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What are you watching? 2019 edition


I watched Fahrenheit 11/9 on Amazon Prime, and I felt like it was a bit of a disaster.

I’m generally a Moore fan, but dang, this just felt like a jumbled mess with no driving narrative besides “i’m mad, this sucks!”

Which stinks, because there were some really compelling moments as well, especially when they got into the water in Flint.


I know we’re probably late to the party on this but we’ve really gotten into the Great British Baking Show. I love it. Especially how the contestants really want to win but not at the cost of helping out their fellow contestants when they need it.


You are not alone!


It’s incredible how successful it has been everywhere.

In essence it is just another cookery competition to add to the 80 already on the air but I think it is that element of being an antidote to stuff like The Apprentice where everyone seems to be competing to be the biggest prick.

The contestants generally seem to be quite nice people enjoying themselves.


This reminds me of my favorite, now canceled reality show. Face Off.

That show was everything right with reality TV. Talented people, lifting each other up in a competition with a shared passion.

Too bad it won’t be coming back.


That and soggy bottom puns.

I think it helps that the hosts (both Mel & Sue originally and Sandi and Noel now, as far as I’ve seen their reign) don’t take it particularly seriously. Or rather they take the people seriously, not the competition. There’s barely any attempt to add drama or tension beyond the last bit when they announce who’s going and even then it’s immediately sad and conciliatory rather than “how dramatic!”


It lasted quite a while to be fair. I loved the first season of the Henson shop competition show and was disappointed it didn’t get more.


That’s a great point, and another thing I appreciate about the show. No manufactured drama; the bakers provide enough of that themselves in their efforts.


This latest Orville was…really long.
I know the episodes are longer this season, right? But this is the first it actually felt it.
Which is a shame because this was a subplot that had some nice development between the two seasons. But the amount of time spent on it was really dragged out.
Liked the beats that went into it, but should have been half the length.


Agreed, it did have 8 seasons (I think) which is fantastic.

I liked the Jim Henson show as well, it didn’t flow as well as Face Off, but had the same feel.

Any suggestions on replacements for these shows?


I kept waiting for the Hitchcockian twist. It didn’t happen.


I never felt like it was going to do that, since they put some ample time on the dynamic before in previous episodes…but those previous occurrences were just c-plots at best, small cast-off scenes at worst…it really shouldn’t have been the focus of an entire episode.

Truncate the whole initial date thing to the first 10-15 minutes and then have the rest of the episode be some dangerous situation that can’t be solved because of what they find out in the last 2 minutes of this one. Would have added some needed oomph to it all.


There’s a body painting one that’s pretty good but I’m completely blanking in the name at the moment. It’s on Netflix though.

I’m a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race too but that might be too catty if you like people supporting each other.


Two thoughts on the Great British Bake Off:

  1. By and large, the show focuses on the competitors and their creations, rather than on the judges, which is a refreshing change from shows over here. The US cooking competitions give too much attention to the nasty, harsh and overbearing celebrity judges like Ramsay and Bastianich; the cooks are almost an afterthought.

  2. The show is not bogged down by the sob stories of each competitor. I don’t need to know that you overcame a drug addiction, an abusive spouse, or the death of your dog. I just want to see how well you bake.


I’ve noticed that so far this season, the episodes have “limited commercial interruptions” so they probably are running longer.


They also heavily emphasize the DRAMA with the musical cues and closeups. “Oh no! Someone made a MISTAKE!!!” (Cue heavy music and close up of person who knows he screwed up.)


Yeah, there was this small press release about how it had cut this new advertising deal leading to longer episodes.

To be fair, shame, shame, shame.


I get why people are shitting all over reality TV and putting the Bake Off on a pedestal but nothing beats a good bit of Chopped. Turn that on for 30 seconds and you’re hooked.


Chopped is very cool. Heck, I like a lot of these type shows. Once I get my (okay, some) (okay, any!) cooking skills back it’s even more fun. (Right now this boy is struggling what with the being clumsy and tons o’ rust on the ol’ skill sets.)

What gets me is the “restaurant (and bar) rescue” shows. It seems to always be the same story. Something emotional happens, the matter is not appropriately addressed, nobody has one clue as to the financial side of the business, the staff slacks, the food gets cheaper and worse by the day, there is a lack of customers and the facility (never cleaned) ages badly. Captain Intervention comes in, yells at people, cleans the place, replaces the gear, remodels the interior with a team of fifty or so, and “miraculously” reopens with a new menu. This always is fresh food, replacing whatever the place was using before. Then, the owners/staff either stick with the program and stay in business; or die the hideous business-death they have pursued for so long.

Why do I ramble on like this? Other than being in one hell of a bad mood today I must wonder: Have these people watched these shows? I would think it a tremendous time-saver!

(Plus, as some people love horror comics, I love kitchen horror. I grew up in a restaurant. It was always clean and efficient {unlike home, really}. So going from a mess to tidy does my soul good.)


I don’t mind some cooking shows but I find the kids on Master Chef Junior are a million times more likable than the adults. Most of the adults are annoying and whiny. At least the kids are cute and endearing.