argue again and again that the facts of something are wrong it can get frustrating and other people try to make the point in different ways.

I’m not always right and I have had more than 4 people argue with me at one time or another on here and havn’t felt bullied and I hope @milstar feels the same and I assume he doesn’t as he was posting on other threads afterwards. There’s been tons of his opinions I do completely agree with, along with others here.

In this case it was not so much a case of opinion, but as @garjones pointed out, Milstar simply wasn’t aware of the history of the situation, and as I’m sure you know, real life stuff like that can be even more important to people than Man of Steel.

We also went on to put the boot into the English and I hope and assume that anyone on here took that in the spirit it was intended and that all of us are decent people who take others at face value, no matter who they are or where they come from.

It has happened before a few times on here the people get very animated over subjects they care about but, really, we are all pretty good people and while we can all be cutting about subjects, it’s not a place where people get singled out for repeated bullying. A subject flares, people argue, on to the next subject.

The people here are good people, there are plenty of bullies on the internet but I think you’d see them a mile off on a forum like this.


As long as we don’t touch on Ant-Man’s box office we should be fine.


I feel a bit nostalgic right now. I mean, none of this is anywhere near what the old N&CA was like, but it does bring back some memories.