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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I laughed out loud at that and my wife said “what are you laughing at?”. I like the way Partridge can mix really broad comedy with some very subtle moments.


I finally saw Paddington 2 this weekend, by the way, and it’s as good as everybody says. Very funny and truly moving. It’s just so great to see something so positiv about the world for once. And the direction was amazing - every scene looked special in some way.


It’s fun, there’s a lot to love, but bits drag.

I enjoyed it enough to binge the first half of the series and I’m ok with skimming some sections and picking up when they’re over.

I’ll have finished it by the end of the week. Maybe even tonight.

It’s high quality stuff, but I would definitely have preferred it an episode or two shorter.


I watched it with the person I’m seeing and about three minutes in she asked “What the hell have you got me watching?”

I asked her had she not seen Alan Partridge before but I’m assuming that she’s only seen the talk show on the Netflix and was a little taken aback by it coming in and out between story and the actual show, so I think it might be difficult for people to warm to the format of it. All the subtler Partridge based stuff like that may pass a lot of people by because of it, but I think there’s enough surface jokes to enjoy. A lot more than any British TV comedy I’ve watched in a while, there was some sort of joke or visual gag every 20-30 seconds, they came thick and fast.


Yeah, and there was a decent hit rate - not much fell flat for me.

I think the show’s format is brilliant as it allows them to do TDT/KMKYWAP-style on-screen stuff, then to mix that with IAP-style real-life aspects, and also include short films that are more like the faux-documentary stuff produced for Sky. They get to have a little bit of everything.


Yeah it works really well and encompasses everything they’ve done before. I might actually get everything and re-watch right from the begining after this is over. I’ve only watched the Sky stuff once but it will seem even better now, in context. The movie too. I hope he makes references to all that throughout.

Incidentally, I like the background stories begining to evolve about each of the actual presenters of the show. Both have equal opportunity for Alan to put his foot in it a fair bit.


I looked ahead to the description of next episode and it hints at how things may develop on that front.

Which has huge comedy potential.

(Edited to stop the auto-embed with mild spoilers)


Even the description there made me laugh a little thinking of how he’s going to botch everything in his inimitable Partridge way.


It’ll be Tony Hayers’ funeral all over again.


Seeing Knuckles dive in to save Paddington got to me more than I would have ever believed.


Man, All4 is terrible for adverts. Wanted Robot Chicken on for background noise. Had two long adverts before the episode started and then one shoved in the middle. Of a ten minute programme. Not even broadcast TV would put an ad in that. I thought streaming was suppose to be more convenient?


It couldnt nearly be as bad as ITV. A primetime show has seemingly double the ad time of regular TV and if you flick much at all the ad blocks repeat in full before you can view further.


maybe not, but my cable company made me look at 2-3 ads before watching a 5 minute trailer.


It’s been that way for a long, long time. Back in my youth I taped Aliens off the TV when it was on UTV. A few years later I recorded over it with a version broadcast on RTÉ - their version didn’t dub out the "fuck"s, and as it happened included a couple of scenes that UTV decided to edit out to fit more ads in. Even with the extended run time, RTÉ’s version worked out 20 minutes shorter because of having fewer ads


All4’s app is fucked in general. Usually when I get to an ad break it’s 50:50 as to whether it bumps me back out to the very beginning of the whole programme, or just crashes altogether. If I get to part two of something it feels like winning the lottery.

Also, the other day it managed to display one part of a show in a completely different aspect ratio to the rest of it.

I swear there are people working in the All4 offices whose job it is to come up with more and more inventive ways for the app to fail.

(I wouldn’t mind, but my daughter has just recently got hooked on The Crystal Maze.)


I think I’ve been put off all4 for life, it’s by far the worst streaming service in terms of bugs and content navigation. It’s put me off Channel 4 as a whole, if I’m honest.


It made watching The Handmaid’s Tale a more gruelling experience than anything in the show itself.


I watched the Season 3 finale of True Detective.

It did not stick the landing for me. Even though it had only 8 episodes, it felt long. For the story that was told, it could have been done in 5-6 episodes. The resolution to the central mystery was disappointing. While everyone’s performances were good, none felt outstanding. Though different, the story felt too similar to Season 1. While Season 2 had its problems, at least it tried to do something different. I think Nic Pizzolatto may peaked with Season 1.

I give Season 3 a C.


I have a feeling Season 3 will improve with a second viewing. The way it was presented with three ongoing timelines created many confusing mysteries and meandering threads. Now that I know all the secrets and have a better understanding of who the various characters are, and their relationship to each other and to the main crime, I think watching it again will actually make the episodes flow better and make more sense.

Or not.


I would rather watch Season 1 again than the other two.