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What are you watching? 2019 edition




They’ve been saying that for years though.


Yeah, I don’t get it either. A few people asked me what I thought of it and my replies were along the lines of “fine”, but after they’ve seen it they all think that it’s really good.
Definitely an odd one. At least Jurassic World felt bigger. Having dinosaurs gives your movie some sense of scale, I guess. Jumanji puzzles me too.


FF7 did so much money because of Walkers death.


Bought the Coco Blu Ray today and watched it with the family. My son and I both saw it in the theaters and liked it. Watching it again, I think it’s the best Pixar movie after Toy Story 3. The script is amazing, and it’s really imaginative throughout.

My wife said she felt it was the best animated movie she had seen since Spirited Away.


ROLLERBALL(1975) is a classic of 70’s science fiction cinema. Definitely deserves a rewatch from time to time.

They tried a remake but that was worse than anything imaginable.


The original Rollerball is one of my all time favorite movies. When I watched the Rockets beat the Knicks in 1994 to win the NBA Championship, all I could think of was the final game in the movie.


As much as I like the sporting scenes, the dramatic elements where the nature of a corporate world is really fascinating. Except for 2001, ROLLERBALL presents a very compellingly complete idea of a speculative society to rival 1984 and BRAVE NEW WORLD even though ostensibly it was really about the incessant thirst for blood in human societies and how it sustained the power base of any culture.

Certainly, even if films from THE HUNGER GAMES to ANY GIVEN SUNDAY to THE RUNNING MAN weren’t directly influenced by ROLLERBALL, it predicted the same themes that drove them.

Which makes the piece of shit remake all that more disappointing.

Actually, I’d like to see ROBOT JOX remade with something closer to ROLLERBALL at its heart. I’d be more interested in that than a PACIFIC RIM sequel.


I think we’ll do the same. I’m looking forward to seeing it again. It’s really stuck with my daughter in particular - she got a lot out of the story and loves the designs, drawing pages and pages of pictures from memory weeks after she saw it.


I need to see ‘Coco’. I suspect people may have bigged it up too much for me now, but I do love a good animated film and the trailers look beautiful.


I suppose there’s not a lot of movies around that you could class as family action movies? Big and bright and fun and inoffensive, not too violent… I don’t know, they may have hit the right moment when a lot of people wanted to go to the movies and take their kids.

I think sometimes, with stuff like this and Jurassic World, you can’t really explain it beyond, once there’s a dynamic and everybody feels like they need to have seen this, it kind of happens.

I saw Black Panther yesterday. Liked it a lot. And I suppose I have to go and read five hundred posts on it first now…



I have not seen the remake and have no desire to do so. It looked like garbage so I avoided it.

Rollerball was part of that era of 1970s sci fi that attempted to deal with social issues we would be facing if we stayed in the direction we were going. Oftentimes, they went for high level concepts that you don’t see today. To me, a lot of sci fi today seems to say “science bad” whereas back then, it was saying “society bad”. I feel some contemporary sci fi is actually horror and doesn’t try to say ANYTHING but the inadvertent message is a knock on science.


I watched The Peanuts Movie today for the first time and really enjoyed it. It’s nice to see a movie aimed at younger kids that works without having to maintain a breakneck pace or be loud and flashy to keep them interested. It’s essentially just a long series of comedy vignettes that work at a kids’ level, without talking down to them or being overly cutesy or childish. My two liked it a lot, especially the more slapstick sections.

I’ve seen a fair bit of criticism that it leans too heavily on the nostalgia factor, but that was nothing to do with it for me (I’ve never been a huge Peanuts fan, and it isn’t a particularly big cultural thing in the UK in general). I also really liked the character designs, which struck a nice balance between a modern 3D style and the flat look of the original drawings.


Pigpen was GOAT.

And yeah, it’s a very sweet movie and using the Red Baron to parallel Charlie Brown’s travails was a great move. The voice actors were all very good for being children.


If I’m honest I can see why it did well. Nowhere near as well as it did, mind you, but it has a sort of ‘Big’ charm about it. Johnson and Hart have proved they’re a good combination before and it doesn’t try to be anything more than it is - just a fun little thing that rides the line of breaking the 4th wall, and while our age group wouldn’t notice, Nick Jonas is a big deal to a lot of the age groups this is primarily aimed at.

It ticks a lot of adventure boxes, has a diversified cast and if you’re a kid who’s never had a stream of awesome, fun and charming 80s live action family movies like The Goonies, Big, Back To The future, Teenwolf… This must be a whole new world.

Our generation was truly spoilt in terms of live-action family films.


I assume the success came down to people liking the central cast and also a void in big movies with many people disappointed by Last Jedi. It is a bit clever but as clever as it could have been.

To me it felt like those cheapie comedies they made in the 1980s, stuff like “The Great Outdoors” where each scene is there to set up basically one joke and they usher you from one such scene to the next.

I saw it in a pretty full theater in the first or second week and there wasn’t even much laughter.


My nephew went to see it and came out with an active distaste and boredom from it.

I thought it was aight.


I can understand the lukewarm responses, but it’s made close a billion. That’s not lukewarm, that’s repeat viewing.

Somewhere out there, beyond this forum, are people who love it!

Which is great but I was hoping someone could explain why? Not in a patronising way, but in a “What is this thing I don’t understand?” way.


I haven’t seen the new Jumanji, but my best guess is that people wanted to some light-hearted family fun. Basically exactly what they didn’t get from Star Wars. Add to that a cast that generally likable and you’ve got a bit hit on your hands. Also helps explain the kind of success that The Greatest Showman had. That one I did see. It wasn’t a great film, but it was entertaining and had a charismatic cast. Just an easy watch that was pretty fun.

But that’s just a guess. There are lots of movies where I can’t really explain why they were so successful.