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What are you watching? 2019 edition


Found that really cloying.
But it, along with his role in A Series of Unfortunate Events, did give me some appreciation of Robbie Amell. He could carve out a niche in over-reactive kinda ego centric characters.


Yes, he’s really good in it (I meant to say that) though it is a bit weird he’s still playing high schoolers while 29.


He should be the villain or hench-villain in mid-range rom-coms.
Like, go for it. He’d be great. I’d watch every one.


So, I watched Wayne. I am going to be careful what I say about it because even describing it without details feels like a massive spoiler. So I’m just going to make a few bullet points. I can’t link the first episode here (from my phone at least) but the first episode is free on Youtube and has had 15 million views. I realize not many people are interested in YoutubePremium but I believe it’s worth getting the first month free offer to continue watching, especially for the episodes in the middle of the series.

•Wanye feels to me like the sort of thing Kevin Smith should have ended up making after Clerks.

•It’s not very easy, in todays world, to really understand the motivations of people. One of those reasons is because motivation is fluid and changes all the time. Alot of storytellers forget that, which means shows or movies where crazy shit happens can seem… unrealistic. Or stupid. Wayne does not have either problem.

•Wayne McCullough (which happens to be the name of a Northern Irish boxer I grew up supporting) is a bit like a teenage Frank Castle. I almost want to compare Wayne to Kick-Ass, but Frank’s disposition is probably much closer.

•The way I would describe this show is by putting on a Boston accent and saying “This show’s gotta lotta haht!”

I wish I could say more, but really, I think a normal review would ruin it, I basically don’t want to describe it at all.


I rewatched Men in Black, and watched the sequels for the first time.

The first one’s still a lot of fun, with lots of great little moments and performances. The only place it really falls down is in the Linda Fiorentino character, who doesn’t work at all.

MIB II is pretty bad. It does that annoying sequel thing of repeating a bunch of jokes from the first movie, except without being funny. The new J/K relationship doesn’t work very well either, and Lara Flynn Boyle’s villain is incredibly one-note (“sexy”) and unengaging, while Johnny Knoxville’s sidekick is just annoying. The CGI doesn’t hold up, especially Boyle’s tentacles.

The Rosario Dawson stuff works well enough at least, especially compared to the Fiorentino scenes from the first one, and it’s short compared to modern blockbusters.

Men in Black 3 is definitely an improvement, and at least feels like its own movie rather than a rethread. Brolin’s Tommy Lee Jones impression is great, and Jemaine Clement’s villain is a lot of fun.

Emma Thompson is great in her small role as the new boss, and I’m glad she’s back for the new one. The cameos from Will Arnett and Bill Hader are fun too, and Michael Stuhlbarg’s good in a much lighter role than he usually gets to play.

The plot’s a mess though, and gets worse as it goes on. It’s pretty obvious they didn’t have a clue what would happen in the second half of the movie, and the whole space shuttle thing is weak. The ending with J’s dad’s death is dumb too, and feels completely unearned. Clement isn’t given much to do after the opening setpiece, and Alice Eve as the young Emma Thompson doesn’t get anything to do and doesn’t make a lot of sense in terms of age or character.

Still, much better than I expected after the second one.


I haven’t seen MiBII since it came out but I do remember that despite it being not good, it did move very quickly. (It only has an 88 minute runtime.)


The first one is pretty short too, 98 minutes.


Yeah, the first one is paced really nicely and doesn’t outstay its welcome.

My memory of the sequels matches Paul’s write-up - the second one was pretty poor and stuck too close to the template of the first one (all the way down to the closing gag that’s not a patch on the alien marbles of the first one), but the third film was better than I expected, especially Brolin who is brilliant in it.


I prefer the second to the third.
While Stuhlbarg’s character is a delight and I love him in it…the second, while weaker, just has a few more gags that land for me.

The third just feels too dull.





I’m watching Back to the Future 2 for the first time in ages at the moment. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, it’s pretty solid generally, but there are questionable choices I’d forgotten about. Jennifer is really treated poorly as character: roofied, dumped in an alley, said to be too mentally fragile to handle time travel, essentially, dumped again. I guess they were kind of stuck using her, given the end of the first film, but it’d been nice if that hadn’t treated her as such an encumberance.

The other odd choice is having Michael J Fox play Marty’s daughter. I wouldn’t have him play Marty Jr, frankly, but I guess it’s necessary for having Marty pass as his son. Having one actor play multiple members of the same family is often a bit self-indulgent and tacky in films and really feels out of place here given they didn’t do it in the first film. But if they are doing that, why not have Elizabeth Shue (Jennifer) play the daughter? It’s like the McFly gene pool stagnated.


Went to see Glass tonight, i really enjoyed it.
I actually felt quite on edge all the way through and although it didn’t go in the direction I expected or maybe wanted I think it finishes the trilogy rather well.

Unbreakable was one of my favourite cinema experiences back when it came out and Split really made an impact. I’m not sure either are the sequels that I always wanted but around 20 years on I’d kinda lost hope of that anyway.


I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.
I still do as well. And yeah, it didn’t go in the direction I wanted either, but M. Night went in his own with a very sure sense of it.


If you want to lose massive swathes of time, this Twitch channel is airing Shaw Brothers wuxia films back-to-back 24 hours a day at the moment:


I’ve never seen it, but now I’m assuming it involves chopping up the contestants’ relatives and putting the parts in baskets they have to open.

Am I close?


That’s the first part; in the next part, they have to turn those chopped-up relations into a three-course meal.


Glad to hear you enjoyed it too. I loved it. Both original and surprising. The fact it went in directions I wasn’t expecting is what made me enjoy it even more. I think M Night is an extremely talented filmmaker who has a distinct voice that stands out that makes films exciting.


I really enjoyed Alita Battle Angel. Lovely looking movie, with great action, and some very good performances. I doubt it will get the sequel they’re setting up, but I was glad they didn’t try to do too much in one movie, and it allows for some quieter moments and build-up towards the start that’s often missing in these movies.

The main problem is with the romance subplot, especially in the second half of the movie. The actor playing her love interest has some awful line readings, and you never really get what she sees in him.

The supporting cast is underused too. Lana Condor has maybe three lines, and Michelle Rodriguez is barely in it at all. Jennifer Connelly has one or two good moments, but her character is a mess. Mahershala Ali has some fun, but I wish he’d gone bigger.

I did really enjoy it though, and I was never bored. Never read the manga, but this has me somewhat interested in it. I’ve been a fan of Rosa Salazar for years, and hope this gets her more high-profile work.


How was your theater?


It was fairly empty, but that’s about what I’d expect on a midweek evening.