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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Is it though? Isn’t it maybe just that really many people went once? I don’t know how these things break down, but it’s what I would have expected, and it was my impression of Jurassic Park.


Could be. The breakdown of audiences etc. hasn’t escaped into the wild yet.


Finished rewatching Breaking Bad. Still great. There’s definitely some bumps towards the end (the machine gun thing was a mistake), but it’s definitely up there with the best TV shows of all time for me.


Did you see the Mythbusters take that on?


No, I never watched Mythbusters. And I more meant them setting the machine gun up at all with no idea how they would pay it off than the actual scene.



Watched the first couple of episodes of Star Trek Discovery tonight. I enjoyed it but I can see why some would not. It feels very Abrams-verse rather than any of the tv series.


So much better? :wink:


No better, no worse. Just its own thing.

I noted Netflix has DS9 in its library. I’m sorely tempted to research that again once I’m done with Discovery.


All the Trek TV series are up there nowadays, even the animated series


I see this as one of my key jobs in fatherhood, to ensure my boys experience that amazing decade for movies.

I’m holding off until they are just a wee bit older but there’s a few Im planning on introducing this summer, like Never Ending Story, The Explorers and Flight of the Navigator etc




I know but Jurassic world did the same and it was gash


How do you think it holds up against better call Saul ?


I love Better Call Saul, but it’s not nearly as consistent as Breaking Bad was. A lot of the time it feels like Mike is on a completely different show.


Downsizing: This has a really fun concept and I was quite looking forward to it. And it delivers…For the first 30-45 minutes of it’s over two hour runtime. And then it falls off a fucking cliff, and becomes a preachy, self serious bore of a film.


Curious what you mean about the machine gun thing, and the bumps you say happened towards the end.
I’m of the opposite camp - I came into the show late, and think the last couple seasons and especially the last few episodes are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I thought the machine gun set up was great - especially since he had slowly upped his “weapons” game from thermite, to killing Fring to the magnet bomb…It was like he was slowly becoming more comic-book villain-y. The gun, which for all intents and purposes was acting like a robot was the perfect cap to it all, IMO.


Yup. So far in 2018 the only films I’ve seen that I like less are Fifty Shades and Cloverfield Paradox. It felt really dated, like a film that would have been made that way in the nineties.


Started watching the David Chang Netflix show Ugly Delicious - pretty engaging so far. I appreciate that even though he’s a top chef he’s no food snob, orders Domino’s to eat at home.


I’ll second “Ugly Delicious”. The fried chicken episode was so good.