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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s a crowd pleaser, I think if you understand it’s basically fiction then it’s fine. My major problem is just that these music biopics are all so similar.

Walk Hard sent the whole genre up so perfectly that it’s funny people still use some of these tropes. “Dewey Cox needs to think about his entire life before he goes on stage.” “I’m in my dark period!”


Really glad you are enjoying it, the leads are great.

I agree with your assessment on the name. I know it’s based on novel of the same name but it really doesn’t help market it at all.


I didn’t know much about Queen going in and didn’t think it was bad, just kind of dull and cheesy. The music was the best part of it.


The title refers to something the series won’t get to for seasons because it’s going in a different order than the books it’s based on.


That makes it even less worthwhile as a title when you’re trying to gain an audience. If people here hadn’t give it such great reports I don’t think I’d have watched it, on the surface it looks like something that’ll be cancelled by the middle of the second season.


I haven’t seen Bohemian Rhapsody, but it seems like the divides over it are broadly about the general issues seen with biopics - distorting facts to build a narrative that fits traditional movie structures, rather than reality. I’m at the point where I’d much rather watch a good documentary about a subject than a biopic. The Senna documentary was miles better at telling his story than Rush was at telling James Hunt’s for instance.


And the fact that Paul wasn’t kicked to death.


The “Heart of Ice” episode of Batman: The Animated Series on Dailymotion.


I just remembered. There’s a good one with Amy poehler and Nick Offerman. Making it!

Has the exact same positive vibes with talented people. It’s still season one, so it still needs some refinement, but we enjoyed it a lot.


One thing I really didn’t like about these things is how much the film felt like the survivors writing their version of Freddie’s life. Everything about the other band members’ lives is so healthy and good and Freddie’s life is so terrible and lonely and just full of that terrible empty sex, and it’s all that conniving bastard’s whatshisname’s fault. But hey, luckily Freddie sees the light and he comes back into the fold of the only people who truly value him, at least until he finds a proper nice boyfriend.

Considering that apparently, it wasn’t Freddie breaking up the band, but really just everybody needing a break and doing solo projects, the way all of that was told felt both manipulative and borderline homophobic.

That being said, I don’t want to give the wrong impression here: Overall, I enjoyed the movie and I think it’s a good introduction to Queen especially for the younger generation. I’ll happily show it to my kind sometime soon, I think.


Yes, and that is also what got it some backlash in the gay community, the implication that the cruising lifestyle is inherently a dark path that one must be steered from. It’s not a trope uncommon with these biopics, but it usually pertains to hard drugs (like with Ray and Walk the Line)—it does leave a bad taste when the homosexual lifestyle is treated the same, even in the AIDS era. It also says the options for gay men are either A) settle down for a monogamous relationship with a milquetoast man in a townhouse or B) outright hedonism and a path of destruction.

It didn’t impact my enjoyment of the film, but seeing through that lens, which some of my friends did, I understand their concern.


I think people are seeing what they want to see in this. Every musician biopic has a descent into darkness, usually marked by by drugs and sex. It’d be the same movie if Freddy was into Playboy bunnies. To me it just treated being gay to the same standard as being straight, and rather than being commended at doing that it’s condemned.

It was also telling the story of Freddy. Hedonistic life, gets AIDS, then he settles down with a single partner for the rest of his days. Should they have fictionalized his life for the sake of not suggesting his wild life led to his early death?


I feel as though the concern is that the restructuring of that life and it’s fictionalized placement within the story adds themes that weren’t present in reality.

And like someone said in this thread ages ago, no biopic is working off literal fact, but you also don’t want to see the seams.


I agree. Wasn’t most of Freddie’s narrative about how being gay wasn’t a bad thing? What I got was success is difficult for bands because money and people come between them, not that gay men shouldn’t lead a promiscuous life. That cock-hunting montage was one of my favourite parts of the movie, it made being gay in the 80s look pretty awesome.


That’s not a surprise.


Yeah, they left out C) Become Governor of Colorado.


That’s not the story the movie told though. The story the movie told was that his hedonistic lifestyle estranged him from the other band members, made him leave the band and live a life of empty sex in which he wasn’t able to be truly musically productive anymore, and that all of this was the result of his gay personal manager’s conniving manipulation, which he achieved with sex and drugs.

None of which is true, it appears (apart from the bit where that personal manager later told private details of Freddie’s life to the press). They have fictionalised his life, including making up a scene in which he begs the other band members to take him back again. Given that the movie was produced by those other band members, that leaves a pretty bad taste.


And I would have been fine with all of this if there were a scene where they kick Paul to death.
If you’re gonna be fake, be entertainingly fake.


Mute - This has been in my Netflix queue for some time and we finally decided to watch it last night. It seems like a Luc Besson film made from a script written in the 80’s. It has that odd feeling of a European foreign language film translated and filmed in English that a lot of Besson films do. It also has similar visual flare. It wasn’t bad but at one point did start to go out of its way to make the eventual villains to be really fucking terrible people after it had spent most of the rest of the film playing them as sort of side heroes in the film. All-in-all it was a decent film and worth a watch on a lazy Friday night.


Man…there’s a lot of crap on youtube…

I was waching a guy doing a lecture about Buddhism who tried to make the claim that orthodox Buddhism exactly predicted some theories in modern science, like quantum physics (of course) and the way the brain processes sensory input. I hate when religions do this.