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What are you watching? 2019 edition


No problem at all. Imagine if he’d had Lois snap someone’s neck in Batman v. Superman. :wink:


Nope. Just broken necks and asphyxiation. :wink:



If Bruce was referring to her arms as ‘Big Guns’ that could have worked :wink:


One awesome thing about Superman the Movie that I forgot is after he gets the girl’s cat out the tree, she runs inside and we hear her tell her mom what happened and her mom says “stop telling lies,” and then we hear a slap.


In Snyder’s version you’d hear a snap.


And in Singer’s version you’d have Superman spying on the family from the sky, watching her get slapped.


Any post with that gif is almost an automatic like. :wink:


This is going to pop into my head and make me laugh regularly over the next few days.


The little girl snaps the mom’s neck.


Imagine if more modern day superhero films committed to the silliness instead of making everything a joke.


I remember when this was among the most used meme on this site or its previous incarnation


Please no more plastic S to smother villains or that kind of idea. I even knew that was dumb as a little kid.




Castle Rock episode 7 is a blinding and devastating piece of television.

I wish this show was somewhere that it can possibly find some sort of audience.


I adore the ‘78 Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I love the trippy space opening scene, the little gelatinous flowers blooming during the rain storm (simple but effective), the goofy disco wardrobe, the aforementioned pop psychology, and the ending is perfectly bleak and nihilistic. It’s a wonderful little time capsule for an age I barely remember.


The Orville is excellent.


Last night’s Orville was outstanding. It took STTNG five seasons to get that far.


Watched Tomb Raider, 2018 film. Can’t say I didn’t watched it just to kill time, which I did. Angelina’s films remain, flawed they are, are superior than this. And I know if it’s possible to make memorable TR flick. Whole idea sounds attractive, a mixture of Indiana Jones and John Woo’s action films. Anyway, I thankfully didn’t expect much from this film. One look at the poster image. It’s obvious filmmakers were inspired by the recent, more grounded and gritty games, on which I still prefer previous games for fantasy elements. Also, I consider Vikander unsexy for the role. The only thing worth is that Lara has to undergo to many obstacles, suffering in the process and always recovering. But I always had fetishism for my heroes having to endure grueling, if not sadistic physical ordeal.


Captain America: The First Avenger. First time rewatching since the cinema, and the first half of the movie is much better than I remember. Love all the stuff with Tucci, Armitage, Atwell, Tommy Lee Jones, etc, and Evans is great.

It mostly falls apart halfway through though. Bucky’s death doesn’t work at all, and all the action scenes feel bland and repetitive. There’s a lot of fun moments, and it’s not awful, but after the great first half it’s disappointing.