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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Finished Russian Doll last night - interesting concept, well done for the most part except for the main performance which was just horrible acting.


That’s interesting - I really liked the main character and the way she was played but it’s definitely quite a ‘big’ performance, and I can see it being grating if you don’t like it.


Yesterday, I watched Alita: Battle Angel for the third time in the cinema…

I have to say: This movie does EVERYTHING for me. It’s now in my top10 movies of all time. It may drop out of there over time, but I am loving everything about it. It keeps getting better. Just wow.


Yeah I agree with Andrew.
I didn’t really get past the second episode, so I’m glad I could agree with Andrew on it.


What’s so great about it?

I really loved Ready Player One, more than most people, so I wonder if this is like that.


I also loved Ready Player One more than most people around me.

I don’t know what’s so great about it, or in other words: Everything! The effects stand out, the action is wild (in the best possible way), the main character is relatable (as relatable as a futuristic martian death cyborg can be) and I really care for her, the script is good, the lack of hollywoodification is notable…

The world is interesting, and no, I’m no way near the camp of people who thinks that the way the world is presented to us is flawed. I’m in the camp where we don’t need a detailed explanation of the Status Quo of the world to be able to immerse ourselves in the movie.

It’s just great. When it’s silly (Motorball), it’s silly in the coolest, most violent way possible. I respect that.


I LOVED The Orville this week. Great tension and great use of the cast. At the end with Ed, I think we finally saw the Captain that was hinted at before he caught Kelly cheating.

When I watch that interview with Mark Jackson that I posted upthread where he hinted at learning more about Issac, I truly had no idea they would go in the direction they did. It’s good to be surprised.

And that space battle! Oh my fucking God! I genuinely think that was better than anything Star Trek has done on TV or in the movies.

“Wash your mouth out with Gordon!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Episode 7 of handmaid’s tale was terrible

It felt like an episode of another, badly written, far more boring show

Really didn’t work at all for me, spent the whole episode fighting to keep watching it

The previous 6 episodes were all great, nothing less than really solid 8/10

I hope this was a one off, it gets get on track and stays on track

It doesn’t help that the chemistry between June and Luke is totally non existent. She has more chemistry with Fred, the rapist, than she does with that wet drip.


The Orville is the story of the little starship that could. At it’s core it’s a Hollywood movie about a bunch of misfits who end up completely at the centre of everything by the fact they have been fobbed off with all the all the personnel and missions no one else wants. Some of the characters have had brilliant arcs, some not so much but I have faith now that they will.

And yes, the battle was fantastic. I loved the music as well, it felt almost Star Warsy. I’m going to watch it again this week and I don’t think I’ve done that with an episide of TV show since Battle Of The Bastards.


I just rewatched the episode myself. The music for the battle was perfect. That whole sequence had a very cinematic feel to it. That battle definitely surpassed anything Star Trek has done.


I still think it’s worth watching and I enjoyed the ideas and design and other characters; even her character - it’s just not the kind of acting that was needed.

It was theatre acting, by a man, done by a woman. In fact it seems more like a gender-swapped male role.


I just wasn’t into it inherently in any case.
The first episode was just so dry and so slow for me. I just could not get into it, and a few minutes into the second episode I realized that I should probably step back.


Wife and I got halfway through seasons 2 of both the Punisher and Ozark, before we decided to quit. Both shows had really compelling leads, and Ozark had some interesting side characters, but both shows get bogged down by spending too much time with side characters hat no one gives a shit about. Also, the Fed bad guy in Ozark is seriously one of the worst actors I have ever seen. He’s almost embarrassingly bad, and they devote an incredible amount of screen time to him. The pacing of both shows is disjointed and inert.

I’ll probably finish Punisher on my own, but Ozark is pretty much done for, for me.

On to a GoT rewatch for the next month.


I saw Alien in the cinema last night, thanks to the 40th anniversary re-release that it’s gotten. Obviously I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know when I say that it’s a great movie, but it really holds up. The design work is still fantastic, the practical effects are really effective, the story is so singular and the execution is as good as you could have gotten.

Now my go to Alien film would have been Aliens, but after seeing this on the big screen it’s suddenly become a much closer race. I can actually see the threads that link this film to Ridley’s prequels a lot more clearly, which is impressive. A lot more was carried over than I’d ever noticed, is what I’m saying.

One thing that I’ve never given its proper due in this film is Sigourney Weaver and her performance. It’s great, and she really gives you a lot to grab onto. I feel like I was taking her for granted because I always thought that Aliens is where she became a badass, but she’s awesome here from the start.

I’m not sure if I’m so struck by a lot of this stuff because it’s been a few years since I’ve last watched Alien, or because the cinema experience is better at building and maintaining atmosphere? Either way, I obviously recommend watching it in a cinema if you can, and my biggest question is whether I continue watching the movies by going to Aliens, 3 and 4? Or do I go straight for Prometheus and Covenant? Ripley or Ridley? That’s my choice.


the first time I saw Alien was an open-air screening, it was incredibly atmospheric.


I think Alien is much better than Aliens. Aliens is a very good sci-fi movie from the 80s, but Alien is one of the best movies ever made.

As a kid I much preferred Aliens. I had them both on one VHS and sometimes would watch Aliens three times in one day. It hasn’t held up into adulthood as well as I’d hoped though.


Yeah, I agree. Alien is superb.


I’d say go to Aliens 3 and then 4 and then buy a ticket for Prometheus and ritualistically burn it.


Ha! Sorry, but I like Prometheus and I love Covenant. I don’t want the conversation to turn into that though.


It’s a joke :wink: It’s cool if you like them.