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What are you watching? 2019 edition


The writers put in the flashforward to Walt buying the machine gun into the S5 premiere with no idea how it would pay off, and had to basically reverse-engineer the final episodes around finding a use for it. It shows.

The other big thing is Mike’s death, where he agrees to meet with Walt in the middle of nowhere, without bringing a gun, despite knowing Walt wanted him dead, just because the show needed Mike to die.


I like Breaking Bad a lot, but I remember feeling that the final season was weaker than the couple that came before it. Honestly, I think a big part of it is that it misses Gus.


Just a heads-up that Annihilation is out on UK Netflix now. I had to search for it though because it wasn’t getting the big advertising push on their front page.


I got caught up on the last two episodes of X-Files. They weren’t good. For me, this whole revival has been a complete bust.


That’s my viewing for tonight sorted. Thanks.


Goodbye uncle Tom (1971)

A graphic reimagination of slavery days in America, intertwined with incidents surrounding BP movement in the 60s. Have to say, I… detest this movie intensely. Even if Birth of Nation is rascist film, this one is much more; and while filmmakers claimed they tried to adress to problems of rascism, I think they managed to make it even worse. Completely wasted two hours.
You have to see to believe it.


I saw it and was so disgusted by it…

Nuff said


Hunh! I’m surprised. The last season I thought sucked mightily, but this season seems to have a fun element and is taking some risks. This one really feels like a “last season”, while last season was a real chore to endure.


I saw Mom and Dad a few days ago and it was okay. It suffers from not giving Cage enough to do and wasting too much time on the teenage daughter who isn’t as interesting as either of the parents.
There’s a surprise cameo though, and that was great. I went with the film after that, no trouble.


John Oliver’s piece on cryptocurrencies was on fire


Well, finally finished Stargate Origins - and it is one of the worst prequels I have ever seen. It not only re-does many plot points from the original movie, but invalidates the original movie due to some very hackneyed “over-arching” that makes everything seem ridiculous. All for the sake of characters who are introduced here and only here, no less. Very much like The Cloverfield Paradox in that respect.

But the final episode does loosen up on the slapsticky, badly self-aware, tone the rest of the webseries had and includes some rather effectively dark ideas - if not altogether there in execution.

Overall - a shoddy, badly written, produced, and somewhat acted mess. Only recommended for the completionists of the die hard fans, but not die-hards.



So, as expected, this is not a mainstream or even a straightforward film. It’s scifi and quite a bit horror and mostly about people who enter a strange place and start seeing, hearing and doing strange things.

I think ‘Ex Machina’ is a very good film, but it’s also a very simple set up, the only weird thing in it is the existence of a robot who may (or may not) be truly sentient and a real person, despite being a robot.

This is a whole place, all full of weird.

I’ve avoided a lot of the social media reaction to it until now, but a quick look shows it to be quite devisive.

My reaction is that it’s interesting, not entirely successful in what it’s trying to do but it does clarify some of what was even more obtuse in the book (along with jettisoning a fair amount of it too).

Not a waste of time, but only worth it if you want something that’s intended to mess with your head, and not in a “murder mystery way”, but in a “how many mushrooms did you just eat” sort of way.

I suspect you’ll know if it’s likely to be a film you’ll enjoy.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to watching it.



After a strong opening episode to this series, I’ve found myself souring on this series of Go 8 Bit somewhat. The last few episodes have had some really dull challenges and questionable (almost incompetent) production choices, like when they played Gauntlet and everyone was seemingly totally surprised by how long it would take (as though no-one had bothered to check the game beforehand) and changed the win criteria mid-challenge to something completely different.

Tonight’s episode was a little better (helped by good guests Jonathan Ross and Suzi Ruffel) but the one persistent problem is Ellie Gibson, there as the “resident gaming expert”. She seems to actually be getting worse in the job, with her near complete lack of comic timing compounded by her belief that shouting a punchline will somehow make it funnier.

The info dump bits she has to do are routinely unfunny and bizarrely poor at times too. A couple of episodes ago, one talked at length about the claymation graphics in an arcade game they were about to play, yet showed none of that, instead using footage from home consoles versions that clearly had normal pixel art. I don’t understand how no-one noticed that during production when they played the claymation version seconds later.


I got around to The Ritual on Netflix tonight. I didn’t love it, but I liked it quite a lot. Perfectly solid pagan horror, which is a favorite genre, and worth my 90 minutes.

Between this film and Annihilation we’ve gotten some very nice creature design so far this year.


I finished Banshee season 2 a few nights ago. Not quite as good as the Iraq season, some plots a bit tedious, some off the rails. I think the show didn’t quite know what it wanted to be, and suffered from not expanding the cast and story a little. Enjoyable way to pass the time, good but not great.


I am actually watching the final season of Breaking Bad for the first time right now, about three episodes in. I’ve had a few false starts with the show and finally made it this far by ignoring it whenever Walt, Saul, Mike, or Gus is not on screen. I would say the show is not for me but it’s a decent thing to have on in the background. I primarily watch it because I love Albuquerque and miss it there.


Nailed It! on Netflix.

Not usually a fan of baking/competition shows, but I’m a fan of the host Nicole Byer, so I gave it a shot. It’s a lot of fun; it’s just amateur bakers trying to recreate various desserts, and usually being pretty bad at it.


I watched the first episode and I liked everything except for Nicole Byer who tended more toward amusing than entertaining. The other two hosts were considerably better.