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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Stan is Romanian.


Romanian?! Then he should be on the short list to play Dracula in Universal’s extremely popular Dark Universe, right?


I felt the story for Red Sparrow was badly written and poorly paced. The movie had zero tension in it which caused the whole thing to grind. What “tension” there was in it was predictable.

The acting was pretty bad, too. JLaw was incredibly one-note through the entire movie. She had no emotional range at all. I don’t know if it was her acting or the direction she was given but her character landed with a wet thud. Whoever is advising her on her movie choices needs to be replaced fast. The other actors seemed to be going through the motions.

Ultimately, this is just going to be another Hollywood bomb that will be forgotten a minute after it leaves the theaters.


Honestly, it made me want to read the novels. The basic conundrum of the story for me was… where did the protagonist develop the deep moral core to pull off the conclusion?

Like you point out, the performance is one note, so the denouement seems to be more a deus ex machine than a catharsis, but up to that point, I felt like there were plenty of opportunities for the character to exhibit conscious evolution.

It’s an incredible paradox. This sort of thing is natural to drama but scary to the people producing it.


You can cast anyone as Dracula, he was culturally appropriated a long time ago. :wink:

Then the Romanians make the money off the tourist trade.


It’s her mother. That’s not even a joke, her mom reads all the scripts sent to her.


It was very Apollo 13 in places. I loved that movie.

I think The Martian works well as an adaptation because it’s a very straightforward story structure that you can make as simple or as complicated as you want (a bit like, say, The Terminator) - it’s always entirely clear what the characters are doing and what their goals are, the stakes are always life and death, and the fun comes from all the ups and downs along the way, which you can simplify as much as you need to to fit the film.

So even though there’s stuff from the book that I wish was in the movie (particularly when it comes to his final trek across the planet, which is pretty incident-free in the movie but one of the most dramatic parts of the book) it doesn’t really harm the film to lose that.


This was my only complaint about the movie as well, I understand why they didn’t use the dust storm or the rover flipping, but it meant there was a long stretch where nothing bad happened and it became a little bit safe.

But I cheered when they kept the Iron Man line in the movie.


It’s one of my dad’s favourite movies. He’s watched it more than once, by choice (using Sky’s on demand service, not just because it turned up on the TV). He doesn’t really do that for other films.


Some recent SF watches:

Mute was… well, it certainly was a movie I watched. The core concepts were decent, and it looked great, had good performances from the cast, good dialogue, but it’s way too long for the story being told. The revelation of the mystery happens 40 minutes from the end, and then there’s 20 minutes after the dramatic confrontation that comes out of it, with 20 minutes of faffing around as a result of the overpacked storyline. It should have been 20 minutes shorter without the conflict between Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux’ characters, or a six-episode TV series that expanded those plots further. I know that Duncan Jones had been working on this movie for years, but this wound up being a good example of how some distance or pulling in additional contributors can be useful for a pet project

Kill Command by comparison is an unassuming Aliens/Predator/Terminator clone, in which a team of soldiers and an engineer with augmented reality and internet implants are sent on a training mission against robots designed to replace humans on the battlefield, but it all goes horribly wrong, of course, and the characters wind up being hunted by an AI that’s learning from fighting humans. It’s very by the numbers, but it looks good, the mechs are great (they remind me a lot of the Wild Sentinels from the first Morrison/Quitely arc on New X Men, or the patchwork mecha from Adam Warren’s Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal miniseries), and it putters along nicely till the conclusion.


That’s exactly how I felt.
Perhaps the biggest turn off of the movie for me was that it kept showing/over-explaining a pretty simple plot. Did we need to follow the minutiae of the male prostitute? No. It could have been glossed over without any loss of coherency, yet the main character spends almost the entire first act digging into it.


‘The Ritual’ (the horror movie on Netflix) is style over substance.

I’m getting a bit more fed up with films like this, a perfectly good idea (not new, just good) let down by “dream logic” and “because the plot needs it” writing.

Some good bits, looks nice, but polish isn’t quality, it’s surface.


Finally got around to Thor Ragnarok. It was funny and looked good. I don’t really have anything else to contribute to the discussion beyond that.


Is this the one with the English guys in the woods?


Yes. Rafe Spall and others.


Yeah, I saw some really mixed reviews or comments on that movie.

Some websites seemed to be really pushing it while other reviews suggested it wasn’t very good.

I felt the tone of the trailer was really patchy, I couldnt work out whether it was meant to me funny or not.

Im sure I noticed it on Prime or Netflix and thought I’ll give this a try while it’s still fairly recent - I’ll probably check it out at some point but you’ve pushed it further down my list of priorities.


It’s well made, but didn’t gel for me. I could be more specific but it would involve spoilers, so I won’t.

I believe those that love it really do, they just have different criteria, that’s all.


It’s definitely a rainy/cold day watch.
Not bad I thought. But more carried by the performances and aesthetic than by an interesting story.


I watched Lady Bird and I liked it well enough. But i can’t help being a little confused about all the hype. The performances are all good, but it’s a pretty standard coming of age story.


I caught a few things on the plane over to San Diego yesterday.
Thor Ragnarok - still awesome the second time around. This is my favourite MCU movie I think.
Justice League - I still like this second time around. It’s not stellar but it’s solid superhero popcorn fair. Ok some aspects of the story don’t make sense, it’s obviously a wierd bastardisation of Snyder’s original vision, and the flash looks daft when running, but it’s so great seeing these characters on screen.

IT - after some of the views here I wasn’t expecting much from this, but I thought it was pretty good. At least as good as I remember the old TV mini being. I can see why this did well.

Hitman Bodyguard - this was a lot of fun.