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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Don’t be an enabler, Arjan, liking Prometheus devastates lives and families.


Merely “liking” Prometheus, not having strong feelings, and not wanting to talk about it might be the most controversial Prometheus opinion of all!



My son has watched Teen Titans Go! To The Movies so many times that today, for a change, he’s decided to watch the Italian dubbed version on the DVD.

We know the movie so well by now that we’re actually learning quite a bit of Italian.


How do you say Stan Lee in Italian?


With your hands



It’s Milo Manara in the Italian version. Which is also 18 rated.


Yeah, Aliens is really good. Great sci-fi action flick and maybe more fun than Alien…but Alien is a masterpiece.


Thanos. Eats pizza… With pineapple.


Couple of very different movies:


Worthy? Yes, but it’s a complete mess of a film and a real slog to get through. It deploys its narrative in the most fractured and fragmented way possible.

The Imitation Game

One of the things I remembered when watching this was the radar drama, Castles in the Sky, for like there something quite brilliant was nearly wrecked by a narrow minded moron in command.

The film is quite brilliant. It doesn’t flinch away from its subject matters, flitting back and forth across time and space, covering both Enigma and Turing’s homosexuality.

The final sequences of the film are particularly devastating - so doing an excellent job of showing what was lost by criminalising homosexuality. Turing was 41, what might he have done in the rest of his life? No one knows because he didn’t get to live it.


Between his chemical castration and his death, Turing trained as a biologist - because he just couldn’t work with computers any more - and discovered the principles of morphogenesis. We literally lost one of the finest minds of his generation to bigotry.


Watched Overlord last night. It’s an odd movie. It’s basically just a war movie in which zombies show up for a couple of minutes but are mostly irrelevant to the rest of the story. If you stripped them out the film doesn’t change significantly and really very little is done with them as a concept. That said the film works as a war story and Wyatt Russell does a pretty good job breaking out of the dopey type of character he typically plays.

I also went to see Battle Angel Alita, which is enjoyably terrible. In many ways it feels like a live action version of a 90s anime with poor translations and nonsensical plot. It’s just an utter mess of a movie that tries to cram in way too much yet seems to have little point or direction.


Aliens and Alien are equal. Different but equal. They do different things but I think both belong in the list of greatest movies of all time.

I’ve been rewatching Black Sails since recommending it to Chris. Binged season 2 and it works much better when binged because a whole season might take place over a single week. The story never lets up and there’s no fat at all which is very rare these days.

Captain Flint is an extraordinary creation. There’s no character quite like him, and when you finally realise his full back story it’s a TV moment you’ll never forget. I get chills every time I think about it.

It’s really an incredible show. The effects and selling that life at sea are perfectly realized. There’s some great shots. Each of the crew are unique and interesting. The politics of everything, even the way they speak - it’s just so rich an experience that sometimes watching it you can’t believe they pulled it off.

Just a fantastic show.


Watch them all Ross, they are all good to great


Thanks Chris. AvP it is!


Umbrella Academy: Season 1 - I was a big fan of this comic. So I was really excited to see how the TV show would play out. There were some changes but nothing too drastic. They played some things a little closer to the vest while going more into explanation of other things than I remember the comic doing. I really liked all of the characters except for Vanya. Page just seemed a little stiff in the role. I kind of wish that would have given them their superhero names (other than just Spaceboy). I really liked Hazel and Cha Cha too. The best thing about the show was the use of music with I Think We’re Alone Now from the first episode being the highlight. I kind of like how everything resolved but ended on a cliffhanger. I’ll look forward to more of this.

Bohemian Rhapsody - I don’t know a lot about Freddie Mercury’s story. So the inaccuracies probably don’t bother me as much as others. What I didn’t care for was how boring the film was when it wasn’t highlighting either the creation of one of their hit songs or recreating one of their live performances. However, those moments more than made up for the slog in between and each of the characters seemed to perfectly inhabit (in looks and demeanor) their real life counterparts. I mean it’s one thing to nail Freddie and Brian May but quite another to find someone who looks like Bob Geldolf too. I also loved Mike Myers cameo and how it almost ran as a counter-commentary for someone who was responsible for introducing the song Bohemian Rhapsody to a generation. All in all it was a decent biopic (if you focus on the music) with a nice, feel-good ending.


I’m adding you to the christmas card list only to strike you off of it!

What parts you mean, the partying and whatnot? I can kinda see it, but… Strike!


Maybe they needed more talking animals or spaceships to keep Ronnie’s attention.


Syriana and Babel were released about 12 months apart, but I always think of them as a matching set, in that they both follow multiple international storylines with socio-political overtones, that interweave as the movie unfolds. I’m a sucker for that kind of film, when it is done well, as both of these were.


The weird part is I managed to end up with three DVD copies of Syriana (two from a friend whose video I inherited :anguished:) but they’re in storage. I think I tried to watch a couple of times but didn’t hold attention. Or maybe I did watch it and forgot. In any case, I own too much of it.