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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Just back from Annihilation. Not sure how I feel about it. Strange film. I often like strange, but I might need to see this again before I know if I liked it or not. It was at least an interesting sci-fi film. I don’t regret seeing it.


I just finished watching Annihilation too. I liked it and I think I will be thinking about it for quite a while.

I liked that it was only a loose adaptation of the book, and I felt it improved on it by making some parts a bit more tangible and meaningful.

It was horrible and disturbing at the same time as being beautiful in its own way.

I also felt like the general mood and tone was very reminiscent of some of my favourite video games, oddly. There were times when I was reminded of some of the organic horror of Doom; and other times when it really evoked the bleak, barren feel of The Last Of Us (I think partly due to the combination of ‘reclaimed nature’ visuals and the sparse acoustic guitar soundtrack).


Annihilation reminded me A LOT of Threshold, a short-lived sci-fi series from the early 2000’s (with Peter Dinklage, actually, first time I saw him in anything).

Anyways, similar-ish concept and an okay movie, but yeah, it’s nothing too extraordinary tbh. The concept would’ve probably been better explored in a tv show… which reminds me again of Threshold… I really wish it hadn’t been cancelled, and I wish it would be re-launched… It’s a great time to do it now =(


I just got done with Tomb Raider. I thought it was fine. Not spectacular or terrible, it’s one of the many movies that sit towards the middle of the scale. You could try to argue then, that it’s a disappointment by wasting the potential this story had (as someone who played the game I wish that Lara’s moments of loneliness and solitude came through) but I think that would be a little mean-spirited considering how few “fine” videogame movies have been made. Vikander is pretty good in the role and I can’t imagine any of the other rumoured potential actresses being anywhere near as convincing (Cara Delivigne, Daisy Ridley, c’mon).
Ultimately while forgettable, it is fun enough for me to snag the blu-ray, and I hope that it does well enough at a box office to get a sequel that builds on the good things that we have here.


I watched I Could Never Be Your Woman, the mid-2000s Michelle Pfeiffer/Paul Rudd movie directed by Amy Heckerling, which was also Saoirse Ronan’s first movie.

It’s not very good, but it’s perfectly watchable, mainly for Rudd and Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer plays the showrunner on what I assume is a parody of the Clueless TV series, Rudd is a new actor on the show, and Ronan is her daughter.

Ronan is fun, but her character is a bit overwritten. She has a lot going on, and they probably could have dropped the thread where she writes and performs Weird Al-style song parodies (which thankfully doesn’t come up much).

There’s one scene where they’re having an argument in a car, and Ronan asks her mother to call her Drew instead of Izzie, and I wondered for a moment if she was going to open the car door and roll out.

The main problem is that the obstacles in the Rudd/Pfeiffer relationship are incredibly contrived. It’s all to do with Sarah Alexander trying to destroy their relationship just because… she’s evil, I guess? The age thing comes up occasionally, but is pretty much always immediately dismissed.

Most of it was filmed in the UK, and it features a lot of UK-based actors. Some of them are are allowed to be British, like David Mitchell, but Graham Norton doing an American accent is the weirdest. Mackenzie Crook has a fun one-scene cameo playing completely against type.

There’s a really weird ongoing thing with Tracey Ullman playing Mother Nature, who’s also Pfeiffer’s imaginary friend. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the movie at all, but it kind of works?

There are several New Pornographers songs on the soundtrack, which was nice. I also smiled when they played “What’s My Age Again?,” because of course they did.


Just came back from The Death of Stalin.

I really enjoyed it. While Veep is still good, this movie reminded me of why I really fell into In The Loop and the early seasons of the show to begin with. Resoundingly well done. Although my friend found some aspects distasteful.


Ritual hit me more strongly because I didn’t expect it while Annihilation fell a little flat, but I expected much more from it.

I thought Annihilation actually looked pretty bad. I mean as a film, it was ugly and awkwardly shot.


Three Billboards in Ebbing Missouri is worth the time. I have to admit the entire cast was at an equally high level.


Getting caught up on Another Period, the episode where everyone gets addicted to kaleidoscopes and Beatrice discovers nihilism is amazing


HBO2 has been running a marathon of the Alien movies today, including: Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection, and Alien: Covenant. Strangely, they are not showing Prometheus.


El Ministerio Del Tiempo

Started watching mainly to improve my Spanish. On that score, boy do they talk fast.

Like all time travel tales, it is fundamentally flawed because… Grandfather Paradox. All the more so in this instance because the episodic journey’s are all set in one country’s historical timeline. Another absurdity of the show lies in its main raison d’etre, where they go back in time to correct anomalies created by other time tweaking travellers by,… err, tweaking time.

However, as a literary vehicle, albeit one which strains one’s suspension of belief sinews, it has its merits. Thanks to what seems like well researched historical record, it is proving to be quite educational. Many of the icons of history are debunked or looked at from a new perspective resulting in a different view of history than that lovingly nurtured by the establishments. This seems to me an altogether healthy exercise and one which could well be recommended to several other post-imperial nations.

The characters too, exhibit enhanced diversity. Not only do they have a broad spectrum of basic personality types but they also posses greatly differing cultural perspectives stemming from the period in time in which they were formatively raised. This is used well to illustrate changing cultural benchmarks through time, points which are usually made in a humorous way.

Altogether, well worth a watch.

Jordskott II

Sticking with it so far but disappointed. The writers seem to be getting further away from the rather interesting humanity/nature/folk lore symbiosis theme they had in the first series. In JII so far, their main dilemma seems to be deciding whether to go down the Vampire or Zombie route. Getting close to plug pull on that one.


If he thought that was distasteful don’t let him/her know about everything that happed in Russia beforehand.


I flew through Wild Wild Country on Netflix. An absolutely fascinating story about a cult trying to take over a town in Americaa in the 80’s. I’m surprised I’ve never heard about this story until now.


The odd thing I found about it is that we both like dark dramas and pitch black comedies.
But everything about Beria I heard him mutter at a film for the first time.

It was strange.


I can see that with Beria, the film definitely did it’s job in making you see him for the vile creature he was but understand the human side to him enough to understand the gravity of what happens to him in human terms… I think there’s disgust comes from that, as a viewer and his character definitely informs high degree of distaste.


The reaction I’m trying to convey is not disgust at Beria, more disgust at we being shown it.

That’s what I found odd since it was the first time he’d done that at something we’d watched.


Ahh. Is that like an extension of distaste for the character though, even at that maybe? What is he like on other satires? I agree it does seem weird as I felt it was quite tame in what it showed, taste-wise.


Like I said, we’ve got very thick skins about stuff and a shared pitch black sense of humor. Likely an extension of the feeling for the character, but usually it’s more expressive than that and at more overt grotesqueness.

He thoroughly enjoyed it though.


My wife and I just watched the first episode of Nailed It. We wanted to like it but Nicole Byer just irritated the living piss out of us. Not a fan of that brash style of presenting. Enough so that I’ll not be bothering with the rest of the series. Disappointing.


Damn it. I missed autocorrect changing my intended word. That should be ‘annoying,’ not ‘amusing.’