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What are you watching? 2019 edition


No desire to see this. I will still enjoy his music once in a while, but I have felt for a while that he was guilty of all of this and have been uncomfortable about the way he’s treated as if this never happened. Part of it was because of how big he was (I don’t think anyone born in the 90s and on could understand how big he was in the 1980s—there is no comp) and I was always thought the fact that it was young boys made it hard for people to fully wrap their minds around. I never felt that way myself. This deserves to be part of his legacy.


I think they need to rename “Neverland Ranch” “Maybe Once or Twice Ranch.”


Yeah, I’ve been baffled for years at how people have overlooked it. Lots of incriminating details came out years (decades?) ago, and it feels like there’s been some sort of silent agreement to not acknowledge it in recent years.


I think him being found not guilty at trial was the excuse a lot of people needed to ignore the more troubling details. The thing for me has been even if he didn’t molest them his relationship with those boys was still deeply inappropriate.


Even if you don’t watch the show, you should see this. Also, it’s in the first episode. So it doesn’t really spoil anything. I especially love the pan back to the different rooms. I saw a play that did this and it was pretty great.


We finished watching the first season of handmaids tale

Barring one episode it was really good, the season finale was extremely intense - borderline unbearable tension on at least 2 occasions

Really skilfully done from all involved

My wife wasn’t up for watching this, it took a lot of persistent persuasion from me to get her to watch it - she’s now completely engrossed by it

Temptation to watch the first episode of season 2 is extremely high

This approaching being up there with some of the greatest tv shows I’ve watched


I thought the first season was excellent, one of the best series in a long time.

I didn’t feel the same about season two sadly, but you’ll have to let us know how you get on with it.


I thought the evidence as presented in the trial wasn’t convicing. But if it’s true as that article said (spoilers for grossness) one boy could accurately describe certain particular feautures of his penis , that is pretty convincing evidence. I hadn’t heard that before.


There’s a way in which you can let certain things go to court that you know you’ll win on in order to protect and enforce the lie built around paying off parents and children with more damning evidence and saying it’s because you don’t want the hassle of a drawn-out court case.

Two of the fathers have since commited suicide. I think that is by far the most damning evidence of all. Maybe if it was just one I’d chalk it up to mental illness. Two though, that is something that is hard to conceive is simple coincidence. These parents have lived for years knowing they were getting paid off to look the other way. Imagine the guilt of that as it grew and grew, watching your child struggle to grow up with no real closure or being able to confront the truths of the trauma that they’d had forced upon them.

The whole thing is sickening.


One of the fathers who committed suicide also later admitted he had been sexually molested as a child.


Real Kashmir FC

I can’t recommend this highly enough.
Even if you don’t like football, even if you like football but have no interest in Scottish football or have no idea who Davie Robertson is.

Davie Robertson was a cracking right back, hard as nails, who played for Aberdeen then for Walter Smith’s very successful Rangers team.

He’s struggled to get into football management but is so driven to do so that he’s ended up taking a job as manager of Real Kashmir, and this shows his plight of trying to manage the team, far away from home, in the middle of war torn Kashmir.

Despite the serious nature, it’s very funny. Robertson is a typical street wise Scot, with a foul mouth and dry sense of humour.

Very entertaining and a different view on what is happening in Kashmir through the eyes of this visitor.


Just finished the second season of The Dragon Prince on Netflix.
It’s finally come out from the shadow of Avatar the Last Airbender and become it’s own amazing thing.
The character work is amazing, with less than 20 episodes is impressive and the emotional build up to the story it top notch. Just go and watch it because I’m scared it won’t get another season :open_mouth:


There’s a contestant on Masterchef tonight who keeps mentioning that her dessert has a ‘biscuit base’, and I swear she’s only doing it to get a reaction from Gregg Wallace and John Torode.


How buttery was it?


Sadly she didn’t go that far. I was really hoping she would.


That’s a shame. I was hoping for maximum butt.


Double dose of Gordon Ramsey tonight, &24 Hours to Hell and Back* finale comedy.

Politics in a kitchen is dangerous!


For a lot of people the fact that he’s dead makes it easier to brush aside. He’s not around to confirm or deny the allegations, and he’s also not around to continue to profit from his music being played.


But his music does continue to be played. Which would be unpalatable for the work of others in a similar situation - you won’t find anyone broadcasting old shows featuring Jimmy Savile, for example.


The MJ camp have every reason to suppress any idea that he was a monsterous dude. He earned $400 million last year.

Personally I think he wasn’t a monster, just a very strange man.