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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Episode two was good, if not quite as perfect as episode one. I like where it’s all going though.

Some fun stuff with the fourth-wall-breaking this episode too, particularly during the therapy scene.


This Time With Alan Partridge, episode three was enjoyable, and the series really feels like it’s getting into a rhythm now. Which is a good thing and a bad thing - some of the jokes are a bit repetitive but it also allows them to layer new gags on the old, like the twist on the reporter talking about self-driving cars this week.



I forgot to mention how much I loved the new opening sequence with Alan too. I’ve always hated the smugness of the Andrew Marr show intro, so it was great to see them taking the piss out of that kind of thing.


Im free from work, so naturally Im going down there to watch free cinema later. As always.

Today: The Favourite.

This weekend I watched They shall not grow old. A very impressive restoration work and a very immersive experience. Best WWI-era doc Ive seen. For sure. Recommend!


Anyone’s watched the MJ documentary? From what I’ve heard, it’s an excersise in misery and masochism, so I think I’m gonna pass… u_u


And that was just Earth Song.


I couldn’t be arsed

No-one knows what happened

The guy is deid and they’ll never know what happened

It’s just another thing for folk to argue about


I’m catching up on This Time (the Partridge thing). Second episode. Truly incredibly funny stuff. Love the bit with the Partridge-esque history presenter, where Alan keeps mentioning that he’s the son of the head of factual programming.


Just finished watching The Passage’s finale and…wow…I am taken aback.
I have had this series as my guilty pleasure since it began. I know there are a few that do have a real, rooted, appreciation for this show…but I feel like my enjoyment is just as real.

It’s like the slowest burn and higher-end budget that a B-Movie story has ever gotten. The plot is ridiculous and the characters and story can be so silly, but the actual direction of the show and the actors really give it a good grounding. Like, there’s a genuine earnestness and it works to create a very entertaining blend. This two part finale was…insanity. I had so much fun watching it, it was like a fever dream of developments at times. The last two minutes were just great.

Hope season 2 is a thing.


This bodes well…I’m not as far in as you yet but I love the show, so glad to see they are not going to drop the ball on it


It reminds me a lot of Wayward Pines season 1.
Just incredibly goofily written stuff, played dramatically straight. There’s a definite charm to all of that.

Hope a second season wouldn’t drop the ball as hard as Pines’ second season did.


Pines’ big problem was that it wasn’t intended to have a second season and only after it’s surprise success did they decide to do one.


Yay - Brooklyn Nine Nine S5 just hit Netflix so we’ve just finished S4.


The Favourite was an odd movie.

The acting was Phenomenal. Absolutely outstanding. The camera work, the direction and the obtuse use of wide lenses really worked for me to become as struck by… something. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the experience was immersive. The framing of the shots made me feel like I was actually in the room sometimes.

The ending was… special. I was reminded of something we used to say around here about the stories of Warren Ellis. There was no ending. It just ended. And I liked that.

I was reminded also of The Hippopotamus, the movie adapted from Stephen Frys book of the same name. Maybe it was the upperclass scenery…



As a non-fan who saw the animated film back in the 90s and didn’t really get it, I really quite enjoyed the live action movie. I can understand someone who’s a fan of the source material or a huge consumer of cyber-punk work would have reason to dismiss it - I’m neither so appreciated the look and style of the film, and really was left wanting more by the time it finished.

I’m not sure if it’s a massive departure from the source material, but based on the plot of this film, casting Scarlett Johansen for the part makes perfect sense.


Well that’s a huge part of the problem with the movie. It’s a generic cyberpunk action film with character names and some asthethic choices taken from a stone cold classic of the genre. Like if the Neuromancer movie ever comes out, and it’s about a team a shit hot mercenaries called Case, Molly and Armitage as they fight their way through the Villa Straylight. You might enjoy it, but it’s not in any way an adaptation of Neuromancer.

If it were a generic cyberpunk action film I don’t think it would have changed my statement about walking out if I went to see it in the cinema. But I tend not to go see what I expect to be generic action films in the cinema to begin with. (though if this wasn’t tied to a recognisable brand name, it would have been straight to video)


Thanks for the tip, we also just finished S4!


Tonight I’m heading into Kursk, a movie about the sunken submarine in the north sea.

Maybe its because and since I was in the navy, but I reaaaally like submarine themed movies; Das boot, red october, K19, U-571 and the last one I saw; Hunter Killer. HK was very propagandaesque, “AMERICA FUCK YEAH”-like. I dont expect that from Kursk…

Anyone seen it?


I’ve been doing a course about women in science fiction movies and they screened Barbarella as part of it. I’d never seen it before so it certainly was an experience. Watching a movie like that really makes you appreciate the technical leaps forward that have occurred since. I’m still trying to process the “plot” etc.
What does everybody else think of this one?