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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I watched it again a few months ago.

It is very much of the time it was made. It’s a fairly decent movie that doesn’t take itself seriously which helps a great deal.

I appreciate a lot of the design and look of the movie. It does have a nice futuristic/alien quality that helps it to stand apart.


So I saw Bohemian Rhapsody in the cinema for the second time, and I liked it a little more. Crazy to think it’s playing in any cinema now that it’s out on dvd, but this screening did have a decent amount of people.

I got a little more out of the editing and Rami’s performance this time around. They shouldn’t have been winning academy awards though.

Three people left the screening right as it reached the day of Live Aid. I can understand you thinking that the film is shit, but leaving with such little time left, and before the best segment of the film no less, is pretty crazy.


Anyone who walks out when Queen is playing really needs to question their life choices.


We’re still showing it at work. People still show up.

I had one guest angrily storm out of A Star Is Born (at the end credits), being really pissed off about the movie being “the worst shit I’ve seen in my whole life”… we had some really nice conversation about her gripes with the movie. She was a social worker, working every day with addicts, and she just hated the main character so much “I was actually relieved when he killed himself.”

She was delightfully honest about how much she hated the movie, and I have such respect for that. I love it when guests are being honest… So, naturally, I sent her in to another theatre (at our venue) for free. Bohemian Rhapsody. She came out dancing and singing. She’s a regular now.


Spoiler tags, dude!

That’s a cool story though. I never do talk much to the cinema staff, which is strange considering how often I go. I definitely preferred A Star is Born to Bo Rap.



You chose Gaga over Freddie?



They both look terribly boring… I skipped both of them. :smile:


I wish I skipped Bohemian Rhapsody… Wild horses won’t get me near the other one.


That’s how to do it! (I don’t have to watch ASIB, that one song put me off my feed for a week!)


I was going to be productive today, then I started watching Love, Death and Robots.

There went my day. Great animated anthology. Hyper violent.


Really enjoyed A Quiet Place now that I’ve finally had peace to watch it (lolz)

I think Emily blunt should have won an Oscar for that performance, the love she portrayed in her performance for her kids and husband was very moving and felt real, she was amazing


I’m through the first five and they’ve all been great.


I watched the first six. I think I’ll split them into three days worth of viewing in an effort to preserve the experience. The fifth one has been my favourite so far. Do you have any standouts?

It’s not an Oscar but she surprised everyone by winning the Screen Actor’s Guild award for supporting actress with that performance. You’re not alone in thinking she was great, is my point.


Beyond the Aquila Rift, Zima Blue, Sonnie’s Edge, Alternate Histories, and Good Hunting.

Zima Blue was amazing, in particular. And The Witness, as well. The Witness was fucking bonkers.


The animation in The Witness was certainly striking.
Is every short based on a short story? I notice it in the credits and feel that it demands further inspection on my part.


Wait, some of these are based on Alastair Reynolds stories? Hot damn


You should mainline this series into your retinas as soon as you possibly can.


I watched the whole thing. Had a great time. One or two of the stories were kinda just okay, but the rest were varying degreesof great.


Saw MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS and it was a pretty good film. It is a movie where all the main characters are the cause of all their own problems. I doubt that the events actually played out this way but it all has a sense of emotional believability. There is no case where you’re exactly sure what the characters want or if they really want what they are trying desperately to achieve.


That’s reassuring, thanks !