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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I finished ‘Umbrella Academy’. It’s worth watching, with a lot of good bits, but I felt like a lot of what seemed to be set up earlier on, didn’t actually get a resolution later.

The show doesn’t have a real resolution, like ‘Lost In Space’ last year. I know they want to create a desire to see the next season, but it’s still annoying not to finish season one “properly”.

So I enjoyed it, but it never really rose as high as it could, for me.


So whilst looking up all the Alan Partridge stuff I found this from Steve Coogan’s live DVD which I’ve never seen. It’s a really great introduction to the character and I’d hasten everyone who has never heard of the character (and everyone in general if you want your day brightened with a chuckle) to have a watch of this and then check out the new series on the BBC.


I’ve taken a week’s free trial subscription to starz channel via Netflix, to watch castle rock.

I’m on episode 7 and hoping to get it hammered before the week’s free trial is up, as there’s literally nothing else on Starz that I’m much interested in watching, so not keen on paying the £4.99 charge for another month’s access to the channel if I can avoid it.

I’ve rwally enjoyed Castle Rock so far. Not really what I was expecting.
It is quite slow but not necessarily in a bad way, it doesn’t feel padded out as much as deliberately paced and I think that is required in order to get your head around what is happening.

Episode 6 was a great and it’s starting to feel like it is genuinely capturing the early magic of Lost, which to me has never been done with much success, including Lost’s latter seasons.

I’m very much interested in the mystery, despite hoping for a full blown horror series.


Counterpoint is on Starz. It is a spy series about alternate dimensions and stars J.D. Simmons as the main characters.


Ah…I’ve read some of you talk about that show…i like him…is it worth going out one’s way to watch it …


Did you watch Ash Vs Evil Dead? It was on Starz in the US and was a lot of fun


Black sails is on Starz.


I’ve got the first season on dvd it’s no way on Netflix (first season only).
I’m a big Evil Dead fan but the problem it’s not been fully aired over here so I’m waiting until I can get all 3 seasons somewhere before I go back to it


just checked black sails season 1-4 is on amazon prime which I have. It’s on my list. I’m going to try persuade my wife to watch it

Ash vs evil dead not on starz, which is just stupid really

Once I’ve finished castle rock I think I’m going back to The expanse, which is now all up on Prime. I loved th first season but forgot what had happened by the time it came to season 2


Good plan.
Without Season 3, the first two can be tough to get through.


it is a fascinating use of character actors JD Simmons and Olivia Williams and an intriguing look at how two identical dimensions can change from each other.


Just as a quick correction, it’s JK Simmons :wink:

But yes, Counterpoint is cool.



JD Simmons is the Earth-617 version.


JD Simmons is the drunk version.


I first read it as JD Salinger which really confused me.


Counterpart is nice and all, but it did get cancelled, so I’m not sure if it’s all that worth watching tbh. I for one was not satisfied with that ending… u_u

I don’t remember which channel it’s on, but I can also fully recommend Billions.


Finished Umbrella Academy last night. I really liked it.


I prefer DJ Simmons, a wizard on the decks.


I prefer Al Simmons - an assassin with a hex.