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What are you watching? 2019 edition


That wasn’t even the best superhero movie of the year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. That really is the whole movie. They didn’t hold anything back. Whoever cut that trailer hasn’t done horror movie trailers before.

What little I heard about it made me think it would be in the vein of American Horror Story, humorous horror. I think it would have worked better if they had gone in that direction. It kind of started that way but got “serious”.


Ignore the bad press and watch Mute…


I finished The Good Cop last night. Generally, it does feel vaguely like Monk, as you’d expect from sharing a creator, and they share some elements - a dead wife, the same flashback style for clues coming together. The key difference is that The Good Cop has a fairly low beat, almost maudlin tone. Even when it’s doing comic relief, there’s a sort of sedate quality to it. I really like that (the music too) but I can definitely see how a lot of people would be turned off by it.


The Hanna pilot is on Amazon Prime, based on the Saoirse Ronan movie.

It’s fairly dull. It’s very slow-moving, and there’s not much in there that has me wanting to come back for the rest of the series. I like Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, but they don’t get anything to do in the episode. There’s really not much that happens in the episode, and if this is how much they’re stretching in Ep. 1, I can’t imagine how little will happen in the mid-season episodes where most of these streaming shows flounder.

If it gets some good reviews for later episodes I might check back in, but otherwise I think I’m out.

In better TV, I binged all of Netflix’s Russian Doll, which is fantastic, and only eight half-hour episodes. Hard to talk about without spoiling, but it’s a really nice take on the Groundhog Day time-loop trope, and Natasha Lyonne is great.


The Orville 2.6: I really enjoyed this episode. It reminded me of the TNG episode where Data dated (“In Theory”). The Orville did a nice flip on the concept and it worked well for me. It was also nice to see Mark Jackson outside of his Isaac suit.

And for the record, I liked Bortus’ moustache. :joy:


Agreed about the mustache.
Bortus should have dropped Klyden when he had the chance.


Just finished Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix…and while I loved a lot of the ideas, themes, characters, plot beats, and set-pieces - it’s hard to say that I enjoyed it.

It felt like a first draft. Unfocused, muddied, and without real structure despite effectiveness at times. Like, they had all of the ingredients in order to make something really horrific and impacting - and the final act really has a lot of this in spades, but feels wafting and wishy washy about it.
Had some brilliant moments, but overall…4.5/10


True. What I found ironic is that compared to the real world of the art market (see the Blurred Lines documentary also on Netflix or The Price of Everything on Amazon Prime), the expression of greed by these characters was actually pretty minor and tame. The New York and London markets for high price art are a kind of microcosm of everything wrong that can go wrong in a market system.


Oh yeah, definitely agreed. They really do tone that down considerably.
Which I wouldn’t have minded. I felt like the level they set it worked for this type of movie…but it just comes off limply because the movie keeps falling into really passive recesses.


I just binged Kingdom… really nice, I wasn’t expecting that at all at first, but it really works. Great production btw, and it’s cool to see other historical asian cultures, specially Korea… the different costumes and all. A bit a slow though, but that’s pretty much the asian style, so it wasn’t jarring tbh.


I’m watching some crazy religious conspiracy stuff on youtube, it can be quite enjoyable. Yahweh is ANGRY!


We watched The Disaster Artist Saturday night. I haven’t seen The Room so I’m sure there’s some nods and winks I didn’t catch, but it was entertaining enough with a few moments we had to pause the movie because we were laughing so much.


Counterpart 2.8: This is such an excellent series. It was such a great character study of the various couples. Can’t wait for the final two episodes of the season.


I enjoyed Chopped for a while but when the ingredients went from “beets” to “obscure fruit no one has ever heard of and over complicated to use” I lost interest. Plus, the judges seemed to relish in being overly harsh in their critiques.
Paul and Pru are able to critique in a way that comes across as professional instead of personal.


Scenes of near anarchy on University Challenge tonight, as an incorrect interruption mere seconds before the gong led to a “sudden death” tie-break that ran to at least five questions. Paxman was close to being so angry that I thought he was going to declare both teams as the loser.


Burning, the Murakami adaptation by director Lee Chang-dong is really sitting with me. I saw it a couple of days ago and it has only seemed to grow in my mind. I’m recalling some of the perfect images and great moments in my mind. It holds a great mood, which seems to be the strongest part of Murakami’s books, from the little amount that I have read of them.

It is funny how they adapted a 10-page short story into a 148-minute film. I have a sneaking suspicion that after a second viewing that nothing will seem superfluous though. Every moment adding to character or atmosphere if it’s not furthering the plot.

One Cut of the Dead is a ridiculously fun zombie movie and probably best to go into blind. This low-budget Japanese movie was a runaway success at the box office over there last year, making over $25 million after it only opened on two screens with no marketing. Utterly charming and quite funny. I wish that I could have seen this with a crowd. Pretty sure they are still screening it in London, for those interested and/or nearby.


I’ve now watched the first couple of episodes of The Passage and I’ve been surprised and impressed by how good it is.

I saw the trailer for it on FX and I thought it looked bland and typical mediocre fayre.

I then read a short piece of coverage of it in SFX magazine and decided on the strength of that to watch the first episode on a bit of a whim.

I’ve never read the books, I never will, and I’ve never heard of Liz Heldens but she is the showrunner and writer here and she’s done a fantastic job.

There’s no bullshit, this is just a really tightly scripted show, with plenty of drama and emotion that keeps moving while it builds up the characters.

I’m already extremely invested in several of them, even the ‘baddies’ and that’s testament to the writing.

It’s also testament to the cast. The cast is brilliant. These shows are often full of no-marks who have zero charisma. This is the opposite, whoever casted this has done a great job and deserves a massive pat on the back. They’ve lifted some really watchable actors from a bunch of show including The Exorcist, Boardwalk Empire and Sons of Anarchy.
There’s also a fantastic, what feels like a breakout performance from young Saniyya Sidney, who is going places. She’s been a few things before but the rate that she pulls at the heart strings here it seems she is destined to have a very good career.

The show has had my full undivided attention when I’ve had it on and the end of each episode has left me really keen to watch the next.

I don’t think this is going to find an audience though, which is a shame if that is to be the case.


I love it because I’m finding it extremely unknowingly goofy.
Like, from the first 5 minutes of the first episode I was hooked because of all of the insanely silly things that happen. It’s got a good verve to it.

Well, that and the lone wolf and cub dynamic is aces.


The Babysitter (Netflix)

I misread the premise for this, so it was a bit of a surprised when Bee turned out to the villain and not the hero. But a good one. It’s a pretty fun film. Home Alone with casual Satanists.