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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I would say there are definitely actively bad Marvel movies, but I agree the consistency and median quality is commendable.


The MCU has some genuine stinkers.
I keep seeing the take that “their worst is still okay” and like…naaaaah.


For me, their worst is Incredible Hulk, and its biggest sin is that it’s kind of boring and miscast (Elliot > Hurt and Connelly > Tyler). I’d watch IM2, Thor 1 or 2, Age of Ultron, etc. before I’d watch Aquaman, Justice League, Suicide Squad (god for bid) or something like Hobbes and Shaw (man, that looks painful).

To be fair, maybe “competent” is a better adjective than “good” or “okay” as a measure of quality control or consistency?


Man, the only reason I’m not into Hobbes and Shaw is because Shaw killed Han, and Shaw’s brother’s goons are responsible for Giselle’s death. I can’t forgive that. Buddy movie hijinks can’t erase that fanboy vendetta.


Honestly, the only Shaw movie there should be is one where the Drift King hunts him down.
A cameo was injustice in 7.


I’m a 100% more interested in a Rock/Statham movie than anything F&F… I don’t really care about the story, I just wanna see the action in there, I know it’ll be stupid AF, it is a F&F spin-off after all… At least there won’t be any Vin Diesel spouting idiotic lines about “family”… so there’s that.


I don’t think it’s meant to be anything other than what it looks like - a mindless popcorn big action movie. I’d guess it’ll come close to a billion dollars. It looks like great fun.

Even their worst movie is a slick bit of filmmaking with great effects, visuals and production values. To be honest I don’t think many blockbusters really deserve to be stinkers - most comedies are stinkers. Lots of period movies. And family dramas. And horror movies. But when the budget hits above $200 mil there’s so much money and so many people that there’s always a certain quality, even if it’s not $200 million quality.

The only recent blockbuster stinker I can recollect was Hobbit 3.


And even that one still has some redeeming qualities because of the actors involved. I agree that it’s difficult for a big budget movie to be a true “stinker”. For exemple, as much as I loathe stuff like Looper or Pacific Rim, the production quality is simply undeniable.

That’s why I frequently repeat my caveat when I say X or Y movie is “shit”, I mean when compared to other similar movies, not like actually unredeemable shit.


Yep - it had Billy Connelly as King of the Dwarves going “let’s get the bastards!”


I like big, dumb action movies, but there’s a threshold for me. Mission Impossible/Marvel/Star War/Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are all movies and/or franchises that I have a lot of fun with. Aquaman/F&F/Transformers/Jurassic World hit a “this is dumb” switch in my brain that I can’t get past. It’s probably just subjective, but Hobbes and Shaw looks like it’s easily on the latter side of those.


‘The Vice’ is heavy going.

McKay is bringing his humour, his star cast and his breaking of the fourth wall to the table but it’s still a drama-documentary with a heavy layer of lecturing on top.

It’s very good at what it’s doing, but that’s what it’s doing.

The cast do very well, but it’s not an easy film to look at as just a film.


The first episode of the passage was much better than I expected.

Liz Heldons looks to have done a great job here so far; it’s well written, well made, the acting is really good and there’s zero padding of any sort.

I’ve never heard of Heldons before but she strikes me as someone who knows what they are doing, which applies to a very small percentage of tv just now.

I tried this based on a bit of coverage in SFX magazine and I’m glad I did. Great cast.


Just watched Velvet Buzzsaw.

It was just okay. I’m not a big horror person but the movie felt too long. Tension never really seemed to build. I think if it had been about 20-30 minutes shorter, it would have seriously helped.

The tone was inconsistent. I think it would have worked better if it had leaned more into the tongue in cheek tone.


Wow. I didn’t realise that it had come out already. Unless you finally saw the trailer, which seemingly showed the whole movie?


Just finished watching to Spanish language Netflix series.

Mar de Plastico (sea of plastic)

It is set in the Almeria region of Spain where more than a hundred thousand acres of land is covered in poly tunnels/tents to facilitate vegetable production, hence the title. You can actually see this area from space as can be verified on Google map in satellite mode. (Almeria is on the bottom right corner of the square that is the Iberian peninsula).

It could be termed a Hispanic Noir. There are gruesome murders graphically portrayed for the main protagonist to solve. He himself is a new arrival in the area and has issues himself that would be a spoiler to describe.

The direction and acting are generally excellent, the plot has many twists and turns.

OK it is a bit of a pastiche with Nordic Noir type construction (good) and major sub plots (I believe) based on Romeo and Juliet and the UK TV series Happy Valley.

Furthermore, it does get a bit soapy in places but well worth a watch, especially if you are learning Spanish.

The other one is La Catedral del Mar (The Cathedral of the Sea)

This is a historically based drama and seems to be very well done from an authenticity POV. It is based on a best selling novel.

The plot is based around the time the cathedral to St Mary was built in Barcelona but is more concerned with the political power struggles in the area. It also portrays well the everyday effects of, the then, deeply held religious beliefs. e.g. the intolerance of the Inquisition and the political abuse of it. It is slow moving but intense with no holds barred graphic portrayal of the brutality of the time.

No spoilers, but well worth a watch again.


It was just released on Netflix yesterday.

I didn’t see the trailer so I can’t say if it did or not.


I saw Green Book, which I liked a fair bit.
It is not “Remarkable. A film unlike any other” as the huge quote on the side of buses keeps telling me. What it is though, is an enjoyable road trip with two sctors who are playing off of each other pretty well.

I think that I prefer it to The Favourite and Vice and I wonder if I feel like that because this is the warmest of the three; perhaps it is too warm for 2019 to care about? I’ve heard that there’s some sort of a backlash against this film, but I’m not sure why and haven’t looked into it yet.

For a 130-minute film, it never had me thinking about the pacing. I just don’t think that I’ve really seen a best picture winner yet.


Thanks for the heads-up, anyway. I intend to get around to this film, though who knows when? I still haven’t seen Mute and Netflix released that over a year ago!

Go on. Put me out of my misery, please. :wink:


Yep, this is pretty much the review most people will also have I think. I def agree. Hard not to enjoy but ultimately pretty forgettable.

He said the N-word on the promotional tour I think but as illustration not directed at anyone.

When are you going to see Black Panther? :wink:


I literally just watched Mark Kermode about the controversies and there was a lot of other stuff going on i didn’t know. It’ll explain them better than me but as Kermode says, they do have a point. Personally I didn’t see it in the racial contexts the controversies were about because it was, while charming, all surface with no real meat except for one particular scene (putting the glasses in the bin) making the ending a little trite for me as everyone else’s racism has been elimated by association which made me roll my eyes down the street.