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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I think a lot of people just like cake.


‘Polar’ is really trashy, but it feels like it’s made by committee. Like someone found a book on crappy films and decided to spend some of Netflix money on making one, complete with bright colours, flashy graphics and hitman karaoke.

Maybe the fact that I was sober was the real problem? :thinking:


Turn it on when they open the baskets.

For the most part, cooking competitions don’t really grab me.

When it comes to reality competition shows, my favorite is The Ultimate Fighter. That show can get hardcore at times.


We have a system at my house where Stacy can watch whatever reality shows she wants as long as I get back rubs. So that being said, I have basically seen every episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. So much so, that I actually don’t mind that show now. The quips and innuendo are pretty clever at times.


New idea: combine the two with a pie-in-the-face reality tv competition!


I know folks who watch stuff like _Chopped_and Guy’s Grocery Games like they’re autistic. Six, seven, eight hours a day.

It’s weird. I just don’t get the appeal of these competitive cooking shows. It’s just people scrambling around a commercial kitchen, dropping and spilling stuff, burning themselves, and slicing their fingers open with knives while they’re cooking what are generally unappetizing-looking meals.


To be honest, this has made me more interested in watching them.


I watched both Fyre Festival documentaries, and they were both pretty good. The Netflix doc is much more well made and better produced while the Hulu doc is little more informative and insightful, but they both tell essentially the same story with the same points made. Both point out that if the people behind the festival had been worse at solving problems, then it would have never become such a disaster. Their competence at their individual jobs actually enabled the unmitigated catastrophe to take place, which is a kind of analogy and metaphor for the way we live and do business in the 21st century. Keep your head down, mind your own business, do your job and trust the people in power know what they are doing… but what if they don’t or if they are all con artists and crooks?

Both of them - for the most part - rush past the experience of being at the Fyre Festival itself which implies that either no one there really wanted to talk about it OR that it was not really much of a hardship and simply more of an inconvenience. They imply that it was a “Lord of the Flies” festival, but honestly, it seems like the residents of the island, to their credit, went out of their way to take care of the stranded guests and make sure no one suffered too much. It wasn’t exactly a deserted island.

However, that would be a great inspiration for a story. Have a mysterious millennial Dr. Moreau invite all these “influencers” to a deserted island for the “most impactful experience of your lives” only to leave them stranded without electricity, plumbing, HVAC and, most importantly, wi-fi until they devolve into savages. Then the host and his team go hunting with only the guests who managed to maintain their civility cooperating enough to survive. The Purge meets The Most Dangerous Game.


Reminds me a little of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None too.


Right. There should be some unexpected twist where there is some relationship between the survivors and the mastermind behind the island. Maybe they discover secret cameras all over the island at the end.

I’d have the entire opening act be “found footage” of the “influencers” posting about their trip until all their camera, tablet, smartphone and laptop batteries run out of power and then the rest of the movie is just a gritty survival thriller. With the last image caught on the secret camera pulling back from the screen to reveal an audience of uber-rich viewers watching from the sort of penthouse and living the lifestyle the influencers were peddling.


Watched Upgrade last night. It’s okay. The action is interesting and inventive but the story and acting are terrible. One twist is obvious from the very beginning and the other is dumb and makes no sense.


Picked up Forbidden Planet. My word, that is one sturdy movie! It holds up well. Always a wee point one misses. When Morbius has Adams use his blaster on the Krell metal, he mentions the metal “absorbs all vibrations, just sucks up the energy”. So, vibranium, n’est pas?


Highly recommend Abducted In Plain Sight on Nefltix. If you want to be absolutely infuriated at two peoples stupidity for 90 minutes. Such a sad, and totally bizzare story.


Rewatched Mission: Impossible - Fallout this week. It absolutely holds up. Still considering it a favorite in the series.


I rewatched Iron Man 2, which was worse than I remembered.

In the first movie Tony’s a charming asshole, but in this he’s just a prick, who’s awful to everyone around him, and completely unlikable. And it’s not like he learns a lesson about it either, he’s still an asshole at the end of the movie.

All of the stuff with Tony’s blood disease is ridiculous. The floorplan his father made for an expo center 35 years ago are actually the designs for creating a new element that will cure him? How the hell did that get approved? It’s not at all surprising that none of it is ever mentioned again, including the new triangular chestpiece that is apparently keeping him alive now.

They clearly had no idea what they were doing with any of the SHIELD/Avengers stuff. Johansson is awful, and gets nothing to do, and they have no idea what to do with SLJ, so he just shows up to give some exposition that doesn’t make much sense. And Coulson shows up for some reason too? The Rhodey stuff makes no sense either. He steals an Iron Man suit and gives it to the military, something Tony has been dead set against, and Tony has basically no reaction.

There’s some good stuff in there: Sam Rockwell’s fun, but all he gets to do is give monologues; he and Tony are basically never on screen together and his ending is a complete anticlimax. The fight between Tony, Rhodey, and the drones in the garden, storyboarded by Genndy Tartakovsky, is fantastic:

Not as bad as Incredible Hulk, but still worse than any movie they’ve made since.


Suitcase armour though…


Yeah, that bit’s great too.


I remember enjoying Mickey Rourke’s over-the-top performance, but yeah, aside from some of the action and Sam Rockwell’s fantastic shit dancing during the presentation, there isn’t much to recommend it.


I dunno, I think it’s still good movies even if it’s in the lower half of the MCU. It’s a bit of a mixed up story and edit wise, like the script lost control in a few spots, but it has loads of great moments and iconic shots. I’d say it’s a 6 out of 10 which is enough to pass a lazy afternoon.


This is probably Marvel’s biggest reason for success - their bottom tier films (Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, etc.) aren’t actively bad, just not as good as their best. And they maintain a narrative of a 100% success rate because they quickly move on to the next thing.